Vegas 12/26 to 1/11. New Years adult version again!

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Did you work "regular" 40 hour work weeks, or those fun-filled 70-80 hour work weeks that are the joy of some supervisors?

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I work the latter in June, July, and August.
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coasterguts said:
Am I the only one that thinks Vegas is over rated?


Hell, I never even wanted to go in the first place, I was sent there with a co-worker.

I don't gamble that much, and the coasters are mediocre at best. (Except Desperado, which was great, but not in Vegas, so I stand by my assertion.)

That said, I'd go back every weekend if I could. It really is a playground for adults. I don't need anything to do there. The city is attraction enough.


I'm definately going to be pushing my limits with our Vegas trip next month. We're going to be there for a full week. Hopefully I'll make it out alive and with money still in the bank.

My only other Vegas trip was for about 4 days. Since I was driving across the country, I didn't have a schedule to keep. I ended up staying longer then I had planned, but since I was by myself I gambled WAY too much.

So I'm hoping to keep my money in my pocket a little longer this time. At least I'll have someone around to keep me in line this time.

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Funny, I wasn't that excited about going either, but Stephanie's cousin was getting married there so we decided to go for it. I think it's just so insane that it's hard to believe it's real. Good times.

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It really is Disneyland for adults. I agree with Jeff in one way. It is hard to believe the place is real. It's like a Wild On episode that never, ever stops.

Besides......where else can you eat a $5 filet mignon, and get a case of syphillis for free?

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I think I saw that syphillis waiting at Bugsy's Bar at the Flamingo. But it was not free.

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