What would YOU do to be able to line jump?

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EWWW-you'd really have to be a freak to do this!


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SFOG is doing the same from what I hear.

NO freakin coaster is worth risking going to the hospital for serious digestive issues. I get enough of that from some of the Six Flags foods. ;)

The amusement park is daring customers to eat a live Madagascar hissing cockroach in exchange for unlimited line-jumping privileges.

Uh. Yeah. That makes it sound even more tempting. A hissing cockroach in my mouth... NOT! :) I am sure if they are dipped in gravy the coaster geeks will eat it up, so to speak. ;)


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Eat a cockroach, get a Gold Bot. See they're even admitting in the story that it's line jumping.
Six Flags, Fear Factor style. If you ever watched Fear Factor Home Invasion, you would be suprised to see what poeple do for like, $50 or $100 lol, so I can see alot of people up for doing this. (not me of course lol). And good point coasterphan lol.
What do they plan on doing with the ones that people don't scarf down? Sell them as souvenirs? Add some protein to Papa John's?

Line Jumpin is not a sporting event. All jumpers reguardless of Q bot, Roach Bot or cutting through guest should be taken out back and shot.

Chuck :)

I can see it now, A dozen people saying they will but going EEEK when they actually have it in their hand and the roaches dropping to the ground. In a couple years Hissing cockroaches will be advertised as part of the parks charm and atmopshere calling them Family friendly Hissing Cockroaches.
So if you also include all the people who use fastpass at disney then that will be a lot of people that need to be shot.

Charles Nungester said:

Line Jumpin is not a sporting event. All jumpers reguardless of Q bot, Roach Bot or cutting through guest should be taken out back and shot.

Chuck :)

Bang bang, Reload! :)

Chuck, who put a smilley on his post

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I'd never EVER eat a chocolate coated dead insect, let along a LIVE one...

However, after watching fear-factor for a number of years, and watching them eat all the disgusting things from sheep brain, to bull testicles, to 100yr old ostrich eggs, to some maggot filled burritos & a plate full of super-worms...

...I could say with confidence & a little mind-over-matter that I would certainly eat ONE single cockroach when I look at what it'll bring me... line jumping to the front of the line for any ride anytime until the end of the season would be sweet. When you're done, you can drink a little water to help wash it down...

...then once you get the ticket, if you're feeling ok, just be on your merry way. If not... take your finger & gag yourself to ralph it up.

It's just too easy! I wonder how many they're offering it to, because there's probably a lot who'd accept the challenge.

IF it wasnt for the fact that i do not live near great adventure i would do it.

I live about 2 hours away and dont go often enough to risk being that sick *** Edited 9/21/2006 6:40:26 PM UTC by majortom1981***

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I'm torn on the whole thing.

On one side, I do think people are quick to trade dignity for a few bucks or some silly prize. Have a sense of pride already!

On the other hand, it's merely the perception of our culture that eating these insects is something disgusting. Many culutres eat insects and certain types are quite nutritious. It's not like they're digging these things out of garbage bins or anything. I'm sure they're "farmed" and are probably cleaner than most of the food you get at the local grocery store.

As long as you can get past the idea that it's considered disgusting to put this thing in your piehole and chew it up, it's really not much of a deal at all and that front-of-line access for the rest of the year is a pretty sweet payoff for eating what is essentially an unconventional food.

Not sure where I'd stand in the end. A sense of dignity to prove a point or eating the bug to prove a point?

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I think you're getting a little too deep. I'm betting most of us couldn't care less how other cultures view them or if they come clean as a whistle from a cockroach farm. The simple fact is we don't want to put a live, crawling insect in our mouths -- let alone proceed to bite down, chew, and swallow.

Personally, I'd be just as likely to hurl eating lima beans or brussel sprouts as I would a cockroach. It has nothing to do with cultural views, I just find them all to be equally disgusting.

- Aaron K

Have a sence of dignity and wait in line like everyone else :)


From what I understand, SFA isn't doing it. Thank goodness! Although there's no need to linejump there anyway, unless it's really crowded. I wouldn't do it anyway, but there are those who try.
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ColumbusCoaster said:
Personally, I'd be just as likely to hurl eating lima beans or brussel sprouts as I would a cockroach. It has nothing to do with cultural views, I just find them all to be equally disgusting.

Well, you just reinforced what I was saying. It's that pesky perspective thing again. You compare my some of my dinner faves (lima beans & brussel sprouts) to eating a bug.

The point is, if you really think about it, there's no more danger than eating any other food, it's just that we're conditioned to:

1. Not think of cockroaches as food

2. See bugs as creppy, crawly gross things

If you can just seperate common sense thought from gut instinct this really isn't that big of a deal.

(I guess I'm more of a 'thinker' than a 'feeler' :) )

I would much rather eat a bug than some of the more "meaty" items people have consumed on Fear Factor.

Although, assuming the eating of the cockroach will take place in an area where people could watch, I'd prefer a variety of stunts. One person might have to eat a cockroach; the next, walk down a catwalk naked; the next, wear a ball gag and get walked around on a leash by a dominatrix. The more humiliating the stunt, the more line passes you get.

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Say what you will about the SF team and some of the decisions that they have made, but if you ask me, this crazy promotion is pure genious.

Here in Chicago, this is getting a ton of media coverage, radio and TV. That in turn is generating a lot of buzz for frightfest. I think people will go this year, just to see if anyone is chowing down on these bugs.

That whole bug-eating scene will be funnier then most of the shows they produce in the park. This has become a water cooler type topic here where I work amongst the GP. That type of publicity is priceless.

What fun! Eating a cockroach the size of your hand that not only hisses but has horns too! I think I'd rather wait in line. I'm sure they will get alot of people who say they will do it, but when it actually comes down to it and that cockroach is in their hands, they won't. Its entertainment.
I think it's a good idea but I wouldn't eat something disgusting just to skip the line.

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