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We always seem to talk about the themeing of a coaster and how it can make or break a coaster but we rarely, if ever talk about the themeing of the actual car! So which coasters do you think have the best/coolest coaster trains and which coasters could use a theme train to enhance it.

The coolest coaster trains I can think of are dueling dragons followed by I would have to say xcelerator. Personally I would love to see more B&M theme trains but that means there would have to be more B&M themed coasters! ;)

What are some of the coolest themed coaster trains that pops in you guys minds?

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Rock-n-Roller Coaster's limo trains are pretty cool.
Call me simple but I like Big Thunder Mountain's trains. I also like the mini-cooper ones in IJ:ST ;)

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The mini's are going to be the best. The interactive features on each train are going to rule!

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Of steel coasters, I would have to definitley say Dueling Dragons is the best but I also like the themeing on the fronts of Hulk and Wildfire and the skis on Alpengeist. I also like how the original Batman:TR at SFGrAm has some mechanical themeing on the back of the seats that I don't believe I've seen on any of the others (I still have yet to ride the one in Texas).

Beyond just cool paint schemes and such on woodies the best themeing I've seen on one is pictures of Montana Rusa at La Feria. I have yet to ride it (hopefully next season) but it looks pretty elaborate.

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I'd have to say Rock 'n Roller Coaster and Top Thrill Dragster. Those are some cool looking trains. Of ones I've not been on, I'll go with Xcelerator.

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I liked TTD before the tires flew off. Now it just looks.....odd. My all time favorite is Jaguar at Knotts.

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I think the Shamu Express trains are pretty cute. I also like the trains on Flying Unicorn.
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Pedro's Mouse has cool little cars.

I like X's, that mideval torture chamber/jackhammer theme works great! Oh wait ...

Honestly though, the big X coming out of each car connection was a pretty cool touch on those trains. And of course, mega props to the king of theme, Dueling Dragons.

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Lord Gonchar said:
Pedro's Mouse has cool little cars.

Ah, but if only it was running :(

NAD's old streamlined trains were the original themed trains and still the coolest in my opinion.
All of the above mentioned are cool, particularly Xcelerator's. Also Lake Winnie's Wild Lightnin's "techno mouse" look pretty cool as well *** Edited 11/15/2004 4:55:36 PM UTC by P18***
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Jeffrey Seifert said:
I think the Shamu Express trains are pretty cute.

Ah yes, trains themed to "The Nutcracker"....;)

Well, having only seen pictures of the cars, I would say The Bat at Kings Island has some pretty nicely themed trains.

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The, "80s Version of how the Future will look," themed trains on Magnum XL-200.

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Xcelerator's trains have always intrigued me. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster has pretty nice ones too. Didn't one of the smokestacks on Thunderation (Silver Dollar City) "collapse" during the ride? That would have been pretty cool if that was true.

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