Transpennsylvaniaism- PPP 2005

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"I need you so much closer"

Phoenix Phall Phunfest to a lot of enthusiasts is like OSU football to a lot of Ohioans. With your multiple layers covering your thickening skin for the season topped with your “costume” to be one with the crowd, you head out on a pilgrimage and ignore or aim to overcome every obstacle in your track to be at one of the greatest and most *enthusiastic* events in the world.

With all my clothes, iPod, essentials, and bag of surprises in tow, all packed twenty minutes before departure time, I left Columbus en route to Brunswick, OH to hitch a ride with Kristin (Kristin Marie), Jeff (cedarit), Brad (Arrow Guy), and Zach. As many of us knew, there was an 80% plus chance for it to rain all across PA for the entire weekend and at this point, it was still lingering with force around Ohio, which set me back a solid half an hour. Hard rain gets my a little panicky, but a little emoerotic Dashboard Confessional Unplugged calmed me through the storm (Ender Will Save Us All) and I rerouted myself to meet up with the crew at a Wal-Mart near Jeff’s work in Wadsworth.

I quickly ran into Wal-Mart to get the restroom thing done with before I was on my way and ran into a young girl who commented me on my Dashboard t-shirt I was wearing and said it was her favorite band. I’m kind of snobby about bands, especially when 11 year olds love the same ones I do, and just casually asked her what her favorite song was. Like I told Kristin before, the post-Vindicated release fans just don’t seem in touch with what Dashboard really is (“If your favorite song by DBC is Vindicated, you’re not a true fan”) and same seems to go for fans of The Shins after they heard them on the Garden State soundtrack and Damien Rice after Closer. Meh, it’s not worth getting to me about and I know I suck for being that way. ;)

Of course her favorite song was Vindicated and she didn’t know what the word meant nor did she believe it was a real word (“He made it up, but he’s cute. He can do that.”). The restroom lights at Wal-Mart always bugged me a little bit. Target’s are the best even if they do have that odd cleaner smell. Maybe that’s why I tend to lose track of time at Target. And some hallucinogen buzz that makes me spend more than I should as well.

Kristin fiercely drove up like a soccer mom with an agenda and told me to follow them to Brunswick because they had missed a few things that needed to bring. I was on the phone at the time and hadn’t turned my car on when she sped away and I tried to catch up, but ultimately got served by a red light and then didn’t know where I was going. Still on the phone, I knew the way I came was different, but probably just a fast, so I hopped on 76W(?) on my way back to 71N and reached Brunswick to fill up my tank in case I wanted to head out when we got back on Sunday night/Monday morning.

I pulled into the gas station , got out of my car and ready to feed in my credit card when I noticed a cop was behind me. He motioned for me to come over and asked me if I knew why he pulled me over.. “Umm, I didn’t know you did, I came in here to get gas.” He stumbled into some words about me going through a red light, which I knew was false and hassled me about whether or not the car was mine and took my license, registration, and proof of insurance. I’m 20 years old driving a 2003 Mustang and evidently I look like a thug dressing warmly in a hoodie and sporting a goatee. So over it. He immediately asks why it looked like someone had broken into my trunk and I go back and check it out and no damage was done and it looked normal. He checked both door locks of my car and checked all the lights on my car, asked me if I had been drinking, etc.. He wanted to get me for something and I was really tired of his bull. He checked everything out and I had nothing on my record and he told me to go on. I pumped by gas and he waited until I left (oh no, am I going to sketchily steal gas now?).

I made my way to Kristin and Jeff’s apartment, a little later and a little more frustrated than I hoped, but there and alive nonetheless. We packed the back of the van Tetris style in hopes than it wouldn’t come crashing down in 3D the next time we opened the door, but we weren’t lucky too often. Someone was usually there to catch whatever was rolling out the back, so we didn’t have to deal with wet luggage or anything. Everyone was a bit hungry and budget and time cuts had us driving through Burger King, one of many fast food stops on the way. They forgot part of Jeff’s meal and someone noted that we can’t “have it our way” if they don’t give us everything to begin with.

On the road finally, we headed north on 71 to get to 80 east, which we would take all the way across Pennsylvania except when exiting to the parks, all of which were quite a distance off 80. Jeff had an EZ Pass to use for most of the tolls, so we saved a lot of time and money tossing with that. The rain was still beating down and I can reveal the tragic fact that it didn’t stop until Sunday morning. As much as Kristin tried to cover up the noise with the greatest hits of modern punk, pop, piano rock, and emo, it poured so nauseatingly that I prayed for it to end and frogs to fall for awhile like Magnolia and then everything would be more or less right with the world again.. At least it probably couldn’t have hurt. Jeff called a friend at Dorney who told him the park had planned to be open tonight, so we were getting hopeful and excited that we would still be riding some coasters tonight. The Best Buy/Monopoly game was back at McDonald’s where Zach wanted to grab something to eat and for some reason this entire little PA town decided to come together there on a Friday night here.

Exiting to Allentown, we arrived at Dorney around 9:30 with the park planning to be open until 11, but they were very closed. The lighting was still on the rides and the park looked really pretty, but we were all quite sad that bracing through the storm, fog, and darkness didn’t earn us anything tonight. Oh well, there’s always Great Adventure the next morning and we could get something nice to eat tonight and some sleep.. Or so we thought. I called Lori to see how things were in Pittsburgh and Kennywood was closed for the night as well even though it sounded like raining had ceased at that point. Her place was loaded with friends and guests who had planned to go the KW for Phantom Fright Nights including Beth (bethtoons), Mike (boblogone), Lisa (addicted2ttd) and Jake, Frank (sparky697) and a couple surprises, Greg (GregLeg), Craig (Iggy ACE) and family, and Rob (nasai) and Tomoko! I told her that Rob was such an ass to begin with for not telling us he was coming and then a bigger one after he cancelled PPPing, but he ended up having a fantastic weekend anyways. I phoned Dawn (dawnmarie313) for a few and she was still driving up to Danville in the pouring rain with one of her Resident Directors from Appalachian, Erin, and a surprise for Matthew (Mamoosh) and others, Tony Milano.

Down and hungry, we stopped at a town called King of Prussia to get gas and ate a Chili’s, which we’re all pronouncing Chi-Lies after Jeff told Kristin and I about a town in New York named that on our last mega trip. Facing the raging weather yet again, poor Kristin had to dodge a huge fallen tree on 80 and prevent us from crashing into a dodgy truck and horse trailer as well. She loves horses so much, so damaging her moms van and bumping into a horse would have been really torturous. Survival on this trip was getting harder and we hadn’t even made it to a Six Flags park or ridden an Intamin yet. =p Just outside the New Jersey border was our hotel for the night at the Ramada and it was acceptable for being around 15 bucks per person.

The next morning we grabbed some local park brochures for Great Adventure, Dorney, Sesame Place, a boardwalk, and Atlantic City. Jeff tried to call Great Adventure to see if they would be open that day but continued to get an extension connection that wasn’t answering. We made our way to the park, sure it would be open on a Saturday with it only lightly raining this morning. As many of us who have visited Great Adventure know, there isn’t a whole lot of life just outside the area of the park and no hotels to stay for miles, so it’s great that they’re finally building the new resort which will rake a lot more people in. I didn’t expect Kingda Ka to escape the heights of the close trees around the park since I never remember seeing Nitro or any of the other coasters before entering the immediate park and parking area, so I was surprised to see it poking out.

Now, I’m a pretty big Six Flags supporter and I’ve never had a bad experience with any of the parks. I’ve had minor issues with them not giving out free cups of water, but I can’t be too upset at that and the store managers usually do let them give cups out if asked. So what follows here is true and no exaggeration and I will admit when a park, even one of my favorite parks like Great Adventure, does wrong. Pulling up to the main entrance from the road, the gates were open and we drove back towards the park noticing Great American Scream Machine and Robin: The Chiller constantly testing. The Safari was open and we paid for parking ($10) and drove up to the front of the park with maybe fifteen cars in the parking lot and a few more slowly rolling in.

Up close and walking in, we hear Medusa and Nitro rolling and our anticipation is building. I was already content and thrilled if I could just ride GASM, Chiller, and maybe Skull Mountain, but the B&Ms were going as well. Reaching the pass and ticket gate, a worker reached out to take our passes and a security guard runs up and says, "Stop! I can't let you guys in because we just now decided to close the park" at 10:02 am. One of the workers ran by, rudely pushed and rushed us out of his way, jumped up on stools, and quickly shut the gates in our faces. We asked a guy what we were supposed to do and if we could be compensated for gas for the 9 hr. drive and he moans about *his* gas to roll over on his walker to the park. Then the security guard gave us a look that could kill and told us that we would have to go to Guest Relations if we wanted any help.

Over at Guest Relations, we expressed our anger, confusion, and disappointment about what had happened and the girl at the desk was just pleasant and amazing, but all she could offer us was a Q-Bot for our next visit, a discount on tickets for friends, and a smile. No good reasons as to why the park was closing except that they didn’t expect many people at the park that day and most of them would probably be season pass holders. We asked to speak to a manager and she came out and offered each of us a free ticket to any park we wanted and we all chose Great Adventure. It opens earlier than any of the other SF parks around and is the most expensive I believe, so we took it and took the phone number and address for the corporate office. Like I told the girl and several people this weekend, Great Adventure had and is setting themselves up as a destination park. Cedar Point, Kings Island, and other classy seasonal parks of the sort and size, don’t shut their doors for some rain and low attendance at the minute the rides are supposed to open.

I called a few friends to discuss my amazement and moderate disgust in what happened. Our emotions were running a little high upon exiting the park and I’m sure a few obscenities were expressed as well. Jeff called Dorney hanging onto a thread of hope that they might be open, but no luck with them either as there was some flooding at the park and they were closed for the day. The closest we got to the park that day was at a distance from the road and passing a lady with red hair on the corner in Trenton, New Jersey who was wearing bright green capris and carrying a purple umbrella.. We nicknamed her “The lady that looks like Hydra”.. And ended up calling Hydra, “The coaster that looks like that lady” as she became more infamous than the coaster on our trip.

Making our way to PPP, we realized what kind of intense pilgrimage we had been on so far and all the obstacles that we had to overcome to get here. We were still trying to find something to do and grab a single coaster during the trip, so we thought about Bushkill, which was probably closed, and even went as far as finding out if Vapor Trail was open at Sesame Place and sadly it wasn’t. Coldplay’s Everything’s Not Lost from the beautiful Parachutes album came on the iPod and my spirits were slowly lifting. I had to keep optimistic and knew Knoebels was doing everything in their power to be open tonight and have all the rides running and that’s where we were going.

Burger King stop number two was just another thing in the long list of crazy visits to restaurants I’ve had with Kristin and on this trip. We had five people with us and the only way to sit together was to grab one of the booths along the windows, but the BK troll came around and jumped on us and warned of the evil glass windows looming over our heads that may come crashing down on us from the rain. We took a booth that was slightly away from the windows and watched as she came around to everyone that tried to sit over there. She popped out of the fake plants and from behind trash cans to tell tales of those who hadn’t lived through the fall of the great glass. Umm, right! Upon leaving, the rain was coming down more intensely than I had seen previously on the trip, so we all rushed to the van and trip desperately to get inside only to find out seconds later we were trying to break in to the wrong van. We had a good laugh about that and Kristin was of course in the right van getting the bigger one.

Elysburg was so close yet still far because you have to go through a lot of small towns and traffic lights to get there. We drove by the famous Sheetz, saw the big Knoebels sign, and headed down to one of the best parks in the world. I saw the park, the campground, the festival banners, the parking lot, and I could only think one thing..

It’s never felt so good to be in the middle of nowhere.

The park was nowhere near as busy as last year and the puddles and mud knew they were the star of the show this year overtaking the grounds, our shoes, and pant legs. It was overrated and overstayed its welcome and I wasn’t going to let it get in my way now that I made it this far. The rest of the group wanted to grab a run on the Skyride while the rain was letting up, but I couldn’t wait to catch up with some friends and see Dawn and Matthew for the first time in months. I found Matt by Phoenix Junction and we chatted for a few minutes as he tried to reach Dawn on his phone. She, along with Erin and Tony, had gone on the train and the new Fandango swinging/spinning flat, which looked wickedly fun, but still not my type of ride. I walked around by myself for a few and Mike (boblo) caught me and told me Beth, Lisa, Jake, and Frank were in the gift shop. I went to say hi to everyone and found out that the registers were broken. Lisa got out her phone calculator and was determined to just give cash and go for her items. Go Lisa! I caught up with Tina (coasterqueen) for a few minutes afterwards as well.

Dawn made her way back in her little raincoat and I didn’t recognize her at first, but we embraced and were so excited to be reunited yet again. We saw each other twice in April, once she came up to Columbus and we saw Guster in concert and went to Paramount’s Kings Island and the second time, I went down to North Carolina and we saw The Shins in concert, traversed the parkway, climbed Grandfather mountain, hiked, and went to Carowinds. Dreamy of course. I met Erin, hugged her, and found her energy and really nice sense of caring about other people refreshing and adorable. She was lucky to have Knoebels as one of her homeparks when she was younger. I had met Tony at Matthew’s after-Solace party in March and he’s such a great and fun guy as well. All of them were such a blast to hang out with and talk to and we did so for the rest of the night and some the next day.

The first thing we did was grab a picture with Cosmo on the way to Fascination, which I just had to play since I had never got a chance to before. Wow, is this game addicting or what? I ended up spending almost $10 and even though I didn’t win anything, I was so caught up in the mindless thrill of rolling balls into a bunch of holes. Matthew came in with a lot of his friends (some I had met before but didn’t talk to because I wasn’t sure if they remembered me- Jim, Adam, Mark, Dave,..) that dressed up as the Fascination game for the costume contest and they looked fantastic. Dawn and I really wanted one of their shirts even if the little stickers on the front were flying off all night and screaming infidelities all over Knoebels. Did everyone have their own little dot by the end of the event? We were still finding them around Phoenix the next day. Good job guys on getting second place in the group contest!

The four of us weren’t quite hungry yet, so we made our way to The Haunted Mansion. I stopped and saw Lori and we talked for a few and said hi to her husband Steve and daughter Jordan in line. If you’ve never been on the Haunted Mansion at Knoebels, you are missing out on an amazing treat. It’s probably my favorite dark ride anywhere now and Dawn and I were screaming and laughing, almost egging each other on in fear, throughout the entire ride. Some of the things that pop out at you are so unexpected even if you’ve been on it several times before. The world would be a better place with more well-themed and planned out dark rides like this one.

It was time for some pizza and Birch Beer. Dawn got the pepperoni and I told her how tasty the white broccoli was, so we decided to trade pieces and do one of each. That was a perfect blend of all that’s good in pizza and it’s arguably the best of any park I’ve been to- great thickness and topping amount. I love LaRosa’s at PKI and the Busch pizza as well. Our group got into a little discussion about credits and Erin said the cutest thing.. “Are there certain coasters you get more credits for riding than others?” After we giggled, I explained the whole deal about counting racing, dueling, different locations, etc. of coasters where a person might count a coaster under one title as more than one coaster.

I was itching to ride my second favorite woodie, but the bumper cars were calling us as well. Bill (rollergator), Mike, and some others caught up with us and were ready for a bumping bruiser of a ride. These are the speediest and have the most bite of any bumper cars and you’ll know it when you spin around faster than Linda Blair’s head in The Exorcist and the car jumps off the ground. I took and gave some great hits including a nice double side shot at Dick with Frank. I’m sorry for the number of jokes you can make out of that line ahead of time. Really, I am. =p

Now I’m starting to feel redundant as mention of another “best” comes to mind with High Speed Thrill Coaster, the best kiddie coaster in the land. I’m not sure *how* you can actually refer to it as a kiddie coaster because this ride kicks major booty, but there’s more airtime and intensity than Millennium Force in here. Those bunny hops are just out of control, or ooc as some of us like to refer to it. That goes for all the coasters at this park too. It’s another gigglefest for all the slaphappy laughers out there. You’re seriously disturbed if you can’t find the fun in this little beast.

We walked over by Downdraft and I was as sure as it was raining that I would never ride that. It looked too dizzying and crazy for me and I told Dawn I would sit it out. With such a support group and peer pressure, I got on, wide-eyed and nervous and absolutely loved it. I’m usually not a fan of spinny rides because I get seriously dizzy, but I was really proud of myself for getting on this. Last time it was Cosmotron and the Rotojets and now I survived Downdraft. I have a goal for a new one next year and I’ve been thinking about Looper even though I’ve heard some horror puke and nosebleed stories (well, that one came from Chris at GCII- you probably heard it if you went on the tour).

Twister was next down the alley and they really spruced up the area with Halloween scares and theming. I was impressed at how much detail went into this and the antique car ride. Twister ran way better this year than last and there was more airtime and it was smoother as well. After getting Mooshed on my first ride last year, it was nice to have less laterals with Tony on an already severely intense coaster. ;) My ballot for Mitch’s poll this year is going to be shaken up quite a bit with some rides I’ve had this season.

Erin had never been on the Halloweened out antique cars, so her and Tony experienced that while Dawn and I watched a little of the parade, sipped some hot chocolate and cappuccino, and grabbed a few rides of Phoenix. Even through the rain, the Phoenix rises as an unmatched airtime machine in my book. Thunderhead may have the variety, laterals, and astounding beauty (“Real coasters have curves”), but for pure unadulterated out-o-yo-seat action, Phoenix is king of the ring. The front car and the back car have different rides, but I can’t complain about either one. In the front, you get the wind in your face and that uplifting gracefulness from every hop. In the back, you just have to give yourself up to the ride, because it’s going to take you for a bucking, hell breaks loose ride no matter what. Rerides were taken with pleasure.

I finally found Craig and we talked for a few as the park and event were closing for the night. Dick announced the winners of the costume contest and started talking about the new Flying Turns coaster, which is such a cool and brilliant idea to resurrect a piece of coaster history that sounds sure to be interesting for families and enthusiasts alike. I know if I was a fan of amusement history and owned a park and had money to do whatever *I* wanted, this doesn’t sound like a far-fetched idea even if it doesn’t seem like the ultimate business decision at first. I think it’s great from both sides of the spectrum. I also saw April and waved hello at one point, saw Matt (Acoustic Viscosity) and talked for a couple and congratulated him on his Holiday World event name, and ran into Rob (HeyIsntThatRob) and Tim (vacoasterfreak) in line for Phoenix.

Some of my car group came up and complained about how wet and cold they were and that they wanted to head to the hotel, so I tried to get Dawn and the rest of our group together to go get the car and head back plus get a chance to say bye to everyone. I was supposed to get my bag and spend the night with Dawn since our room was full already, but “the van” left me at PPP and I had to catch up with them at the hotel. Some people had been at the park all day, so I’m not sure why they felt they were colder and wetter and more anxious than everyone else to wait a couple more minutes, but you get that.

Dawn, Erin, and I had to go on quite an adventure to find the car. We probably crossed the entire park before we found the dark bridge and area around the shoot-the-chutes and into the campground. We were all quiet on the way back to the hotel, soaking in the heat and dryness along with the fun-filled event and coaster season that we were starting to leave behind yet another year. I grabbed my stuff out of the van and went back over to Dawn’s room. We all got changed into fresh clothes and warmed up the room and I gave Dawn my bag of surprises. She always treats me well with gift packages whenever I see her that have something special in them, so I got her something that hopefully she’ll enjoy very much.

The three of us hopped on down to Moosh’s room where Tony was staying as well and we talked and had fun watching Saturday Night Live with Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder hosting and Ashlee Simpson singing. I’m very pleased that it was obviously her own voice although she obviously has been very touched up on the actual album. I’m not sure how often she writes her own words, but even if she had a bad voice, I’d appreciate her a lot more if she did write her own stuff. Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes for example has a very cracky and not really made for singing voice, but he does everything himself and he’s an amazing writer, so he’s a winner in my book.

Frank and Craig stopped by and there was some band talk going on after Moosh handed out his second volume of the PPP Pilgrimage mix CD, which includes great tracks by Hot Hot Heat, Gorillaz, Death Cab for Cutie (Plans may be one of, if not the best CD of the year), Coldplay, Scissor Sisters, Beck, and The White Stripes. Like the previous entry, this is one of the best “soundtracks” I’ve heard with this being the soundtrack of the PPP drive and experience. Garden State lovers eat your heart out. Everyone was getting tired, so we bowed out for the night and went to bed.

I knew it was time to get up in the morning when I heard Dawn’s just-washed curls swishing around the room and her cute shoes plodding around for me to be up and at’em. I got a shower and at the time, Kristin called and said she would pick me up shortly after 10 to go on the GCII tour. Dawn and I said our sad goodbyes and that we wanted to see each other again soon. Sigh, these things are always gone way too quickly.

I arrived with the van crew at Great Coasters International and they gave out free coasters, Thunderhead mini posters, mega twister nails, donuts, and coffee. They told about their new projects, showed us around the headquarters, gave some background information about the company, opened up questions for us, and told a lot of funny stories. Seeing brand new Millennium Flyer trains apart and up close for observation was really sweet. Chris was a hoot and they all seem really laid back and cool to hang out with. He and Dan definitely aren’t people to mess with on the bumper cars either.

Back to Knoebels for hangover day was so relieving and relaxing because it had stopped raining and I got a chance to grab rides and get food that I had missed the day before. I got a couple rides of the Flyers, tried out the wicked cool Flying Tigers, the Carousel with the brass ring, and got my Cosmotron ride where they played I’ve Got Friends in Low Places and Pour Some Sugar on Me. More rides on the Bumper Cars and Phoenix were a must and I was happy with what I did have a chance to do this weekend. I saw Moosh and his gang on the rotojets and Jim waved over at me. I found Dawn, Erin, and Tony again and was so excited to see them. Dawn shared some caramel apples and a bit of crab cake sandwich with me and I felt obligated to quench myself of all the birch beer I could until next year. It was time to saw goodbye once again and aim for getting to Dorney the third day in a row. Today Dorney would be open.

Lori and some of the others told me about how Kennywood was going to be open from 7 to 11 that night for Phantom Fright Nights and I casually mentioned it to the group, but that was rapidly blown off and shut down. We got to Dorney around 5 and were able to rack a few rides on Hydra The Revenge (#244!), Lazer, Steel Force, Thunderhawk, and Talon. While the Jojo and first drop on Hydra were quite thrilling in the back, the rest of the ride was very rattly and less than enjoyable. It reminded me of a worse version of Vortex at Kings Island. The others seemed to love it, but I was quite under whelmed and anticipointed on the low anticipation I already had. I realized after I had already got on Talon that I missed seeing Tim (dannerman) working the ride, but I’m sure I’ll see him next year at some point. While a lot of people may like Hydra, it gives me no additional reason to visit this park. Steel Force had light trims and we had an “our asses just got the clap!” good time and some of those airtime jolts on Thunderhawk are brutally fun. It became a water ride at a couple parks of it. We left the park around 7:30 when they closed and I was glad to have gotten to ride some more coasters and get one of the parks we had originally missed.

On the way back, I tried to get some sleep until we found a place to eat. The first option was Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse where we were looking forward to Snoopy’s head on a platter or Woodstock Fingers, but that didn’t quite turn out to be the case. Kristin drove through KFC where Jeff and Zach had a hard time ordering from a waitress running the whole restaurant named Katrina. Tasteless jokes ensued including her rising anger that no one was ordering with a “I think she’s turning into a category five!”. We drove over to Wendy’s and got ready to do the drive-thru thing until we decided we wanted to eat inside. “Can I take your order?”.. Kristin- “Umm, is the inside still open?”.. “Yes it is”.. Kristin- “Ok, we’ll just come in then”. Laughter ensues and the joke that we’re in the drive-thru and say “This will be dine-in please” ensues.

The van lands back in Brunswick at around 3 in the morning and we all lay down, tired, rained out, but with loads of memories and good times behind us. Thanks to everyone I saw and got to catch up with this weekend with another PPP down and hopefully dozens more to go as another volume of the Pilgrimage is singing me to sleep.

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Good read, Danny. It was nice seeing you and Dawn at PPP. Man, I wish I could have spent more time there over the weekend. The Hangover day sounds like a must for next year. I can't believe what happened to you guys at Great Adventure. Wow!. I think we're all going to be at Holiday World in May, so see ya then if not sooner.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

As good as any TR gets. This is up there with the Sean F. TRs. None are as good as mine, but this is really really good. :)

Did you put the part about Screaming Infidelities in for me? ;) *** Edited 10/11/2005 10:18:55 PM UTC by Homey G.***

Thanks Matt and Brian! I still need to hang out with you more Matt after just meeting at HW at the end of the night and then just hints of you here at there at PPP. Hope you had a great time with what you could there anyways. I'll be closing down PKI, probably CP, Dollywood in December, and maybe Solace before next season, so let me know if you'll be anywhere around.

Bromey G., you know you makes me hurrrt. Get well and come to Dolly's Hoot N Holler or I might feel you hates me. B^)


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Danny, excellent TR. What are you trying to, though. Best the best? I don't think so.....


Great stuff there, and as Matt said... a great read. Wish I was there!!!

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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I still had a great time. Everytime I visit Knoebels, I like it more than the previous visit.
I'll be at WOF and SFStL this weekend, SFOT and Astroworld next weekend and likely SFGAm for closing weekend. After that, look for me at Solace in March. It's going to be a long winter after such a coaster-busy fall.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Ohh, so jealous that you're going to Texas before Astroworld closes Matt. I've had a lot of luck in the past with grabbing credits before a coaster closed, the majority of it being an accident or coincidence with only being 20 and an enthusiast for just a couple years- Thunder Express at Dollywood, Firecracker at Holiday World, Drachen Fire at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Windjammer at Knott's, etc. This doesn't look like a set I'll be able to get, but have fun there! I agree with you in that I love Knoebels more each visit.

Rob, you know you're the TR king and I'll never top your schemes and wits. =p

Thank you guys!


Transpennsylvaniaism... that sounds plain scary.
Oh, it was.. oh, it was. It's a play on the Death Cab for Cutie album title, Transatlanticism, which I wasn't sure was good enough at first, but once I noticed the tie-in with the spooky Transylvania and Halloween, I was quite pleased and sure on the title.

It's hard to be crafty with titles though. I actually nixed a TR from Solace because "I've Got a Hunger Twisting My Stomach Into Knott's" didn't fit into some of the title bars where I wanted to post. ;)


Why am I always so exhausted when I read your TRs, Danny?

Yep, still hate you all for going to PPP, and no one stopped off to kidnap me (and you all promised!).

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^Clint, I would have if you said the word. I could see me stopping by your house with a gun to your head saying "You are coming with me to PA!" and demand a ransom for your safe return. :-D

I am LMAO at the Wendy's thing. Back (way back!) in high school my friends and I pulled off something very similar. We went through the drive-thru and when the clerk said "Can I take your order?" We just said "Nope, just passing through!"

Ok, so it was West Virginia and we had nothing better to do. ;-)


I remember you telling me about Great Adventure literally shutting the gates in your face. I couldn't believe it! That sounded like something you would see in National Lampoon's Vacation. :-/

Sorry to hear about your troubles, but I couldn't help but chuckle reading your awesome TR. It was great to finally catch up with you again!


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I got so wrapped up in reading these looooooooooong reports this morning that I was about to be running late for my dentist appointment. Feeling a bit congested anyway, I decided to reschedule and comment over breakfast (cran-grape juice and a toasted mini-bagel). Anyway, very enjoyable (and thorough!) report DP. You left your screw in my purse so I'll be selling it on ebay. Sorry.

So nice to spend some time with you again this weekend. I like kidnapping you to be my riding partner and hotel guest. Thanks again for the yummy gift bag. You're the sweetest.

"Want to be upside down, maybe thrown from side to side" - The New Pornographers, The Fake Headlines

And I thought Rob wrote long TRs. Sorry you weren't able to make it to Kennywood Sunday night Danny. We didn't get spend enough time together at Knoebels :(
HeyIsntThatRob?'s avatar
Wow +Danny (as opposed to -Danny), just wow! I couldn't imagine continuing a trip after showing up to two closed parks in a row. It was nice seeing you at PPP, it was weird seeing everyone else as I haven't seen any of them in over a year.

I had a blast at PPP and I'm very glad I decided to stay at work on Friday as I was going to stop by Kennywood for some riding. The weekend was well needed as the recent stresses of work, home, and life were taking their tolls. It was an energizing weekend to help me finish this crazy, crazy month.

BTW for anyone who was wondering about the crazy looking kid with the fake nose and glasses, that was me! My comrades lost their stuff throughout the day and since I have nobody to impress (hey I'm a married man!) I left mine on.

~Rob "Who will always be a kid at heart" Willi

Clint, what a silly question. You know I get you all hot and bothered with all that innuendo and action I get.

Tina, I felt like I was one of the Griswolds arriving at Wally World to find it closed to, but I think the teasing with testing all the coasters continually in front of us (Nitro, Medusa, and GASM were *still* going as we left) made it that much worse. We thought about forceful entry and escortion to all the coasters, but we decided that wouldn't have been very classy or legal.

Dawny, we know my screw has been more places than your purse. Or at least you'd want it to be.. Split the sales with me or kidnap me more often. You're very welcome. Love ya!

Lori, I know! I was really sad that we couldn't go, but I have to be a groupie and do their thing. Missed hanging out with you and the fam!

Rob, great to see you too and so glad you could get out of Ohio for a bit. Even with the rain, I think most people were happy they came.

+Danny, ;) and =p all around

+Danny said:

I knew it was time to get up in the morning when I heard Dawn’s just-washed curls swishing around the room...

Damn you Danny DAMN YOU for taunting me with Dawn's curls! You monster!


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

This is the best TR ever even though I haven't read it yet. I'd love to read this, but I have better things to do like write a magazine nobody reads.

- Paul Reuben
Playa & Charlie, roffles @ both of you! I know it's torturous for you when I get wrapped up in the curls. It's one of life's guilty pleasures that just don't pop up as often in Minnesota as you'd hope. Kind of like wavepools and good coasters. =p


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^ BURN! :)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

I have a VERY good wavepool in Minnesota, I'll have you know.

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