Track Spotted : North-Bound I75 in Sidney, Ohio

Just wanted to post to let everyone know that I have just spotted a semi-load (flatbed trailer) with several large pieces of coaster track heading north-bound on I75 thru Sidney, Ohio (about 45 minutes north of Dayton).

It was painted bright yellow and orange and one section appeared to be a break run. It appeared to be B&M track - I'm sorry, I'm not good at identifying track by manufacturer...

Also, I couldn't snap any pictures as I was heading south-bound and it was on the other side of me on the interstate...

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Anybody know why they would ship it on I-75 instead of I-71? Seems like they're taking the long way around.
Im guessing its the big lake in the way. Detroit Im guessing is the best crossing point into Canada.

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I-75 through Toledo area, then up to Detroit into Canada. From there you head east to Toronto. About 500 miles.

I-71 Would mean heading to Cleveland then to Buffalo into Canada. From there, you dogleg back to Toronto. Not sure the milage.

Isn't I-75 the shorter option? Also, perhaps customs etc has something to do with it. I know from personal experience that the border at Buffalo/Niagara backs up HORRIBLY... whereas I've not had trouble getting held up too badly in Detroit.


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Where is the track coming from? I am curious to know...

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Maybe Southern Ohio Fabricators? They're just outside Cincinnati and have done track/supports for Raptor, Mantis, and probably other B&Ms.
Thank you, I didn't realize there was a fabricator in/near Cincinnati.

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Should've checked the mileage. Shaggy hit it on the head: Cincinnati to Toronto is 493 miles via I-75 and 538 miles via I-71. Mystery put to rest.

Pagoda Gift Shop said:
Maybe Southern Ohio Fabricators? They're just outside Cincinnati and have done track/supports for Raptor, Mantis, and probably other B&Ms.

These guys also fabricated the track for Knott's Silver Bullet.

^I believe they fabricated the track for every B&M in North America, with the possible exception of Batman the Goliath Gambit which originally came from Japan.
Ironic isn't it? That the park the manufacturer is closest to (KI) has yet to receive a B&M...

However a birdie tells me that may change in the next 2-3 years.



One can only hope Shaggy, because KI's coaster count is missing two things in my mind at the moment:

-*Steel Hyper Coaster
-A good B&M Inverted or Floorless

Even just getting one of those would really improve that park for me (not that I dont like it now, but I would really love it with one or both of those.)

*Edit-dont need any smart SOB corrections, Im talking about a traditional steel hyper.

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Except that I think Kings Island already has the widest selection of inverted coasters in North America--

o Top Gun (Arrow suspended)
o Face/Off (Vekoma Invertigo)
o Rugrats Runaway Reptar (Vekoma junior inverted)
Though admitedly they took out...
o Scooby Doo Ghoster Coaster (Caripro Batflyer)

How about a nice B&M floorless hyper coaster? :)

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

^ A B&M Floorless hypercoaster? You do know that with floorless coaches requires horse-collars...due to the inability to incorporate a functional lapbar system for four-abreast seating on a floorless chassis. Why do you think their current hypercoasters have elevated seating, but with a floor? That's the best alternative they could come up with for a floorless hypercoaster train. :)
Krax... I would have agreed with you until S and S built a lap bar restraint that functions well on a floorless seat for thier Screaming Swings. With a telescoping lap bar, a floorless hyper is a real possibility. This was debated on CW Mania prior to Behemoths announcement as a possibility for Wonderland, as the rumors were that there was a different seating style to be used for this hyper. Turned out to to be the staggered seating arrangement though.
^ You're right about the S&S restraints for the Screamin' Swing. A telescoping lapbar is possible, but I believe only adaquete for certain types of rides.

A hypercoaster and a fixed swing ride have different ride dynamics. Being whipped around a tight helix, coasting over the top of huge hills, or diving 75-degrees down a 200-foot drop isn't the same as swinging in a 120-degree arch over and over. The varying forces from many directions on a roller coaster requires a lot more out of restraint systems.

Even if B&M were to do it, the four-abreast seating arrangement would have to be thrown out, opting for two-abreast. There is no way the two middle seats could have a telescoping lapbar with the outside seats in the way.

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Detroit is a good place to enter Canada because of the intermodal connections there, if they wanted to use them. They can handle a lot more volume than they can in New York as well.

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Traditional, hyper, floorless trains may not work...........but what about a hyper-floorless-dive machine!

True, they still have OTSR's, but if KI got a more outside the box model than Sheikra or Griffon (i.e. more elements than drops and immelmanns; 0-g roll?), that would more than make up for it, in my opinion. A traditional hyper coaster would be just as good though; both have good capacity, which is what KI needs.

You can easily have a floorless coaster with just a lap bar. Take the stupid shoulder strips off of Maverick and what's left? A lap bar that attaches only to the seat - not to the floor of the ride. Does B&M make anything like this? No. Is it possible? Totally.

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