Thoughts on Intamin's new restraints?

I was looking at's coverage of the Intamin Zac Spin coasters and saw detailed photos of their "new" restraint.

Here's a little blurb from the article:
A new restraint system with soft-vests like the straps of a rucksack was developed for the Zac Spin Coaster. How did you come to the decision for modified restraints and what are the first experiences with the new vests?

The new "vest" - restraint system is an advanced development of our shoulder restraints, used for example on our catapult coasters (accelerators). All experiences and first of all the feedback are very positive.

Would it be possible to use this restraint system on other Intamin installations?
Yes, absolutely.

Am I the only one that would LOVE to see this installed on any future Intamin looper? These just look 800 times more comfortable than the horse collars they have now.

I would be a lot more excited about Fahrenheit if these restraints were going on it.


I have no problem with Intamin's current restraints, but the new ones should be more comfortable for females :)

After a couple weeks of working on Maverick's crew, I've heard more positive things being said about the restraints than negative. A lot of it is about the fact that they are so much more accommodating.
In general, I find the latest Intamin harnesses better than Arrow, etc., mainly because Intamin has better designed transitions.

But I'm tellin you, if you do get unlucky enough to bump into the 'flat harness' found on Maverick, Stormrunner, etc., it hurts like hell.

These new adjustable straps look good, hopefully they don't get too tight during the ride.

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The dirty little secret of the restraint on Maverick and Storm Runner and such is that the shoulder part is for decoration, to make people feel better. It doesn't actively restrain you at all.

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^If that's true, it makes me hate them even more than I already did. I can deal with something if it serves a purpose. I.E. allowing larger people to ride. But to have it just to make people feel better is assanine.

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I totally agree. As such, this looks like a much better solution from Intamin. Give the scared guests some resolve with something over their shoulders, but prevent the shorties from getting their necks karate chopped during the ride.

I really am a big fan of Intamin lately and their innovation in the marketplace. I can't think of many other manufacturers that have come up with so many design alterations lately. Even if they were to remove the shoulder part all together, the new lap bar design is very nice. All other coaster restraints seem to be stuck in the 70s and 80s.

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^^ Except it's not just the riders that are put at ease by the OTSR portion. Moreso, it's insurance companies and lawyers.

Think about their standpoint. "Well, we built this here loopy rolley-coaster and it only holds you in by your lap and nowhere else."

Insurance guy: "Don't your other ones that go upside down have a shoulder restraint?"

CP: "Why yes, yes they do - but being held in by your lap is just as secure"

IG: "If you say so... $$$$$$ - here is your monthly premium"

Another thing you have to consider is that MOST OTSR restraints are ultimately designed to hold you in at your lap and not your shoulders. Next time you ride Raptor, take notice of how much emphasis is placed on the lower portion of the restraint.


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^^Umm, Vekoma's? ;) I haven't ridden a coaster with the updated SLC or Boomerang restraints, but they look like an incredible improvement. *** Edited 10/1/2007 10:55:21 PM UTC by DantheCoasterman***
If these new restraints are the same ones that are on kingda ka then they stink. The shoulder bars come up to the middle of my neck. IF I am on the last car i get jolted to the side it it leaves a nasty bruise on my neck like it tried to cut my head off.

I hate them with a passion.

Did you happen to check the links or read the article? They use a fabric type shoulder restraint instead of the hard rigid one like on Kingda Ka.

Jeff said:The dirty little secret of the restraint on Maverick and Storm Runner and such is that the shoulder part is for decoration, to make people feel better. It doesn't actively restrain you at all.

Then get rid of them or replace them with a pads like a Vekoma Flyer

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I have a dumb question. How are Intamin harnesses on V2 so much different than any other Intamin ride?

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Perhaps Lagoon and Magic Springs have a better insurance policy? Lagoon was able to open Zierer's Wicked [launch, 90* drop, zero-g roll] this year with only a lap-bar. And Magic Springs seems to have no problem operating their labar-only "hold'em upside down longer than normal" Maurer-Sohne X-Coaster.

The things that make ya go Hmmmm....

Anyone think this is a reaction to the problems that have occured on Intamin's lap bar-only restraints in the past?
Well, it uses an entirely different mechanism than the T-bar coasters. So, I think it was a result of the existing horse collar being uncomfortable. Particularly in the case of the Zac Spin since you're probably on the restraint a lot like you are on Deja Vu. But, I'm sure they also get complaints about coasters like Rita, Storm Runner, Kingda Ka, Maverick, etc...

Even if you think the horse collar is comfortable, I'm sure a lot of people would admit it feels more restricting than a lap bar only. I would assume this new system feels a lot more free. For me though, it would be like night as day as far as comfort and openness go. Hopefully some upcoming US Intamins will have this on them.

I just rode Galaxy Express 999 in Tokyo (Yes, I'm in Japan) and I was shocked to see that even through its got a vertical loop, it has the standard Intamin hyper restraints! Small seatbelts and the T bars. Yet, it runs perfectly fine...
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^Now THAT is what I'm talkin' about!

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^Matt, we need to get to Japan....I'll even paint you green! ;)

^^^^^Moosh, that zero-g on Wicked was the next-best-thing to Chilla....I definitely felt more *secure* on Wicked though, hehe.

The shin bar makes ALL the difference, IMO. Keeps the rider vertical, and maintains the "Z-position" necessary for safe riding. I have yet to see a coaster that *requires* OTSRs to operate safely.

halltd said:
Well, it uses an entirely different mechanism than the T-bar coasters.


Consider the following Intamin coasters, all of which, for the sake of convenience are at Cedar Point:

Millennium Force (old T-bar)
Wicked Twister (old shoulder bar)
Top Thrill Dragster (new T-bar)
Maverick (new lap bar/shoulder bar)

Four rides, four different restraint configurations.

But the internal adjustment and locking mechanisms are all EXACTLY THE SAME. It's two independent hydraulic cylinders each equipped with an attached nitrogen-charged bladder accumulator, an electrically actuated control valve, and a set of check valves. The mounting varies depending on the motion of the bar in question, but it's the same unit on each ride. Intamin uses that same unit on practically every ride they build these days.

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