VF Posts Renegade Construction Pictures

Valleyfair started posting construction pictures of Renegade today:


I've never seen a trailer that dumps to the side. Awesome.
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Yeah, they got a lot of work to do.

In other news, I like how this pic:


makes it look like Wild Thing has some sort of crazy double down.

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Whata ya know? Lots of open space with no trees. ;)

AV Matt
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Spoke with someone last night who said half the bents are already built, They are just waiting on the FOOTINGS to cure.

Chuck, thinking this coaster will be a blast.

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What about all of the footers? ;)

That's interesting. I suppose that's a way of getting around delayed permits. Build the ride in pieces, but just don't "set it up" until all of the paperwok is in order. That way they can still keep on track and open it on time instead letting the man get them down. :)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Hey if they can't get those permits in order I know a park that is further south on I-35 that would like a GCI. ;)
I like them. Although they need to make that one photo larger.
You got the Beemer...we get the GCI. Sometimes life ain't fair. neener
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Hey don't forget my park, greedies. :p

AV Matt
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I am kind of surprised that they even announced the ride without the permits...very unlike Cedar Fair.

My understanding is the permits are in place and there will be a surprising amount of vertical construction by the end of the month.
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I thought the timing was a little odd too. Perhaps it was a tactic to pressure the permit peeps to get a move on it. ;)

AV Matt
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I think they had an announcement schedule for end of the season season pass sales.
Do they have a full inspection of the footers to ensure proper bonding? Serious question! If so, what kind of things are they looking for? *** Edited 10/19/2006 5:23:27 AM UTC by CoasterDiscern***

RavenTTD said:
You got the Beemer...we get the GCI. Sometimes life ain't fair. neener

Yes I am sorry that we got the Beemer and you did not. Maybe you will get one someday, I know that we will be getting our GCI very soon

There are vertical construction pics now.
Ok Hold on Swoosh do you actually Know like its in the works and you know, or your confident that it's only a matter of time?
Those are some of the weirdest footers I have seen for a woodie. Is that because of the whole wetlands thing that VF has going on?
Looks similar to what they did on Thunderbird.
http://www.rcdb.com/ig2955.htm?picture=9 *** Edited 10/24/2006 7:24:29 PM UTC by Timo***

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