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Just saw this on Reddit. Looks instantly vomit inducing to me but I guess I'd give it a spin.

The sheer size and design of the thing makes it look more like something from a Sci-Fi moving than a real life ride.

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And SFKK's Quake was too complicated to run consistently?

I'd ride it...but first you'd have to wake me up from passing out if I ever saw it operating!

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Agree with Tek...Nope!

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It looks like a lot of ride for what it is. Remember those gyrospheres at the fair? Kind of like that, only huge. And expensive.

Oh, and um.... no.

This is a definite yes!

I already miss riding a Top Spin. Not at Geauga Lake, not at Kings Island, not at Dorney Park, and when I was at SFGAdv this year, not open! It's the ride I was most looking forward to! :(

This is like a Top Spin but better!

Hell yes!!

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Is there a vomiting emoji?

H to the izz-E

L to the izz-L


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To me it seems more about visual intimidation than anything else. I'm sure it's disorienting, but looks tamer than some of the other crazy flats out there. Yet it's very big, and very imposing, with all of those layers.

But this should soon be making the rounds and popping up on all of our Facebook feeds very soon, as discussed in so many other threads.

Everybody has to know their limits and this is WAY past mine.

I would watch it for a few cyles (and respect it) from a distance.

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Tommytheduck said:

But this should soon be making the rounds and popping up on all of our Facebook feeds very soon...

It got passed around WAY more than I expected when I shared it yesterday. 563 shares so far in 32 hours.

It's kind of perfect for that sort of thing though. Like you said, visually it has a real "Holy ****" factor, but if you look closely, the actual ride path appears relatively tame. Which makes it a perfect ride for the real world. Hell, that's been B&M's modus operandi for most of their existence - visually intimidating structures that ride lighter and smoother than rides a fraction of the size. Makes for very pleased guests when they 'conquer' something like that..."Oh, it wasn't bad at all!"

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Yeah, I don't imagine it would be any worse than a Power Surge. It doesn't move nearly as fast. Even a Top Spin appears more aggressive.

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While I completely agree that a Power Surge and some cracked-out programs utilized on Top Spins are actually more aggressive than this, two things need to be stated:

1) This is obviously a prototype, so who knows how far they can turn it up. And...
2) For GP, the added moving components (while off-ride) will make this ride vastly more intimidating.

Either way, it looks to be a big win.
Edit: Gonch kinda voiced the same opinion on my 2nd point.

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I'd like this better than a top spin because a top spin swings. The ride path has you just floating around. Like Jeff, Gonch, and Tommytheduck mentioned, it doesn't really look all that intense.


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I'd be getting on that crazy machine in a heartbeat if it showed up at a park I was visiting! It really doesn't look all that intense, just a lot of movement around it to make it look more disorienting. It also looks like it has one heck of a lighting package, making it really fun to photograph at night (and during the day with a good ND filter).

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It's got so much structure. It looks really expensive. I'd be surprised if this ever gets installed at an American park.

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Would love to ride it! I remember those gyrospheres. Indiana Beach had one. It was a blast! I was laughing the entire time and could barely walk when it was over.

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^So what you're saying is you could get the same ride experience at .01% of the ride cost, be way more reliable, and still serve the same number of people wanting to ride something with that many axes of rotation (i.e., VERY few)?

Having two gyrospheres might be over-buying... ;)

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