Top Thrill 2 faces extended closure for modification

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From the official Cedar Point website:

Top Thrill 2 is currently experiencing an extended closure as Zamperla (the ride’s manufacturer) completes a mechanical modification to the ride's vehicles. Once the modification is complete, Zamperla, the Cedar Point maintenance & operations teams and our third-party ride inspection partner will conduct a thorough review before approving both the modification and the reopening of the ride.

Though we cannot yet confirm a reopening date, we will provide updates here.

We know our guests are excited to experience this incredible roller coaster, and we share your disappointment that we are not able to operate it this weekend. We will do everything possible to reopen Top Thrill 2 as soon as we are confident we can deliver the ride experience that our guests deserve.

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Let the speculation begin about what they're modifying. My guess is that something is wearing out faster than anticipated.

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I had the same thought. Almost has to be something wheel related, doesn't it? The trains just don't have that many points of concern, no?

I also wonder how the issue was discovered. Could it be felt during morning testing? Are they hands on under the trains every day? Is Zamperla still on sight?

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My first thought was they’re addressing the shimmy/vibration that people have reported. That’s what “mechanical modification” sounds like to me.

I’ve heard allegedly a wheel cracked, and they could be waiting on new wheels to show up with a modified design. I doubt this though, but we shall see

Counting down the days until I'm back at Cedar Point, the one and only place to be.

Guess I won’t be riding this week, good thing I also have trips in June and Sept planned.

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During the last day of passholder previews, I noticed several wear marks on some of the stators, and a few also appeared to have something that looked like blue painters tape (but surely wasn't) on them. Maybe totally unrelated.

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That tape was there for the media preview, Brian, and I was wondering why it was there. I'm pretty sure it was painter's tape. Since they said it was something on the trains, I can't imagine there would be very many things to look at. Maybe something is loosening faster than expected, there is more wear and tear on something, who knows.

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Someone must have snuck a loose article on.

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Wheels, seatbelts if they aren’t already present, mods to the seats heartline or frames of the trains, less likely

Edited, announcement said trains, not track

Also, if this was intamin, yall would be having a meltdown.

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A well-earned meltdown.

This is disappointing for sure, but not all that shocking. And that's not because of the ride's past (because this isn't that ride), but rather all the prototype tech and parts being used.

For those of us who were around for the first 3 seasons of TTD, this is nothing. Now if it's July and we're still having these conversations...well....then it becomes something different.

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Magnum XL 200 was closed several times its first season, from the lift chain breaking to trims added, so this honestly isn’t unusual. Magnum trains were even designed with up-stop pads like Gemini trains before they realized the Magnum trains needed up-stop wheels at those speeds, crazy!

Brian Noble:

During the last day of passholder previews, I noticed several wear marks on some of the stators, and a few also appeared to have something that looked like blue painters tape (but surely wasn't) on them. Maybe totally unrelated.

Random thought, but maybe the tape was to confirm that the trains weren't making contact with the stators?

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That makes a lot of sense. That never occurred to me.

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Certainly could be. But there were definitely other places where there was some contact, because the finish on a few had wear lines already.

That makes the most sense to me. Easy to spot rub points. Kind of like putting bluing on gears to make sure there is good contact.

Several people have reported there being only two trains on the transfer track over the weekend. Until the third is found, there is nonzero chance the other train flew off the back spike. When they reopen the ride with a stopper up there all will be revealed.

Considering Zamperlas first, not surprised, actually surprised running as well as it has so far.

Also it’s bananas to me how quickly opening parks, without everything new being done has spread…

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Off-seasons keep getting shorter and shorter. But also, this thing had a fair amount of testing, but as I've said elsewhere, if it's a wear issue that was not easily simulated, you gotta run it to wear it.

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