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LostKause said:

I swear it's like Mean Girls in here sometimes. LOL

Yeah, it is.

But it should never be like Barney.

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Timber-Rider said:

I was looking at the layout of of Valvarn at Cedar Point, and, I was talking with another coaster enthusiast, who seems to think that the new coaster is void of any theme. Does anyone else agree?

I agree.

They aren't building Big Thunder Mountain, they aren't building Expedition Everest, they aren't building Revenge of the Mummy. They aren't a theme park. They're an amusement park. Cedar Fair DOES NOT build themed roller coasters. They build tall and fast and crazy roller coasters that are really fun and really thrilling. I don't understand what the reason for your question is. You have the wherewithal to login to coaster fan websites and create topics, but not the wherewithal to understand what you're evening trying to talk about?

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Yeah. The theme is, there is no theme.

I like how they do just enough. Cedar Point is (mostly) consistent with the amount of theming they put into their rides. You know what to expect. It's not Universal Studios. They aren't telling you an immersive story in the queue about how you are a brave knight, and you have just fought a great battle with a dragon, or whatever. They leave it up to your imagination.

You may see an illustration within the logo of what the name and logo allude to, and that's pretty much it. It's not like the stations and ride areas are not well styled. The architecture is modern and just fine. It's nice enough.

Let me just say that the Gatekeeper is an awesome idea for a theme. A mythical creature who guards the front gate of the park is brilliant. You don't need an immersive story there. You can write your own.

But a tunnel and a splashdown pool would have still been nice. ;)

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Lord Gonchar said:

But it should never be like Barney.

Can it be Baloney?

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slithernoggin said:

Timber-Rider said:

... the new coaster is void of any theme.

Like most of Cedar Point's coasters.

Also, like most coasters period. The theme is "roller coaster" with a name and a logo.

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LostKause said:

I swear it's like Mean Girls in here sometimes. LOL

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Have you guys ever been through Leviathans tunnel? The glowing eyes are pretty cool but the tunnel itself is ridiculous.

No point and been better off without it. It just obstructs the view when your whizzing by.

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What "view" could possibly be worth seeing at practically zero altitude while traveling 92 miles per hour? By that logic, 95% of all coaster tunnels are ridiculous.

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That depends. Is the tunnel black?

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Hahaha!! Does every single person have the exact same anatomy and physiology? I dont think so. So maybe my eyes see things differently and better then someone who was or is a crack or meth head. Plus right at the bottom of the drop is a fence where people love to stand and observe which for me adds heightened excitment when Im on the ride. So getting back to your comment ya the tunnel is a big deal to me it obstructs the view. Oh Raven the tunnel was totally black at night time. It makes me smile.

Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.

A tunnel only keeps me from counting the hats.

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I'm trying to determine whether or not I was just passive-aggressively called a crack or meth head.

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I don't know, but I'm pretty sure you both need to be banished from all Disney parks for life for even typing that word.

(wink, etc.)

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