The top 10 roller coaster and amusement park stories of 2017

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Here's a look back at the top ten news stories for the year on CoasterBuzz, ranked by views:

  1. Petition seeks to prevent Trump from speaking in The Hall of Presidents at Disney's Magic Kingdom
  2. Cedar Point announces Steel Vengeance roller coaster
  3. Knott's Berry Farm adds metal detectors
  4. Live from Kings Island, Mystic Timbers media preview
  5. Magic Kingdom worker makes $13.02 an hour, has worked there for 17 years, lives in hotel
  6. Disney CEO Bob Iger among the executives abandoning Trump advisory roles over climate agreement
  7. Six Flags Fiesta Texas announces single-rail Wonder Woman Golden Lasso roller coaster
  8. Knott's Berry Farm removing Boomerang roller coaster
  9. Disney will replace the "wench auction" in its Pirates of The Caribbean rides
  10. Woman accused of felony child abuse for choking girl at Magic Kingdom fireworks
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Two theme park stories involving a sitting US president. SAD!

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog

With any luck, he won’t be sitting much longer...

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Or standing in the HoP.

Yum - IHOP

Don’t think that’s happening. The vote to impeach him failed miserably.

Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.

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You can't impeach someone for being an asshole. These crybaby loser liberal types that are shouting impeachment are exactly the same kind of assholes that are on the right, just playing for the opposite team. Granted, the worst thing they want is for people to have healthcare, but they engage in the same kind of toxic and divisive nonsense that led to Donald J. Twitterpants getting elected in the first place.

I loathe the guy too, but unless someone can prove he's done something illegal, then all you've got is the subjective (if not correct) assertion that he's an immoral, narcissistic douchebag. What you do is first hold the congresscritters accountable for the tax bill that will add a trillion dollar deficit over time, the one that more than two thirds of Americans don't approve of. You call out the racists, homophobes and misogynists and the people that openly support them as normal. The referendum starts at the state and local level, and it's already in motion.

And let's be clear, this has been one of the most ineffective presidents in history. He quite literally has almost nothing to show for his first year in office aside from this massively unpopular tax bill. Like many presidents, it's less about what he can do and more about the general tone that he sets. I don't care which side of the aisle you side with... every president in our lifetime has been a well-intentioned good person, regardless of how much you may have disagreed with his policy. This guy is not. He watches TV half the day to gauge his popularity. Keep trolling him, and he'll be just as ineffective as he has been.

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Jeff - Editor - - My Blog

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I think the guy building the coaster in his backyard should have made the list.

But is that news? Or fake news?

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Jeff said:

........but unless someone can prove he's done something illegal, ........

It's Mueller time, baby!!!

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RCMAC said:

But is that news? Or fake news?

As of now, fake news. We haven't gotten our credits yet.

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