What is a bargain for a season pass?

^^ Jeffrey that is how I see the investment in passes too. To watch my kids enjoy the park and have a great time, and the great time I have myself it is a great value for the money spent. $1300 a year for a family of 4 to Hershey, Six Flags, and Cedar Fair is a bargain in my book. We always get our money's worth. We typically start at the end of March, make weekend trips pretty much every 2 - 3 weeks thereafter, and visit Hersheypark weekly once they open in May.

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I'd rather pay under $100 for a SP to a full size park

I'd rather pay $0 for a pass that gets me into every park...

...but that's not going to happen.

That was in comparsion to Morey's price. Dorney to me is a full size park and for $98 with free parking (so under the $100), is a much better value to me than Morey's at 3 times the cost (and having to pay for parking since it's all metered or private lots)

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I know, I was just picking. :)

Morey's is a different animal. I get the feeling that the average vacationer has no interest in a Morey's season pass. The market for those is likely people that spend most of the summer in Wildwood because they're engaged in a long-term rental or own a condo.
I'm getting the Great Adv. pass since its my local park and for the Coupon book.
May get my Wifes pass at SFA for the $49.

I already have a Universal Orlando annual pass for $129 it has some Holiday blackouts but I don't go during those times anyway.I bought it since I have a friend that stays at Royal Pacific onsite a few times a year so I tag along.

Will Probable do the Maxxpass but they should have a parking option since 5 people can drive in one car

I may look into the Disney world pass since its been more then 10 years since I been there.
Looks like it pays for itself in like 10-14 days ?

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PcMan said:
I may look into the Disney world pass since its been more then 10 years since I been there.
Looks like it pays for itself in like 10-14 days?

Not necessarily. Disney ticket prices drop with each day purchased. A 10-day ticket is $225. 10-day ticket with no expiration is $405.

WDW passes total $434 to $658 depending on what you buy (regular or premium pass, waterpark pass, etc)

The least expensive pass is in the same range as the most expensive 10-day ticket and the gap widens from there.

At WDW, the comparison is "visits," where a "visit" is a trip to Central Florida from wherever you live.

Basically, if you want to visit WDW for 3 days or more during a single visit/vacation to the central florida area, you pay $225. 3 days, 10 days doesn't matter. $225, plus or minus a few bucks.

A pass costs just about the same as two of those visits. Just as a local amusement park's payback point seems to be three days, WDW's payback point seems to be three "visits".
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That makes total sense. :)

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^Not if you live in north-central FL and would prefer to make 2-3 one-day "visits" over the course of the year.. ;)

LOL, kidding, Disney's pricing really has almost nothing to do with locals... ;)

The locals are a whole different ballgame. For them, the 6-month expiration for FL Resident Play Passes mostly covers that case, and the Resident Seasonal covers the oddballs.


But, yeah, when you make up such a small fraction of attendance, pricing doesn't consider you at all!

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