Thoughts on Intamin's new restraints?

Looks like they have a winner with this restraint. Hopefully, we'll see these kind on future installations of loopers. I have no problem with Maverick's restraints, but these look even more comfortable.
Ok, so mechanism wasn't the proper term. I know the internal components are the same. But, my statement was in response to a question about the "problems with the t-bar". The only problems I know of are them not properly restraining large guests. I've not known of the cylinders to have failed on any of their restraints - at least both. So, I'm not sure why the soft OTSRs would have any relation to the t-bar issues.

What I meant by different mechanism was the t-bar mounts to the floor of the train and doesn't touch the seat at all. The new restraints (like those in question) have mounting points on the seat.

The concept of restraining someone by the things may remain the same, but it's quite obvious the restraint itself is of a completely different design.

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The "problem" is that they didn't get the T-bar design right until Dragster, by which time they tossed people out of the giant flumes and hyper coasters to their deaths. The reaction was a cosmetic OTSR.

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Right. It makes it look like Intamin fixed the problem, when in fact they already fixed the problem prior to that.
I must say, though...

For a variety of reasons, I really like the lap bar design that Intamin is using now in terms of it being a nearly idiot-proof lap bar.

Consider this: If the lap bar closes in the manner of the T-bar, and the latch should happen to fail, when the rider puts force against the bar, the bar is going to open.

If the lap bar comes down from overhead as Intamin's latest lap bars do, then when the rider applies force to the lap bar in a forward direction, the rider is actually pushing the bar *closed*.

The overhead lap bar design is so simple, I don't understand why nobody ever thought to use it on a non-suspended coaster until recently. And of course, I don't understand why Intamin insists on attaching shoulder bars to the darned thing when it would work just as well, if not better, without them.

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I would LOVE to see the new "lap bar" design actually used as just a lap bar. Unfortunately, after their bad press over the last several years, I'm not so sure that will happen. :(

WildStangAlex said:
I have a dumb question. How are Intamin harnesses on V2 so much different than any other Intamin ride?

Now this is another reason why I no longer ride V:TBC @ KD,not only is the ride lackluster IMHO(give me SFA's mind eraser any day) but those Intamin OTSR's are hard as bricks! I've had some pretty major head banging the last time I rode the thing & it was far worse than even my roughest ride on ME.

At least ME's restraints have padding which has a little give to it but the padding on the Intamin restraints just hurts when you slam into it.

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