Waldameer - 6/21/08

Absimilliard said:
Gas prices? Meh... I just returned from Europe where I took a road trip from Paris to Germany and back... With a small VW Polo, it still cost us almost 300 euros (almost 500$!) in gas and tolls

Of course, never mind that the US equivalent of France to Germany is like North Side of Chicago to the South Side, in addition to all of the stratospheric EU taxes....

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Jeff said:
You just listen to the wrong media, Rob.

I forgot, you know what's best for all of us... silly me!

Gas prices suck and the "soft" economy isn't fun, but it's not keeping people from traveling nor is it keeping people from buying new toys.

~Rob Willi

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No, I don't know what's best for you, but I'm not going to make lazy and sweeping generalizations about something I'm not looking hard enough at.

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I will be going to Waldameer (from Pittsburgh) either tomorrow or Thursday... can't wait. I love the place!

One thing that no one mentioned that I thought was awesome (particularly at night in front of the fountain) was the "flying carpet" style ride. Waldameer's, unlike the old one KW had, all the seats face forward "theatre style" on tiered platforms... and you get a nice spray from the fountain (but not overwhelmingly soaked ).

Waldameer also has my favorite flume ride. I love the tunnel with the fog and the thunder noise. Here again, you don't get soaked ro the skin unless someone plops quarters into the water guns at the end... a feature I wish they would REMOVE!

Can't wait to ride RFII. The drop tower wasn't there the last time I went either. I do remember having a blast all day, hardly any lines (hence why I go on weekdays), and the pricing... cheep, cheep!

One other oddball thing I remember about my last trip.. the place was absolutely infested with hairy, brown spiders that built webs the size of small humans. The Comet op had one come down onto his shoulder and he flicked it in the arse, it went flying back up it's web string at lightning speed... my son, who was about 8 at the time, and I laughed at this relentlessly for the rest of the night. Must have been a long day... lol. That, and I smelled the chain oil from the Comet for DAYS........

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It is obvious to me that gas prices are a big deal since we are discussing them in a coaster forum.
Ok, then back to the original topic ... Waldameer (ok, I'll slide in it cost me 51.00 at the pump before leaving Pgh.. hahahaha)....

It was busier than last time I was there,but still not bad. Ravine II was a GAS (no pun intended). *Snicker * The speed of that thing seems unreal, and the night rides were even more awesome.

They closed at 10 instead of 11 last night.... bummer.. (I always gripe about lack of night riding time).. last time I was there they stayed open till 11...must have been the time of the year or something... last time was in August.

The place is still clean, still friendly,. still reasonably priced, and still FUN! And, remarkably, every time I have gone there... everything works! Rating = Thumbs up. :)

that Ravine Flyer II was something else. It had a awsome (and when I say awsome I mean awsome) veiw of Lake Erie. As soon as you got to the top of the lift hill you saw it, then WEEEEEEEEE it gives you about a secound, not even to see Lake Erie.

That Xscream was pretty coll too. When you got to the top you could see a pretty dang good veiw of Lake Erie (It gives you a longer look at it than the Ravine Flyer too.) when you hear the motor wind down, you should know to hold on tight. It winds down, 1,2,CLICK AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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