Valleyfair Announces Planet Snoopy for 2011

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[Ed. note: The following is a partial but unedited press release. -J]

It’s a new look with an old friend as Snoopy and the Gang are finally coming home! Valleyfair is proud to announce it will be opening Planet Snoopy for our 2011 season. “It is a very exciting time for Valleyfair as Snoopy and his friends make our park their new home.” says Larry MacKenzie, Vice President and General Manager of Valleyfair. Planet Snoopy will be located in what is currently known as KidWorks.

Construction on Planet Snoopy will begin this fall and is anticipated to be completed in plenty of time for the opening of the park next season. Current plans for the project include an estimated 5 re-themed rides and the addition of 14 new rides and attractions. Planet Snoopy will provide fun for the whole family as well as give Valleyfair a fresh and exciting new look.

The arrival of PEANUTScharacters in the park is fitting because it was Minnesota native, Charles Schultz, who introduced the PEANUTS characters to the country in 1950. Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the others became one of the most celebrated and popular cartoon strips in history, spawning television specials, movies, toys, dolls and countless other forms of merchandise. Valleyfair considers it an honor to welcome Snoopy to make Valleyfair his new home and is looking forward to sharing him with all our guests.

Read the entire press release from Valleyfair.

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Planet Snoopy? Wow, I'm shocked...

OK, maybe not shocked, or even mildly surprised. I sure hope CF didn't think of these announcements as "secret"...because when *I* know something in advance, then pretty much everyone knows.

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Darn, beat me to it.

It didnt say what type of 14 new rides it will be? Anyone know? Im wondering. Are they replaceing some of the older rides for the newer ones and for the space do they have room to add 14 new rides in the kids area or just replaceing? Now they have this. As for another new rollercoaster will we have to wait another couple of years? Its comeing to five years now for the timeline. Mad Mouse 1999. Steel Venom 2003. Renegade 2007. Im hopeing there next coaster is an inverted (B&M). A mid size Batman The Ride would be a nice fit to the park with a cobra roll.

We were there last Saturday and the park was very busy. There were virtually no lines for the kiddie rides, the majority in attendance were in the 14-20 year-old range. It will be interesting to see if this move will really increase attendance of families with young children.

VF would be better off to concentrate on their core audience, thrill seeking teenagers and young adults. The results of the survey that went along with the news of the announcement makes it clear what most fans of the park are hoping for:

If my kids were still young I'd be much more inclined to head to Nick Universe, Como Town or to the beach. Having to shell out $60 plus in admission for mom and dad so the kids can ride (plus their admission) just isn't very appealing.

Hopefully a better announcement in 2012!

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As I posted in the other Valleyfair thread, there is a more recent announcement from Valleyfair that contradicts this one. Both are currently listed on Valleyfair's website.

They are now saying 7 re-themed rides and 6 new rides. There is an artist's map that shows the proposed area for Planet Snoopy. I would not take the artist's map as gospel. The drawing of Corkscrew is not accurate. It also would appear that the ferris wheel has been removed. I would not make any conclusions at this time. It does give you some idea of what Planet Snoopy will look like. There does not appear to be a family coaster. However there does appear to be a kiddie helicopter ride.

As far as any new adult rides go, I would expect we will have to wait until 2013 or 2014. But that would be a complete guess on my part without any inside information. I'm sure Moosh would have the inside track on that one. :)

Still scratching my head as to why it took this long to open up a Camp Snoopy at this park, especially considering Schultz grew up in Minnesota.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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My guess: because up until a few years ago there was a Camp Snoopy across town.

Its a shame they went away from the Camp Snoopy theme, maybe its all the warm fuzzy memories I have of New Years Eve at the MOA back in the day but Ive always liked that theme much better then Planet Snoopy.

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"They" (meaning the Mall of America) had no choice. When Cedar Fair stopped running the park at Mall of America they took their Peanuts Gang licensing with them.

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Im not talking about the MOA park, Im talking about CF parks. Ever since Planet Snoopy went in at CP the CF hasnt put in another Camp Snoopy.

Does that mean the end of that creepy old guy as their "mascot?" :)


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Touchdown said:
Im not talking about the MOA park, Im talking about CF parks. Ever since Planet Snoopy went in at CP the CF hasnt put in another Camp Snoopy.

Not so.

1999 - Camp Snoopy Cedar Point
2000 - Camp Snoopy Dorney Park
2001 - Camp Snoopy Worlds of Fun

The only other parks in the chain until the Paramount Parks were purchased in 2006 were Mall of America Camp Snoopy, Valleyfair (which didn't have a Camp Snoopy due to the park across town), Knotts (which already had a Camp Snoopy) and Michigan's Adventure (which will be getting it's own Camp Snoopy eventually).

Last time I checked Moosh, Planet Snoopy at Cedar Point (which also has a Camp Snoopy) opened in 2004, since then we have not seen a Camp Snoopy built. While some places it made sense to build Planet Snoopy (KI, comes to mind) KD's Nick U was in a much more wooded area and it seemed like a more natural fit to put in a Camp Snoopy.

Er, Planet Snoopy opened at Cedar Point in 2008, not 2004.

But you're right. They haven't put another one in the chain since. In two whole years!

My author website:

They converted all the Paramount Nick lands in that time though, all to PS instead of CS.

I imagine that if you're working with an existing kiddieland, not having the "camp" theme is probably somewhat liberating...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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^Then why ever build a camp land in the first place like they used to?

I can see why KI's Nick U became Planet Snoopy, it fit much better but I probably would have turned KD's Nick U into Camp Snoopy. There was much more trees, and it just seems to fit better.

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Touchdown said:
They converted all the Paramount Nick lands in that time though, all to PS instead of CS.

Wait...I thought you said they hadn't opened another Planet Snoopy after the first?

Not Planet Snoopy (generic theme, posters of Snoopy in a funny outfit, open concrete) but Camp Snoopy (camp theme, more trees, all the characters in camp gear.)

Planet Snoopy is the "less charming" version of Camp Snoopy in my eyes.

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