What will [hopefully] be your first ride this season (2013)?

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Superman-Ride of Steel kicked off my 2013 season today. I just went for a few hours and snagged a front-row seat on the Intamin masterpiece.

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Glad you got some. It never ran on Opening Day when I was there. I'll probably stop for some laps on my second-favorite steel on my way down to VA weekend after next.

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Dragon Wagon.

^^ never gonna happen, but I voted it up for the effort. ;)

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I have three "credits" thus far this season (not that I keep track any more). The first was the old Boa Squeeze from Wonderpark in Cincy, now located at Fun Spot Kissimmee (the park with the 300' skycoaster). The other two were at Gibtown - one was a brand-new Wacky Worm, the other was one of those cool new spinners from Wisdom.

Three credits (more than last year already), total track length - about 1200 feet, give or take...waiting impatiently for White Lightning.

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On May 18 I will be riding Outlaw Run for my first time, and my first ride of 2013. I'm very anxious to experience this ride and very much look forward to the park and Branson as well. Has anybody been on Outlaw Run yet?

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I'm looking forward to GateKeeper on media day.


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^ Take a lot of pictures. I am rather curious as to how the whole new entrance looks.

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us."
-Joseph Campbell

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