What's going on with Coastermania registration?

We've never attended a Coastermania event at CP. Has the registration not begun yet? I've got the event flyer, and I've been to the "official" Coastermania section of Cedar Point's site, but it still says that they're not currently accepting ticket orders for the event. I also know that there's a registration deadline.

Am I missing something? We've already made our hotel and air arrangements. Has registration for Coastermania always worked like this? Thanks for any insight.

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There is no pre registration. You show up at the park in the morning with your ACE, Coasterbuzz, GOCC or whatever accepted coaster club card and you and a guest are in. Simple as that. The cost is the same as regular admission or if you have a season pass there is no cost.


-Brent Kneebush

Last year was the first year for pre-registration. I don't remember what it got you if anything, maybe a free Coastermania cup or something.


Tony Clark was at the ACE SOAR meeting here in Cincinnati last weekend. He said the pre-registration stuff on the web aught to be up in a week or two so keep checking. I read that anyone who pre-registers gets the free refill cup.
You miss one year of cmania and the world changes jeez LOL.

For the value you get no event is better then Cmania. It's friggin free for cryin out loud!

-Brent Kneebush

Except for the fact that there's 2000 people there.

Jeff Young
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ERT on Jr. Gemini...<sigh> ;)

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I am at a new job and get back from a cruise that same week so I won't be able to go this year. That said, I want to go! I think the ERT lineup is pretty cool this year with Dragster at night and 2 hours of Maverick in the morning

I wish they would move MF to the evening session. If you stay on the resort or have Joe Cool you can have ERT on MF any morning, last year during Halloween the wait was only as long as it took you to walk, or as some nerds do, run around.

Im quite pumped for this year. I don't mean to toot my own horn but the past 3 years I've gone myself and my cousin have dominated the running of the bull in the morning being the first to any ride past Raptor we choose millennium first we looked back and there were still people a good 1 or or more football field lengths behind us. So we plan on doing it again this summer. Were shooting for Mavy. this year.

Anyone going to beat us :-P *** Edited 3/23/2008 5:41:00 PM UTC by SFDLdan***

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Not me -- knock yourselves out, I've never seen the point of running to be first in line.

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Jeff Young said:
Except for the fact that there's 2000 people there.

Ahh, I've been wondering about what the crowd might be like. So, 2000 people? You'll still get your fill, though, right?

Would you say it's worth the trip, Jeff?

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Coastermania is the best value coaster event out there. It is busy - and it brings out all types of coaster enthusiasts. It's an event that every coaster enthusiast should go to at least once. You really can't beat the lineup for ERT.

All that said, I'm going again this year - for the fourth year in a row.

Jeff Young
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It's worth it. When I went two years ago I had a great time. Dragster was late opening and I get three rides, then two on MF before the park opened to the public. Evening is insane. If you can, take a nap during the day so you can last till close. The Magnum rides are an absolute blast with so many enthusiasts on board and the ride running all out, it seems to just get faster and faster with each ride.

This will be my first coastermania im hoping to have a blast.I'm trying to see if my friend will go if not i"ll go alone.
Taking a nap during the day is a must in my opinion. I come up from Buffalo NY. I normally leave at like 9pm that Thursday night before Friday get to the parking lot by 4am tailgate it out till open. Around 3ish or sooner go check in for the hotel take an hour or more nap and come back for the evening. Head home that same night.

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Thanks for the tips, everyone. Yeah, we've been nap takers for years. One of the first trips my wife and I took to Kings Island together, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express across the interstate. That was when that hotel still operated that green shuttle bus to and from the park. So we discovered the concept of going back to the hotel for lunch and napping so that we could come back early evening and run circles around the lurching, sweating zombies.

We're really looking forward to Cedar Point in June!

Spiral out...

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We will likely have the registration up sometime this week. Anyone who is attending and would like the refillable cup will have to register online by May 23. Even if you have a Season Pass, you will have to register for the cup.

However, if you miss the May 23 deadline, you can still walk up to the gate and attend - you just won't get the cup.

I'll try to post here once we've got it up and running.

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SFDLdan, thats an insane trip. I made a few day trips from Pittsburgh to the point one year and could barely make it back. Couldn't imagine doing that.

Its intense. This will be my forth year doing it like that but its well worth it its quite the exciting trip everytime. I'm so used to taking spontanious road trips for a day to any park anywhere within reasonable driving distance no more than 8 hours for a drive though.

"the only thing I know is that life is short and the only time you've got left is luck"

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