What's going on with Coastermania registration?

Jeff Young said:
Except for the fact that there's 2000 people there.

Honestly the crowds were a non-factor last year. Since I do not care for Maverick and everyone thought they needed to do ERT on it -- I got lots of rides on Millie which is the better ride anyway.

The night rides of TTD and Magnum were awesome and you would think with that many people that the serving lines for lunch would be a little "OOC" but they even moved quickly.

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Just an FYI, registration is now active for CoasterMania! 2008.

You can also purchase additional tickets.

Click http://coastermania.cedarpoint.com.

We'll see you there!

Tony Clark | Director of Communications | Cedar Point | Sandusky, OH

Thanks so much, Tony! Just took care of it. We can't wait...

Spiral out...

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