The Track Editor: Easy or Hard?

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What do you think of the editor for No-Limits? Would you say it's much better than Scream Machines editor, or is it more complicated.

Admited, you might need a little CAD 101 class. I never took one, however, I got a grip of it after a little over a half an hour. You just got to play around with the icons and do a little trial & error.

In general, do you prefer the CAD-type interface of No Limits, the pre-set track pieces of Rollercoaster Tycoon, the simpler, yet somewhat akward piecing of Scream Machines, or the styling of Disney's Ultimate Ride?

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I have taken CAD before and this is way beyond CAD. CAD is easier to understand this isn't. Coaster designing wise I love Scream Machines easier to use and is more accurate. But riding coasters NoLimits is definitely the best.

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I actually think its really simple pnce you get the hamg of it and it allows you to do so much more than rct. I've never taken CAD classes and I just fooled around with it and got the hang of it. You just have to stick with it. Man this games gonna be wicked!
The editor is not easy.
I suppouse I just need to mess with it a little more.
But it is very complex!

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The editor has a steep learning curve. I guess it's the trade off for the flexibility the game offers. I would like to see and easier to learn/use system but then some realism would be lost.
It's hard, could really use a tutorial!
It is very hard, allmost imposible to create my ideal track. And i have CAD and pre-architecture certifications. Thats why i perfer AutoCad 14. Though i don't think its much of a "game", more like a tool that could be used for desighners.  Maybe they should make it that way, especially so that you can import specs off of other CAD software.
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This isn't a CAD thing (even if that's what the author says). This is totally a 3D animation thing. If you've ever used the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator or edited motion paths in After Effects, that's what this is.

It works like this: A vertex is a point on your track. The control handles on either side, by rotating them, changes the way the curve is sharp. The distance of the control handles from the vertex decides how big the curve is. For point, you'd shrink the handles down, for a nice long curve, you'd pull them out.

Try this if you're having trouble. Go to a side view and build your lift, then a series of drops. Put only one point at the top and bottom of each hill. Now go back with the cursor and select one point at a time. Rotate the control handles to be parallel to the ground. Stretch them out for big curves at the hill bottoms (for easy pullouts) and tighten them up at the tops of the hills (for airtime).

That at least should help you understand the process. Next you need to learn working from the above view and banking the track, but that's a start. Do an out-and-back hyper first and work your way up to looping rides.

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Jeff is right.. alot of trial and error and it clicks together rather fast. I didn't find it that bad but I also have a religious hatred towards owners manuals (try learning Lightwave without reading a manual).

Nice job though..

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I think the editor is very easy! I love it...
I just got used to the editor today and now think its preety easy
the editor was not at all easy.  I got very frustrated yesterday, but today was better.  I made a pretty good clone of Batman: The Ride (sans the themeing).  one thing that I found really hard to understand was where to put the new vertex.  I thought that you had to click on the old vertex that you wanted it to connect to.  instead, you can click anywhere on the map and it will connect to the last vertex you made.  also, the control handles were a little tough at first.  after a while, though, I got the hang of it.  a little advise: don't give up.  try new things and if they don't work out start over and do everything differently.

if the creater is reading this: add a tutor.  it would be much appreciated.

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In my opinion, I love Scream Machines editor. It gives me total freedom to twist the track however I want, the freedom to take it to whatever height I want. I'm viewing No Limits as a game that is promising simulator, but the editor is too hard. Maybe someone could post a Help topic for NL?
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My biggest prob with the editor is the lag it seems to have whenever I try to select anything. Makes changing stuff tricky.
I've found that many people are having a hard time using the Editor because they are so used to Ultra Coaster and Scream Machines editing (almost identical systems).  NoLimits uses an entirely new style which may take awhile to learn.  Once you do figure it out you won't want to go back. 

I think I should introduce myself as this is my first post here.  I am Ride_Op, also known as Tom Zeliff.  I have been modeling all of the NoLimits trains (except for the Schwartzkoph and future Arrow Looper style).  I'm glad to see everyone is enjoying the game!


Tom. . . I know you've been saying that the editing system is different on every message board on the planet. . .

Could you please elaborate as to what you mean?  Other than the fact that SM and Ultra Coaster use a sort of relative editing system, meaning that the placement of a control point is relative to the previous point (and relatively easy) versus No Limits sort of 'click anywhere' absolute system, I can't find *any* differences?

Maybe it's just 'cause I'm used to Scream Machines and AutoCAD, and not 3D Animation programs, but I find the No Limits editor very, very counter intuitive.

But, if you'd please, I'd love to read an elaboration on why the editing systems are so different?  They're quite familiar in every aspect that I can find.

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He's right... I got back from SFGAm last night and immediately downloaded the demo. I tinkered around with the editor a bit with no real luck whatsoever...

Then, I tried again this morning. After about 10 minutes of figuring out the bezier curve editing, I found it very easy and intuitive. I really like this type of editing, and I may not go back. It's really that great...

But for Ride_Op, I really wish saving were enabled and the demo was altered in a different way (maybe only one type of coaster a la SM) because I spend a good 30 minutes working on a coaster only to not be able to save it, and it's kind of frustrating.

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One big difference is the way you create and modify your coaster.  In UC/SM you add a new point relative to the last one and then using various control tools for translational movement and rotation about various set axis you modifiy the position and orientation of the point.  In NL you don't use a big tool bar to do all of the above steps.  You select your point by clicking directly on it.  You move the point by dragging it around the screen.  You change it's orientation by dragging the control points around.  You don't have to click away at a big cluttered tool bar to move control points.  NL more or less removes the middle man.  ; )
It's less a Cad system than it is a 3D modeling system, and is very easy once you change the way you think about editing your coaster. 
I know everyone would like to save, but this is a demo and it is meant to give you a feel for the full game.  Even if you could save you would not be able to run it in the Simulator, as it is hard coded only to run those 4 tracks.  The full game should be out in a few weeks. 

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Here's a question...
Sometimes the track will come out bent (like an in line twist) when you try to raise it. What is the fix for this?
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Could you be a little more descriptive of your problem?  If you are trying to make vertical track the angle the track is banked at may give you some trouble...if that happens use the "Rel Roll" button.  That will change from banking at an absolute angle to an angle relative to the last control point.


If that isn't a solution to your problem post again and we'll see if we can get to the bottom of it.



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