Tony Hawk at SFStL for 2007!

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I just found this on Six Flags St. Louis' website. The official annoutncement was made yesterday.

The ride has been basically official (except for the announcement) for several months.

It's identical to the new one at SFFT (mirror image of the other 3 that currently exist).

You can see construction photos at the parks employee website

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Who's building this thing? it looks like a crazy mouse on steriods.

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

Thanks Gator! It looks like cool ride.

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

These rides have been around for a while now.

Timberland Twister (Camp Snoopy)

Spinning Dragons (Worlds of Fun)

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This ride as well as it's twin at SFFT will be great additions to the Six Flags Parks. It would be neat to see a few more of these pop up, especially one at Magic Mountain. The Great Escape could use one too as well as SFA. Heck, just dump one in each park. (except SFNE and SFGrAm)
I still think it is stupid to add an exact clone (with the exception that it is a mirrored-copy) of a coaster at a rival park. Get something original!
Amen Swoosh! I'm so tired of Six Flags doing this. What's the point of being able to use your season pass at other Six Flags parks if they have the same rides? It's a pattern that needs to stop.
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RollerCoastin!!!! said:
Amen Swoosh! I'm so tired of Six Flags doing this. What's the point of being able to use your season pass at other Six Flags parks if they have the same rides? It's a pattern that needs to stop.

It's not just Six Flags; all of the major theme park chains are guilty of this. Many of the Cedar Fair/Paramount Parks have very similar rides. How many Top Guns are there? If you ride one Power Tower/Drop Zone/Dominator, are the others much different? Is there much difference between one Extreme Swing to the next? I totally understand that there are "classical rides" that appear at multiple parks. It's also very economical to place similar rides in multiple parks. However it distracts from the excitement of going to different parks when you automatically think to yourself, "Been there, done that," before you ever walk through the gate. We did WDW, Universal, and Seaworld in Orlando. We are thinking of going to southern California in another year. When I check out the California parks on-line, I do think, "been there/done that."

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LOL, I think Swoosh was referring to SFStL getting the same ride that WoF already has... ;)

Personally, I think the M-S version was spinnier and more funner... :)

^Yes Bill that is exactly what I was talking about. :)

..and I agree about the M-S version being better.

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If both WoF and SFStL can have log flumes, shoot-the-chutes, rapids rides, B&M inverteds [which I'd be willing to be most people can't tell the differnce between], etc, etc, etc...what's the big deal about having the same spinner? At least the ride is really, really fun ride! Heck I wish SFMM, Knotts, and both Disney parks had one ;)
Capacity nightmare.

IMO, the one Knotts *IS* building looks more exciting than any of these, with better capacity to boot.

But I agree with you Moosh, most "normal" people aren't going to care, a fun ride is a fun ride, even if it's right up the street from another one. Not to mention, how quickly we forget the tight budget the chain is currently on. Give me better run parks, I could care about rides right now.

LOL, the things enthusiasts worry about...;) *** Edited 2/14/2007 2:48:07 AM UTC by DWeaver***

I know I am beating a dead horse here, but how quickly we forget that this is Missouri and most people do visit all of the parks in the same season here in this state. I just remember the year WoF opened Boomerang and people were in line complaining how much it sucked compared to Mr. Freeze -- it was a marketing nightmare.

Oh well, I guess we can once again expect the masses to go to SDC and let them have yet another record year -- the more the merrier too as I really want my GCII there soon. :)

Drop Towers, Extreme Swings and the like, I consider flat rides, and you have to expect to see the same ones in different park. Coasters are different. Now I know I've been over this before about the average park goer not noticing when the coaster is the same but, in these forums we are enthusiasts with enthusiast's gripes. And, Many times I've been at one of the parks with a Batman / Superman: UF clone and heard people comment on how it's the same as one they'd been on before at another park.

What bothers me is Six Flag's selling point for season passes is that they can be used at other six flags parks but, why go ride the same coasters you can ride closer to home?

Six Flags has bigger worries than a few folks complaining about ride choices. But that said, you make a good point about the location issues, but if the masses go to SDC, it's because the parks are better run. One spinning mouse isn't going to tip the scale either way.

Run better parks with better customer service and better food. *That's* the dead horse lying right their in the middle of the road!

Geewhzz said:
Capacity nightmare.
I feel like I've been through this before but, again, I agree that the company has bigger problems. But, as someone who's main interest is better/ more exciting thrill rides this is an issue for me. I'm sure the company doesn't care about losing adrenaline junkie customers like myself when catering to our desires is kind of what started their troubles in the first place. And, I understand that in order to save the company and make a bigger profit they need to draw in more families and concentrate on making a more pleasant visit. For my personal tastes, I don't like it but, I would likely be trying to do the same thing if it were my decision.

However, you don't have to be a ride enthusiast to be able to recognize that a coaster is the same as another at a park in the same chain. At least, my ego as an enthusiast isn't so big that I think all that many people are ignorant to that fact. At least if they're going to clone coasters in the parks, they could theme them differently to de-emphasize it. They could add tunnels or fountains or some thing to make it different. I mean Primevil Whirl and Rajin' Cajun are the same ride but the one with the peices of scenery flying past you is more fun.

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