TV Heads Up - American Pickers visits old amusement park

Yeah, the 3DS does look very cool. I've read a couple techy articles about how TV manufacturers are vying to find different ways around that problem. It's a real race. They're already making serious inroads. I have little doubt someone will reach an optimization that appeals to the home consumer.

And then look out, because the next, next-gen technology is already in its infancy. Yes, that's right. Holographic TV.

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I can see holographic video having a place in the home theater, but I'll be shocked if anyone finds a way to make the 3DS technology work for more than one viewer at a time at a price point that would allow it to become commonplace.

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Until they can create 3D that doesn't give me a headache after an hour or two, I will never use a 3D set.

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The government will never allow Holodecks, though, which is a shame. :-)

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Oh boy, you'll get to watch Dancing with the Stars and the View in 3D. I can hardly wait.

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As if Barbara Walters and Whoopie Goldberg's egos weren't already big enough.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Its on now. Again.

Not to get off subject...haha...but the Allentown Morning Call has an article about the Pickers at Bushkill Park,0,5345392.story

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Bushkill Park. That little place brings back memories! I was there sometime in the early 90's.

I will have to catch that show online. :)

The last time I was there was in the early 1980's, when it still belonged to Mabel Long, and they still had the Tom Long assembled carousel. It had an assortment of figures from the Philadelphia carvers (Cernigliaro, Muller, Zaller etc) and machinery from Lusse Bros. It had a Wurlitzer 153 band organ in the center and a large North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works brass horn organ on a platform on the outside . It was a smooth runner as I recall. Rumblings are that the Long family heirs still own it and it's currently in a warehouse in the Midwest.

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Very confused by the two conflicting sites:


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After reading some of this tax information, I am not sure of Neil, or better yet, who really was first in line for that $5000 bucks. I have never met Neil, or dealt with Bushkill, but I do know they were grossly under insured during their operations, which led to the post-flood closure.

It would explain the severe disconnect with volunteers, and lack of any 'park valuables' on site. To see trash in the funhouse was disturbing, and the amount of junk in the bumper car building didn't make any sense at all. Most of that stuff that was under water should have been tossed into dumpsters years ago.

Gee, it's a story that makes the Conneaut Lake situation look simple by comparison...

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It actually is, as all of CLP debts now have been identified, and though small, are getting attention. CLP also was never left 'messy', as Bushkill appeared. And CLP has 141 acres to maintain, dozens of rides, infrastucture, etc. Not sure what Neil was exactly up to the past 5 years. I am not a psych major, but he apprears to have some 'hoarding' issues. Hoarding of junk.

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