Vegas 12/26 to 1/11. New Years adult version again!

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Yeah, another 17 days in viva Las Vegas. Wow. Checked back into the Flamingo. Had another great strip view. Easily see the Bellagio water show. Too bad you can't hear it. 8/10.

Caught the Elvis Show (free) at Westward Ho. Mike Kennedy is the singer Sundat to Wednesday. Had him sign my piccture from the Fitz in 2001. 9.5/10. They have these GIANT 28oz. Pina Coladas for $1.99. Not to be missed.

Entered the daily poker tournament at the Stardust (see greatest casino in the world). I didn't win, but it was fun. Great to hold a $500 chip in my hand. Briefly.

New Years was crowded. Rode the monorail. Was on the Borg themed train the first trip. Good times. 7/10. Carpet and the walls were decked out too. Had dinner at La Salsa in the Showcase Mall. 8/10. No lines or reservations needed.

Watched 'Oceans 11' for real. About 12:20am, Flamingo, Barbary Coast, Rio, and the Palms lost power. Quite dark for about an hour. 8/10. Stayed by Caesers until things cleared up. I heard the B-1 Bomber fly over, but did not see it in the smoke.

Did the IMAX 'ultimate coaster' at Excalibur. Only $1 with funbook coupon. Worth $1. 6/10. Played some games. Walking to Luxor, took in sights of many drunk ladies in skimpy outfits walking towards MGM. 8.5/10.

Had great meals at the following: Zanzabar Cafe (Aladdin), Kahunaville (TI), kudos to the uniforms, or lack of such, Cheesecake Factory (Forum Shops), Tony Romas (Stardust), Markey Street Cafe (California), House of Blues (Mandalay Bay) Island Cafe (Stardust),Don Miguels (Orleans), and Billy Bobs (Sams Town). 9/10.

Still had time to hit the Peppermill. What a diner. Like out of Pulp Fiction, but the skirts are short and no one gets shot. Did the $23 lunch and Shark special at Mandalay Bay. 8/10. Always amazing. Adult internet convention was in full swing at the MB Convention Center. Saw interesting things with spandex.

Went back to MB and caught the shuttle to the Silverton. Great locals joint. Saw this giant aquarium in the middle of the casino, and a mermaid-chick pole dances under water. Not worth the trip, but if you are in the area. Newly opened Bass-Pro Shop. Like huge. Plenty of boats and guns and fishing poles and guns and climbing walls and guns and a shooting gallery. Could spend hours in there. Bought a pair of khaki shorts at half price.

Played for hours on new Men In Black machines at Stardust, where I spent my last 3 days. I love the hot tubs there. 9/10. Those machines are still hilarious. Pug dog sings "I just back...from outer space". The strip view from the west tower is magnificent. 9/10. Love to see the Stardust security roughing up some locals in the parking lot. No charge.

Buffet Report. Palms dinner. 7/10. Media hogs. Flamingo dinner. Cold and dank this time round. 6/10. Rio Seafood Buffet. At $33, still packs a wallop. 9/10. Silverton dinner. 7/10. Stardust breakfast. Had some mimosas with the bacon. The Stardust food never lets me down. 9.5/10.

Did front seat on Manhattan Express. $12.50. But, re-rides are $6. So, like $9.25/ride if you must, and NO line waiting. The coaster is a bit smoother than years past. 7/10. It was my first crack at the front seat. Worth it. But, the Coney Island Emporium was 'lathargic', to say the least. Lots of skill games closed. You can use your flash and set the shooting gallery off. Funny.

Saw loads of rain, and saw even more snow to the west. 2-4 feet at a time. Said goodbye to the Penguins, which I saw everday for 35 days this year. Man, I miss SW Ohio. One was making some load crying noise. I never heard a penguin make a noise before. Touching.

Even managed to win some decent scratch before I got on the plane on a triple diamond machine. I will return to this place one day. I promise. Overall trip. 8.5/10.

Oh man, I don't know if I could survive a 17 day trip to Vegas. :) How much was the daily poker tourney at Stardust?

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I couldn't survive in Vegas for 2 days, let alone 17. Oh, how I loathe thee..... :(

Glad you had a great time, though, AJ, and Frank........ we need to spend more quality time just hugging on rides. You don't need Vegas babes when you've got me! ;)

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Wow... another Mike Kennedy fan. The fan club is growing by leaps and bounds!

We have a signed picture of him from the Fitz as well (or "the 'F' word" as he likes to call it!). Michael is from Ashtabula, Ohio, which made for good conversation when we told him we were from Cleveland. His show is an absolute blast. He may not look a lot like Elvis... or sound a lot like Elvis... but it's still a great time. For the price, it can't be beat! When we leave for Vegas in 3 weeks, that is the first stop we're making! :)

Ray P. (looking forward to a $1.99 Westward Ho Strawberry Shortcake!)

I was in Vegas between the 5th and 12th. If that was a smooth Manhattan Express, I hate to see what rough feels like.

A day at the park is what you make it!

If I spent 17 days in Vegas, I would end up spending every cent I had and was able to obtain through credit cards. I've never spent more than 72 hours there at a time, and that's for the best.

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No kidding... my experience is less than 48 hours and I was totally exhausted. I still can't wait to go back.

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The poker gig at the Stardust was $40. They have a Blackjack gig going during the week, and also a very popular $299 slot tournament with a $10,000 top prize that is packing them in.

The Westward Ho is also pushing the 'cowboy' steak dinner, a giant t-bone for $9.99. With those $1.99 frozen drinks at the Margarita Bar in the back pastthe showroom, and a free Elvis show, it makes a nice afternoon diversion.

So, AJ, do you ever actually work? Two months off this year? Must be nice. ;)

--George H

Yes, I work. I am off, however, from November until March. Of which, I travel, consult, sell rides, and do contract work placed myself in Nevada for an extended period of time.

It just kills me to see all these people working their stones off all year for measly 2 weeks vacation every year. I am fortunate enough to have a schedule like a 'reverse teacher'.

And by looking at your track record, shame on you for not visiting my park. You need more vacation time.

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Hey, if more people would buy CB memberships, I'd hit your park. :)

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

<----would like to know where AJ works at

Skol Vikings
Let's shoot us some deer Joe Joe!!!!

I have three weeks' vacation a year, and that's about enough. Any more and I wouldn't have enough money to do anything fun with those three weeks.

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Jeff said:
No kidding... my experience is less than 48 hours and I was totally exhausted. I still can't wait to go back.

I spent three days there on business... really had to rush around to do everything I wanted to (for free :) .) I thought that I needed more time to relax and take it all in & calm down.

Then I thought about it some more, and I don't think it'd be possible for me to relax there... except for that 5 seconds of weightlesness 1000' in the air.


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I agree. We really decided that we could sleep when we got home. Once you get over the hump from jetlag, it's amazing how long you can go. We saw "X" at Aladdin the first night, arriving at sunset, then had some grub after that. We went to bed at around 3 am, which is pretty good considering that's 6 am Eastern!

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

My experiences in Las Vegas have ranged from 4 to 8 days. My upcoming trip is of the 5-day variety and will include 2 shows. 8 days is WAY too long for me to be out there. I blew a LOT of cash too considering we only saw two shows the whole time we were out there. By Day 5, I was ready to come home. I do love the city... it just tends to wear you out pretty quickly. I think that's why I like staying in a downtown hotel. You don't have to walk a mile to the next casino if you're not doing particularly well! :)

Ray P.

Am I the only one that thinks Vegas is over rated? I enjoyed Blue Man Group and the Consumer Electronics Show but was annoyed by the words "Wheel of Fortune" every time I turned around. After seven days there, I was begging America West to take me home.

A day at the park is what you make it!

Glad you had a good time AJ. I've only gotten there twice before, but was told I had lots of fun! Going again in April to get hitched; may actually remember this trip. I've never done any of the coasters there so those will be new to me.
Hey AJ....don't had one of those "12-month" jobs for about 6 months!!! :)
Ya, that themer was a bean counter park. No happiness in that place.

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