Track Spotted : North-Bound I75 in Sidney, Ohio

A hypercoaster and a fixed swing ride have different ride dynamics. Being whipped around a tight helix, coasting over the top of huge hills, or diving 75-degrees down a 200-foot drop isn't the same as swinging in a 120-degree arch over and over. The varying forces from many directions on a roller coaster requires a lot more out of restraint systems.

Well Powderkeg seems to handle its dynamics quite well with the exact same restraints as a Screamin Swing.

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

What were you doing in Sidney, Ohio if I may ask? I lived there when I co-oped at Emerson Climate Technologies, right next to I-75.
I was going to visit my grandmother.

Actually, I frequent Sidney a lot. I live in Jackson Center which is only 20 or so minutes north.

I know right where Emerson is. I interned there in the IT lab several years ago during a work-study program with my high school.

Small world... :)

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I'm going to Sidney this weekend to help a friend move. I hope I see track.

Sad, I know, but I've never seen track on the road and would much like to!

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The first B&M at KI in 2009/2010? Sheesh, that only puts them about 10-12 years behind popular coaster trends. :)

Jeff said:
Detroit is a good place to enter Canada because of the intermodal connections there, if they wanted to use them. They can handle a lot more volume than they can in New York as well.

Not to mention Niagara Falls is hit or miss depending on the volume of tourist traffic. I would imagine that helps avoiding Toronto since you can take highways across Ontario and wind up north of the city.

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