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Well, i gues i haven't been on a GOOD CLASSIC set of b-cars yet. The ones a Caobie Lake are okay, but not great!

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The next time you go to Geauga Lake, pick a gold car. They go twice as fast as the rest. Honest.

Oh, wait. You can't do that anymore. Well, maybe the gold inner tubes go faster on the water slides......


rollergator said:For me, Oaks' were on par with *the magical day* we got Geauga's running so well ('05 was it? Chuck?). IB's also feature hi-quality smackage. Camden's were good fun, but the Whip took whatever excitement I had left after getting flyer snappage. I got to Cinci's Coney too late in the game, those were beyond awful. Mom asked her little kid if he wanted to ride again (no wait, mind you) and he said "meh, let's go do something else". Smart kid... But honestly, for me, KG's are the bumping equivalent of SFNE's RoS or Voyage. So far ahead of the pack that everyone else vies for second place...

Bill, Our Geauga Carnaige starts at the 3:40 mark on this video!

Filming of it and commentary by Tina AKA Coasterqueen
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I am a wuss as far as bumper cars, but I LOVED that video at Knoebels!

You guys are NUTS! I love it!


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I finally got to ride the Skooters at Knoebels for the first time this year. Go figure. All the times I've been there and never rode, why? My wife doesn't like Bumper Cars. Hates them. Never would wait for them. Phooey. Then I get on here a couple of years ago and I hear about how awesome these things are, and I learn about words like Lusse and such, and I finally hit them back in June. WOW! I rode the ones at DW last year and thought they were good, these things were rediculous! I have never had so much fun on a Bumper Car ride in my life and can't wait for another shot next year, after a few KFT trips of course.


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What kind of cars did Coneaut have? I remember those being pretty good, they were setup in an oval like Knoebels which I prefer.

I think they were duece's as well, Pretty good but they had a policy for a time of NO HITTING "THESE ARE DODGEMS"


The no hitting rule was when they ran actual antique Dodgem cars. (Does anybody know why?) They don't seem to car if you hit with whatever replaced them.

coasterqueenTRN said:
I am a wuss as far as bumper cars(...)

I'm totally with you on that one... as a child I used to start crying and get real angry at people who would hit me too hard...
I never understood the bumper car concept until I was growing up to understand that some poeple experience a the thrill in causing even bigger or more mean crashs - for which I developped a compassion in the meantime.

nice vid ... loved to watch.. but you know, honestly, I would have hated to go home bruised from all the bumpin' - go figure.
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airtime for everyone
I still getting over blood blisters I got on the palms of my hands from that hour! If I could I'd do it again in a second!

I think the thing I like the most abot the bumper cars is no two rides are remotely alike. There are still some rides from a year or two we still talk about. We still laugh about different people that were on like the one lady we named The Great Pumpkin and the screaming guy who we later found out was mentally challenged. Throw in a great old timer like Jack who's been running the ride for nearly 30 years and you can't ask for a better time.

For the most part with coasters you pretty know what your going to be in for but with the bumper cars every ride there are 25-30 different people who will make the ride unique.

You guys are sick. I love it :)

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