Where have your journey's taken you in 2004?

Saturday, August 7, 2004 6:28 PM

my entire summer has been spent down here working at disney world so i havent really did much park visiting except for the disney parks.

Saturday, August 7, 2004 7:26 PM
April - PKI, SFKK(Both personal first timers)

May - Uhh. . . .

June/July - 2 trips to SFGAm (Personal first time)

August - Cedar point (I leave tomorrow and will be there on Monday the 9th). I also have plans to hit up Holiday world (first time) after I move back to Lexington next week for school.

Great summer. I can't believe I had been driving to St. Louis when Chi town is only about a half hour farther.

Saturday, August 7, 2004 9:24 PM
slow year.

Conneaut, Waldameer, SFDL, PCW, Martins, Seabreaze, Kennywood, Marine Land, Strickers Grove and about 5 visits to PKI.


Saturday, August 7, 2004 9:49 PM
This has been a great year, coaster-wise...

March - SFOG (First Time)

April - SFKK, PKI

May - PKI

June - PKI (x2), Castles-N-Coasters (First Time)

July - SFKK

August - Holiday World (First Time)

MIGHT do Stricker's Grove tomorrow, but it's unlikely. Probably gonna be at PKI later this year, too. We'll just have to see how the rest of this year shapes up.

Saturday, August 7, 2004 10:00 PM
April: SFKK and PKI(Thanks to Jeff and Steph for the free preview tickets).

May: SFGAm

June: SFGAm

July: You guessed it: SFGAm but also SFSTl, SFKK, and PKI.

August: You guessed it again: SFGAm but now the possibility of BGT since I will be in Florida Aug 9-13.

Saturday, August 7, 2004 10:06 PM
SF Great America (1 day)
Geauga Lake (1 day)
Cedar Point (4 days)

Kennywood (1 day)
Lakemont (2 hours)
SF America (1 day)
Kings Dominion (1 1/2 days)
Busch Gardens Williamsburg (1 1/2 days)

SF Great America (two of the worst hours of my life)
Michigan's Adventure (1 day)

Michigan's Adventure (next Saturday -- 1 day)
Worlds of Fun (on the 20th)

**I have a 2 1/2 day trip planned to CP in October. I may go to CP in Sept as well, but not sure.

Last summer... SFGAm, SFKK, SFStL, PKI, HW, IB, and IoA.

Not too bad for someone who missed the coaster experience from '86 to '02. I'm playing catch-up now :)

Sunday, August 8, 2004 12:18 AM
Let's see, the parks are Knott's, SFMM, Pacific Park, Belmont Park, Adventure City, Scandia, Sea World SD, Buffalo Bill's, Stratosphere, Adventure Dome, Speed: the ride, Manhattan Express, Cliff's, Frontier City, SFStL, Holiday World, Indiana Beach.

Will be in the Dells tomorrow so we'll hit Timber Falls for sure and maybe Mt. Olympus. I'll be at SFGAm in about a week and a half. Possibly PPP in the fall.

I got to do alot more than I thought I'd be able to do. I think the highlight was ERT on X after Solace.

Sunday, August 8, 2004 2:13 AM

Dec. 03'- IOA, USF, WNW, BGT. SWO

May 04' Cedar Point

June 04' Cedar Point

July 04' Indiana Beach, Mt. Olympus and a bunch of waterparks.

Sunday, August 8, 2004 2:14 AM
Okay, Kyle. Time for bed.


Sunday, August 8, 2004 5:31 AM
March......SFOG (Spring Fling event)/Carowinds

April......PKI (opening weekend)/Dollywood (twice...opening weekend and Coasterstorm event)/Lake Winnie

May......Cedar Point (opening weekend)/Hershey/SFAmerica/Holiday World

June......PKI (Beastbuzz event)

July.....Miracle Strip/Wild Adventures/American Adventures/Kennywood (KennyKon event)/Del Grossos's/Lakemont/Magic Springs/Libertyland (Preservation Con event)Beech Bend

August to December.......not telling ;-)


*** Edited 8/8/2004 9:35:12 AM UTC by coasterqueenTRN***

Sunday, August 8, 2004 6:21 AM
But are you going to the state fair?:)

I wish I could go, but the only days I have off during fair week are my CP and GL first time trips, so oh well...

But next year, Tina, we're goin to the Fair!

Sunday, August 8, 2004 6:24 AM
Nope, not going this year.


Sunday, August 8, 2004 12:02 PM




July...Nowhere (got an injury and had to quit work, looking better!)

August...Cedar Point (this Monday)

I would like to get to PKI once this year too, but college is rapidly approaching. *** Edited 8/8/2004 4:04:36 PM UTC by Bakeman***

Sunday, August 8, 2004 12:14 PM
Thanks to RideWorld hosting the East Coast Trek, I've hit a bunch of parks this year...most that I have never been to. All rights, lets see here:

January - DisneyWorld (all 4 parks), IOA, Sea World and BGT

May - Cedar Point and Kings Island

June - Cedar Point, Kings Island, Wyondot Lake, Kennywood, Six Flags America, Six Flags Great Adventure, Quasy, Lake Compounce, Six Flags New England, Great Escape, Dorney Park, Hershey, Knoebels, DisneyWorld (all 4 parks) and Universal Studios

July - Cedar Point, Kings Island

Aug. - Cedar Point, Kings Island, Kennywood, Knoebels

Sept. - Dollywood (will be attending the RW event there).

Not to bad of a year, especially considering the year before I only went to 3 differnt parks the whole summer. *** Edited 8/8/2004 10:59:18 PM UTC by Mark Burleson***

Sunday, August 8, 2004 2:46 PM
I thought I was doing pretty good until I read about all the parks everyone else has gone to, but I guess I'm still doing fairly well considering my wife isn't a coaster fan at all.

March-SFOT (First time)

April-SFNO (First time), PKI (First time)



July-PKI, Adventureland (First time), CP (First time)


Out of all the parks I love Cedar Point the best and my 2 favorite roller coasters that I have ridden this year are probably TTD and the Beast. *** Edited 8/8/2004 6:49:22 PM UTC by S&SFAN***

Sunday, August 8, 2004 4:23 PM
December '03: Sea World Orlando, Busch Tampa

May: Big Chief's Mt. Olympus

July: Six Flags Over Georgia

August: Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

I also visited SFGAm 4 times throughout the summer so far. If all goes well I'll hit up the Dells again, and go to SFSTl before the season ends.

Sunday, August 8, 2004 4:42 PM
So far this year I have been to Kiddieland, SFGAm (many times already), IB, MIA, PKI, SFKK, Holiday World and SFStl.

Planning on going to Cedar Point in late September still, and plenty more visits to SFGAm. It's been a good season for me so far :).

Sunday, August 8, 2004 5:55 PM
I have been to Cedar Point In May and June, Going to Kings Island on the 16th and going to Disney World in Christmas Break.
Sunday, August 8, 2004 7:47 PM
These are all of the parks that we've visited so far this year.

January- SFMM, Knotts, DCA, all Vegas coasters.

February- Boomers, SWF, IOA, USF

March- All 4 Disney World Parks, IOA, USF

April- Dollywood, Carowinds twice, MBP

May- BGT, Adventure Island, IOA, USF, Blizzard Beach, SFOG, Waterville, Miracle Strip, Wild Adventures.

June- Visionland, SFStL, SDC, CC, WOF, Adventureland, Arnold's Park, Camp Snoopy, VF, Mt. Olympus, Riverview, Little A-Merrick-A, SFGrAm, Michigan's Adventure, Indiana Beach.

July- SFEG, Lakeside, Waterworld, Hersheypark, Family Kingdom, SFNO, Carousel Gardens, Dixie Landin'.

The next few months will include trips to New Jersey, New England, the Pacific Northwest, Florida (possibley 3 times), Ohio, return trips to SFOG, Dollywood, and BGW, and of course the PPP. We're looking at possibly going back to CA at the end of the year and then we begin planning next year's trips.

Sunday, August 8, 2004 9:18 PM
So far:

PKI, Coney Island Cincinnati, WPAFB Carnival, Ohio State Fair, Stricker's Grove.


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