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The new No Limits rollercoaster building demo is out!
Download it now from the homepage. It's only 6.2 megs big!

I didn't get a chance as of this moment so I can't give my opinions, but I will in a bit.

What did you think of it?
What did you think of the building interface?
Now that both Scream Machines & No Limits both have an actual coaster building demo (as opposed to just a watchable demo), who's do you think is easier & better?
Would you be willing to pay for the full version?

Do you think this rivals Disney's Ultimate Ride?

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This game is the best!! I can't wait 'till the full version comes out in two weeks!! It is so real. The speed, the trains, you can even hear the wind blowing in your face when you ride! This is a must have game!
this demo is incredible! The game seems more sharp and nicer then scream machines. After riding on montu and kumba I was convinced that I need to buy the full version when it comes out:)
No Limits is incredible..i thought the last demo was cool, but this new one is just amazing. I cant wait till its finally released :)
Ok, everyone if you have time today you must have to download the new No Limits demo this is realy a rush for all you coaster fans. I just downloaded the new demo which will take time at least 30min depending on your computer. The three new tracks included are: Thriller, Kumba and Montu already included revolution.The on board cameras are amazing. The favorite one I like is Montu the inverted coaster second would be Kumba.Is this a preview on what maybe coming. Just cant wait till this game comes out give it a try.

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I have a bit of a problem...I can't get the real life views of the coasters, meaning my screen looks like a bunch of lines, and not like a coaster. Am I doing somthing wrong?

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Ahhh, I see now:) Beautiful graphics! That track editor looks really complicated, but then again, RCT was complicated (or at least to me) for a little bit until i got used to it.

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I fooled around with the editor for maybe 5 minutes and got the hang of it. It is really easy. Just play around with it. Go to the help page also. It will help alot.
The editor is pretty simple to use...took me about 5 mins to figure out also.

This demo is just amazing the more I use it the more I cant wait for the Final version to be released...shouldnt be to much longer :)

Download Time:

56k - 20Mins
Cable/DSL: 2 Mins


No luck with gettting it to work right, I've tried EVERYTHING.... downloaded a million different files and updates, downgraded, upgraded.. no luck... [Although, I did get one ride on Revolution, but only once]... looks like I will have to stick with Scream Machines.

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I must be a idiot, I got the editoring thing down, but is there a way to ride it in the simulator part? I really don't get the wire frame deal.
Can you ride every coaster in this game?
I've been to only 3 parks but have rode alot of kinds like Wood, Hyper,Wild Mouse,Corkscrew,and Inverted
SFNE & Canobie Lake park RULES!!!!!
Fun demo.
i have the previous demo, and it doesn't work! i load it and choose ride, and it says initializing, and then just sits there. what is going on?
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I find the No Limits Editor very diffucult to use. I have no problem with Scream Machines or Ultra Coasters editors..just NL...hmm...
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I must be a complete idiot. I know I never took any CAD classes, but damn... this is hard.

I wish there was a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a basic 1 loop coaster just as a start, because I'm going on blind faith.

The help files don't help too much, and as much as I know about computers, I know very little on CAD...

... I guess it's a more of "once you learn it, you'll never forget it" as well as once you learn it, it probably is very easy to fine-tune it and make it perfect.

Right now, it's hard!

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Same here!
I can't make heads or tails on how to use this editor. It's like a foreign language to me. Can anyone with the time to spare e-mail me some steps on how to use this editor? It's Any help at all will be appreciated. =)
The simulations are fabulous! I love them! But, the editor is so incredibly hard! I keep trying but never got anything. I scanned the help section but it didn't help much, I'm going to read through it again later though.

If someone wants to e-mail me some easy to understand step-by-step instructions, please do so! :)

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