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Here's the highlights from when you rent the Scooters out at Knoebels for an hour the night before PPP! It was probably the most fun I had at a park this year!

William W. Gray, CuratorWhitewater Valley RailroadConnersville, Indiana

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Those are crazy! I've never seen them hit so hard that they bounce off of the floor! From the look of the one guys face in the video he's going to need some Tylenol. =)
Those look awesome.
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Thanks Dan.... :)

When we find life on other planets, then Knoebels will be able to lay claim to "Best Bumper Cars in the Universe". I was lucky enough to get on the last couple laps of the operating season, and had *almost* enough of the KG cars to last me over the Winter. Smashing good time! ;)

Too bad other parks are so (Run by insurance) as to not let people have a good time.

This goes for things like Snapping the flyers, Spinny fast on spinny rides (Yes I've actually been told to slow down) ect.

AMUSEMENT, Some parks are taking the word out of the park.

How many people were riding? And how long did the ride cycles last? I was thinking, they didn't do that for an hour straight did they, then I noticed folks in different cars.
*hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate*

Given a choice between an hour of ERT on all but a handful of coasters and an hour on a really good set of bumper cars? I'd have to pick the latter.

There are only two, maybe perhaps three good bumper cars at my local amusement park. I'll never tell which ones they are. From watching me carefully, Da Babies have figured out one of the three.

But none are remotely as good as those. DAYUM.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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^I was surprised at how good Valleyfair's bumper cars are actually. Not Knoebel's quality, but very fun like Indiana Beach's.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Best Bumper cars I've ridden.
Knoebels (Lusse steel tub)
Dutch Wonderland (Lusse fiberglass)
Geauga (Duece)
Camden (Barberri) Amazing isn't it?
IB (Duece)
Kings Island orriginal from Coney (Lusse)

Chuck, who's caught one or two good ones at fairs but usually there are just too many cars and too many drivers that don't know what they are doing.

I'm surprised to see Kings Island on that list. I rode those things once and they were terrible. Maybe I caught them on an off day. On the plus side, the arena had ample space which was far better than the sorry ride at Cedar Point (30 second ride spent clogged up)

A couple obscure rides need to be added to that list.

Oaks Park (Lusse fiberglass)

Seaside, OR (Lusse steel tub, museum-quality condition, the owner clearly takes a lot of pride in them)

and less obscure but also notable:

Delgrossos (Barberri)

I believe Chuck is refering to the original KI bumper cars that were in the building next to the Scrambler. They were original from the Coney days. The ones now are not the originals by any means. *** Edited 10/16/2007 6:53:25 PM UTC by lumpy72***

William W. Gray, CuratorWhitewater Valley RailroadConnersville, Indiana

Oops, should have read more carefully. :)
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For me, Oaks' were on par with *the magical day* we got Geauga's running so well ('05 was it? Chuck?). IB's also feature hi-quality smackage. Camden's were good fun, but the Whip took whatever excitement I had left after getting flyer snappage.

I got to Cinci's Coney too late in the game, those were beyond awful. Mom asked her little kid if he wanted to ride again (no wait, mind you) and he said "meh, let's go do something else". Smart kid... ;)

But honestly, for me, KG's are the bumping equivalent of SFNE's RoS or Voyage. So far ahead of the pack that everyone else vies for second place...

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rollergator said:
I got to Cinci's Coney too late in the game, those were beyond awful...

You just gotta know what you're doing (and have a sadistic streak ;) ).

I actually felt compelled to (and did) apologize to a young girl after nailing her on Coney's cars. I thought she was going to cry.

RatherGoodBear said:
How many people were riding? And how long did the ride cycles last? I was thinking, they didn't do that for an hour straight did they, then I noticed folks in different cars.

We had 20 cars out and running and there may have been 25 people total. Our ride cycles were around 5 minutes each. Usually when we'd break a car we'd switch to another that was parked. I think we broke 4 cars total, 2 bands, 1 pole, 1 that lost power and one had to have the contact on the pole replaced.

So that explains why there were so many broken cars at PPP :)

They were all fixed the next day. The first two rides We had at PPP we managed to break 3 cars!
Man! I have never seen bumper cars hit so hard that sparks fly from the bottom!

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

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^ They do that wll the time at my home park at Worlds of Fun.

Chris Knight

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