Valleyfair adding Flying Eagles and All Wheels Extreme for 2016

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From the Valleyfair site:

Next year, Valleyfair will mark its 40th anniversary with a season-long celebration that includes the return of an original park favorite and the renovation of a popular entertainment venue to feature an all-new extreme sports show. Throwback-inspired events and parties will also be part of the line-up as the park celebrates their legacy and heritage in the Twin Cities market.

Time To Earn Your Wings! A Valleyfair original makes its return in 2016! Guests will have a chance to earn their wings as the park reintroduces the Flying Eagles. Part of the park's original ride package in 1976, the Flying Eagles will once again become a family favorite for parents and children alike.

The planes will glide 28 feet above the ground and allow each rider to uniquely control their flight experience. The Flying Eagles will be nested between Route 76 and Enterprise.

New Venue Makes Way For New Entertainment - Valleyfair's outdoor amphitheater has played host to a number of well-known artists over the past forty years. Starting this fall, the space will undergo a complete renovation for future events including an all-new extreme sports show in 2016.

All Wheels Extreme, a finalist on NBC's hit show "America's Got Talent" brings its high-flying extreme sports show to Valleyfair. The show will feature some of the top professional inline skaters, skateboarders and BMX bicycle performers in the world. Dancers, trampoline artists and aerialists add a theatrical element to create a one of a kind production that will excite audiences of all ages.

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If Coaster Buzz needed a Cheech & Chong reference, there would have already been one.

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My powers of recall, search and magic are not leading me to any previous "Dave's not here" useage on CoasterBuzz.

Seems like something that should have been used before, but then again, probably not.


Now that the Valleyfair announcement has been made, what happened to that kid that kept posting about Valleyfair capital improvements and getting his posts deleted because his speculation made no sense and he had no idea what the term "Capital Improvements" meant?

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On a completely un-related note, the All Wheels Extreme show is a pretty good time. Of course my kid loves it, but it really is fun. I hope this doesn't mean that CP is losing theirs. Probably not. Last summer we saw the show at KD and it was similar, but used different elements and stunts as well.

Who are all those people?

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And what's a "Paramount park?"

I always enjoyed All Wheels Extreme at Cedar Point. Saw the one at Worlds of Fun, which used a different name, All Wheel Sports. We enjoyed it as much. Love the high-energy shows like this. It makes you forget you are at an amusement park. After the show, one of the performers commented on my Indiana Beach shirt.

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Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Canada's Wonderland, Carowinds, and California Great America were once owned by Paramount. Viacom/CBS bought Paramount and sold the "Paramount" Parks to Cedar Fair.

As opposed to Cedar Point, Knotts Berry Farm, Dorney Park, Valley Fair, Worlds of Fun, Michigan's Adventure and the waterparks which are the "legacy" parks.

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California's Great America and Six Flags Great America, near Chicago, were both originally Marriott's Great America.The park near Chicago was sold to Six Flags once Marriott decided to get out of the theme park business. The California park had a more convoluted path; it was sold to a company that wanted to raze the park and replace it with housing.

The city took control of the park and hired Kings Entertainment Company (Kings as in Kings Island -- the parent company of what would later be the Paramount parks) to run the park, later selling the park to KECO.

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Winkies, guys. Winkies.

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What's a winkie?

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Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
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I was gonna go with a mullholland dr. reference, but that works.

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I thought maybe they would add a Frisbee like Kings Dominion.


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