Universal Orlando to enforce temperature checks for employees and vendors

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Effective Friday, Universal Orlando will take temperatures of all employees, contractors, vendors and other business visitors before they enter the property, according to a letter sent to employees by Bill Davis, president and COO.

Read more from WKMG/Orlando.

So when someone sick with a fever takes Tylenol they can be cleared? But someone who just naturally runs hot has been out working in the Florida summer heat may be turned away? This is where I question how much this will truly make us safer.

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I had the same though. I keep going back to the latency of symptoms, and the people who are simply asymptomatic. If you're not accounting for that, you're not really achieving anything.

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The temperature checks seem to be flawed in a number of ways. The only way to do it contact free is with infrared thermometers that measure surface temperatures. I guarantee if my fat, swamp ass is hoofing it from the bus drop off to the front gate of Magic Kingdom in the July sun, heat, and humidity, the surface temperature of my forehead is going to be well over 100 degrees.

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Gonch said on April 8th*:

Trust me, let me bake in the Florida sun for an hour or so and hit me with the Disney standard issue temperature monitoring device and they're never letting me in the park.

Also, if you don't want to have the exact same conversation again here that we had three weeks ago, you can start on this post and read on until we drift to another aspect of the pandemic. (it's only about 30 posts)

*(I may not be an expert, but the Gonchback exists because an awful lot of what I spout becomes relevant or agreed upon later)

Yeah, I thought it had been discussed. I mentioned in the other thread that I've listened in on industry discussions recently and talk of temperature taking for guests has subsided significantly. Maybe cooler heads prevailed (pun intended).

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I think this was mentioned already and possibly argued but the temperature check thing is basically security theater.


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