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This morning I awoke with a start, and a dream, and realized that maybe, I could write a TR that could be life affirming. Something with wit, and intelligence that would appeal (for once) to a broad audience. Maybe, just maybe, I could write something that impacted the planet the way Earth Day did in 1989, or Hands Across America in 1985.

I wanted to be the Salvador Dali of the coaster world. Our very own Richard Wagner, as it were. I wanted to be loved as a genius. I longed to be one that could take a wilting flower, and breathe life into it, or raise it simply by touch.

I wanted to be the Messiah.

I read passages of the Bible for inspiration.

I wept in silent prayer, while taking my morning shower.

After toweling off, I immediately quit daydreaming, and wrote the following disclaimer, complete with moronic subtext.


Sometimes, there are moments in your life when you genuinely wish you were someone else, as everyone who’s anyone wants a piece of your love, and attention. Basically, it’s hard to be me. I don’t know how it happened, or who decided it should be this way, but a few years back the cult of nasai started on my Memorial Day trip of 2003, culminating at SRM. It was, and still is, a grand thing to be me, BUT it’s damn hard because I just don’t have enough (anymore) to go around. If that sounds *****y, it’s not intended. I just want everyone to know I love them equally, and I’m sorry if I didn’t pay as much attention to you as you might have hoped. If I forget your name in this TR, no harm to your ego is intended, either. It’s just that I’m an old bastard (all of 39-Jack Benny, watch out!), and I was never very good at remembering new people, unless I wanted to use them for my own evil pleasure.

Names = bad.
Hot, sexy chicks = good.

Finally, there is something that I can do for each of you. You can use nasai to your advantage if you take the following precautions:

1) Always wash your hands after touching nasai
2) Never use nasai near children
3) Treat others with any available gauze or anti-bacterial agents when in proximity of nasai. Industrial agents work best.
4) Never, ever ingest nasai
5) Never combine nasai with bourbon
6) Never say foul things near nasai, as nasai will attempt to ‘one-up’ you
7) Never use nasai for podcasts
8) Never place nasai near public relations gurus
9) Never throw things at nasai

Thanks for listening. Now, as Casey Kasem said, on with the countdown.

Tomoko and I awoke Friday, the 30th (my 39th Birthday, mind you) at 4am, having slept a paltry 2 hours (due to excitement, amongst other things) to bloodshot eyes, a sore back, and a hungry stomach. Within 15 minutes, we’d showered, washed our faces, brushed our teeth, and were out the door, with our luggage in tow. The drive to Seatac is about 40 minutes from our home in Snoqualmie, so there’s just no easy, quick way to get there. Ugh. Fortunately, I’d made a reservation for parking in advance (only $6 a day), and we arrived at the lot with time to spare. Within minutes, we were at the airport, at the Southwest ticket counter, and early enough to get the coveted “A” seats.

Long story short, we checked in, and they handed us “B” seats.

I was livid…. How the hell was this possible, given the fact that I was at the airport 2 fricking hours early? At 5am? How, in God’s name? Well, being Seattle, the damn computer freaks and geeks were all up at the crack o’ dawn on their computers, printing out their passes, and checking in online.


We ended up sitting next to a quiet lady, but still uncomfortable, and didn’t sleep a wink on the flight. At the end of the flight, she became incredibly talkative, though. I think she was just really lonely.

Here is one word of praise for the flight: Southwest seems to have adopted a new philosophy of “fun flights,” because our crew was like “Whoopi Goldberg on heroin meets Robin Williams on crack.” Fun times were had, and funny comments were made all the way through the flight. I noticed this on the way home also, although the return attendants were rude, and patronizing as well.


We arrived in Chicago, at Midway, and ran off to the rental car. A decent ride was obtained, and we were gone.

Off to the Land of Zen and Cotton Candy – Holiday World!

But before we could get there…. Whoops…. The interstate sucks. Bad traffic. I guess rush hour starts at 2 in Chicago, because that, combined with construction, meant a NASTY commute. We didn’t get to the Indiana State line until 4ish. South on I-65 didn’t fare much better, as we hit a major traffic snarl about 30 miles north of Indianapolis that stopped the drive dead. We ended up cheating on a frontage road for about 10 miles.

All the while, I’m receiving many phone calls from many friends, wondering where the hell I’m at, and how much damn fun this weekend is going to be, etc. etc. etc. Did I tell you how much I love my friends? ;)

I’m the luckiest boy in the whole world, as Pee-Wee once said.

After Indianapolis, Corey (rollocoast) calls me to tell me he’s “going to catch me,” even though he’s roughly 50 miles behind me on I-65. Seems his car is some psychotic built up steel machine of death that gets 10 mpg, but has him rolling along at a mere 130mph.

Let’s see you catch me, puss.

Corey calls about 2 hours later to tell me he’s “probably within 4 miles of me,” but his car is in need of gas, so the challenge is over. I heave a great sigh of relief, knowing my manhood isn’t going to be challenged after all, and drive into Holiday Worlds’ campground.

It turns out our trailer is next door to the wonderful webmaster, and owner of Coasterbuzz, Jeff Putz. How interesting for me. How sad for him. ;)

Mike (Incidentalist) had beaten me to the site, and was waiting by his truck for our arrival, as well. He’s a great dude, and I was happy to see that he’d shown up. Hugs were exchanged, and inside the new trailer we went.

After stealing the King size bed up front, we put the clothes away, and jumped out to the campfire that Jeff had set up, and had our first meeting of the weekend with new friends.Mike (Onceler), and his wife, Artemisa (did I spell that right, Mike?) were there, staying in the same trailer as Jeff. Kara (ST Chick) was also along for the ride with Jeff, and was a happy sight to see. Kara has earned her stalking privileges. She’s great, and a really cute girl. She kept throwing things at me, though. (see #9 above!)

We enjoyed the fire, or should I say smoldering log, and spent some time trying to regenerate it with more wet firewood, and paper until Tomoko gave the fire the kiss of life, and off it went. She said “I just blew kisses at it, and it grew hot.”


Lights came into the campground, and out poured some great pals I hadn’t seen in over 2 years: my buddies Brian (ThemeDesigner), George (Redman822), and Tim (Vacoasterfreak). Within minutes, Frank (Sparky697) arrived, and the trailer was full.

We stayed up far too late that evening, enjoy/imbibing various sundries, etc. With thetime change, the long flight, and drive, and the lack of sleep the night before, Tomoko and I decided to retire to the bouncy king sized bed, and knock off for the night. Little did I know that the guys would decide (at 2am, mind you) to play a friendly game of Texas Hold-em.


So much for sleep. I got up, and stared blankly at the game as it progressed, basically waiting them out, so I could go to sleep. I don’t handle this kind of stuff well, but I love my friends, so I patiently (I think) waited it out. Mike ended up kicking everyone’s ass, as he’s a really good player. I think he made out with about $8 that night.


Finally, some sleep, and it couldn’t come soon enough. It was 4:30am.

8:30am – The bastards woke up far too early. I guess the thought of all the fun that awaited us was far too hard to sleep through, so they were up, and stomping around the trailer. Tomoko and I rose, wiped the gleet out of our eyes, wet our lumpy hair, and dressed for the day. It was already warm, so there wasn’t a need for a heavy shirt, let alone a windbreaker.

We headed off to the local grocer for a box o’ breakfast, and instead bought a pair of sunglasses (mine broke on the plane, after I made a fat joke – Jesus was mad!) and some sunscreen. Tomoko got a crab salad. Ugh. Only a Japanese person would eat seafood for breakfast. ;)

To the park, and the fun that lay ahead.

We arrived at the parking lot, and walked up to gate to see Jeff and Kara doling out entry tickets. Bunches of coupons, and a few smiles from the gate attendants (who were extremely smiley and nice), and we were IN.

Tomoko didn’t seem to mind my suggestion to hit both coasters early, “so we could gauge them against the ERT later.” LOL!

First up: Raven

Back at SRM2003, I was impressed with Raven, moreso than ever, as I had never ridden it at night. It was a fine, nasty, and fast animal, over just a bit too fast. Well, this morning was a bit of a letdown, mostly due to the fact that I romanticize these things, and long for the way they “used to be.” I knew it’d still rock, and it did, as we rode in the last car, first bench. Tomoko really enjoyed, and said she wouldn’t want it any faster. I told her she’d be disappointed then, because it was going to change dramatically.

Our next stop: Legend

We plopped ourselves in the ride, somewhat near the rear of the ride, again in the first bench. Legend seemed to be the most affected by the early morning “blues,” as it was super sluggish, especially through the helix from hell. This morning, it was more like the helix from happy fun time. Oh well. Still a great ride, but far from the #1 I remember it to be.

We met up with some folks from the campground, and proceeded to mosey around the park, heading up towards the S&S tower. Tomoko is loathe to 1) anything remotely tall, 2) that thrusts you towards the sky, ending in airtime, as the feeling she gets is far too overwhelming. I disagree, so I got in line.

I did learn one thing this day about S&S rides. There is a weight limit. We had the ride full of ACERs, and Buzzers, and I’ll be damned if the thing just wouldn’t take off. We “launched” 3 times, with the final launch actually working, because they requested 2 people to disembark the ride. Poor dudes. I don’t know if they ever rode it, as they weren’t in line once we were done.

We took a jaunt over to Holidogs’ kiddie area, and immediately spied Holidog himself, sweating away in the early October humidity. Tomoko and I posed with him, when all our pals decided to take a few snapshots. They kept telling us to move “lower,” and we did, all the while getting snickers, and guffaws from the photographing gallery.

Turns out Tomoko’s hand was pretty much square on Holidog’s junk, and didn’t realize it. Too damn funny. Beth (Bethtoons), and Kyle (recess) both got pics of the nard handling. Excellent stuff.

We headed over to the kiddie coaster, and Tomoko rode in the back with Brian. They took 2 laps, and Tomoko seemed to enjoy herself. She was all smiles. Not too intense for a little woman, I guess. ;)

Afterwards, we split up for awhile, and Tomoko and I grabbed a hotdog, and corndog.

We ran into Jess (Pritti Kitti), who was with a friend of hers. I wasn’t able to talk with her too much, but we ran into her many times over the course of the day. She’s great, and I wish I had more time to get to know her.

Next up, the podcast in the theater.

Tomoko sat up front, and took pictures, while Jeff (Jeff Putz), Scott (Shivering Tim), Mike (Onceler), and I, along with Will Koch, prepared for our podcast. We basically take a few moments before recording to talk over the issues, and kind of pre-read some ideas that might be interesting to listen to. We recorded it in front of a studio audience, basically, and had it videotaped as well. We also took some questions from the gallery, giving others a chance to contribute. Finally, Will told us all about the intended future of Holiday World, and what was going to happen with the new Sally dark ride, and with The Voyage. What I think was most fun was listening to Will, and seeing him get excited about the park. He really LOVES what he does, and truth be told, the dude’s a serious geek, all in the best way possible. I loved his gentle, happy laugh, and his enthusiasm.If only the rest of the industry thought like he and his family did. What a world for us to live in, if that were the case.

The podcast is something I really enjoyed, and it was a nice break from the surprisingly wilting Indiana sun. It was a fun process, honestly, and I’ve really enjoyed the past 2 weekends. I hope I can continue to do them, and that Jeff will continue to include me.

Basically, the rest of the afternoon was a wash, trying out different rides, with the flume, and the flyers being highlights. Tomoko genuinely loved the flyers. I taught her a bit about snapping, although their flyers aren’t really snappable. You can get close, though. Just not quite enough speed to do it well.

The other thing to mention was the walkback along the road to see Voyage’s construction. The cattle call (er…. Acer chubby call, er…. Buzzer chubby call, er…. )happened at 4pm. Tomoko and I were near the rear of the crowd, and didn’t hear a darn thing the PR people were saying to us. We assumed it was all regarding safety. Once we started moving forward, a pal of mine came up and grabbed me, and told me that they had made an announcement for the “couple from Seattle” to come forward. I guess that’s when the PR folks heard the sounds of babies screaming, and oreos being dipped into deep fryers, because Tomoko and I didn’t hear squat. It turns out that PBS is doing some special on the 60th anniversary of Holiday World, for airing next year, and wanted to interview the crazy people that would come so far for one day of fun. Cool! We told them that we’d do it whenever they needed us.

We moved onto the tour, and checked out various holes in the ground, followed by the long walk up quite a steep hill. Turns out that Voyage will head uphill on the outbound, and downhill incoming, keeping the train hauling major ass, and plopping it into the station at a tidy 55mph. NICE. Still, there wasn’t that much to see yet, with the exception of a pretty tall lift hill, and one 90 degree turn. Yawn. ;) It also turns out that the lift hill is only 65% complete. NICE. It also turns out the last tunnel will have a window to see the chaos coming. NICE. It might even have a plexiglass floor to check out the same thing. Really NICE.

The people from PBS finally corralled us, and did their bit. First, they interviewed Jeff about the park, and a few other things. Then it was my turn to be nervous in front of the large lensed camera. They asked why we came this far, and what made Holiday World so special. Isn’t it obvious? Afterwards, Tomoko commented that I looked so sexy standing there, well versed, and in command. I figure all Japanese people are blind, and have no taste.

We headed back to the park, then to the campground to get our evening clothes, in case it got cold. It never did.

We arrived in time to eat the pizza, chips, and more unlimited soft drinks, along with some fudge. I opted for the mint. Tomoko tried the “caramel,” or whatever the hell it was. Too sweet, but good. Still, I only ate one bite. It was more than enough for me.

Will, and Pat, along with Paula conducted an auction for charity, and it was loaded with all the typical geeky stuff. Burned out control boards, along with flags, and wheels. Honestly, I would have loved to have a Raven, or Legend wheel on my desk at work. Great conversation piece. Massively geeky, though.



I was hoping it would be a little darker, a little quicker, but we still jumped into line, and enjoyed our first night on Raven. It was markedly better, even though Tomoko insisted we ride up front. It didn’t have that slam over the 5th hill, but it was cool, and very smooth. We rerode it a few times, close to the front virtually every time, as Tomoko was afraid the ride would be too intense for her near the back. We didn’t ride Legend yet, as I was afraid it might scare her away from ERT for the rest of the night. It was probably a good choice.

Tomoko split her time between riding with Craig (IggyAce), and Matt (Acoustic Viscosity), as well as I. She had a few laps with Danny (+Danny) as well, and it was cute to watch her ride off with her arms up. She always came into the brakeruns smiling. :)Sometimes, Danny came into the station teared up from fear. LOL!

I figured it was time to have her experience the more intense sides of ERT, so we stood in the line for the last car of Raven. As we climbed the first hill, she was slightly nervous, but I feel she had been broken in pretty well with this ride. Well, Raven had a few ideas up her sleeve, as she practically came off the track, especially during the S turn return to the station. Whoa. There’s not much to say about that. The thing this ride does after the 5th drop is just sick. I don’t recall it being so wild. Every time I rode it, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t “predict” the turns, and always ended up slamming into the side of the train. Yikes. After our first trip in the last car, Tomoko was half laughing, and half crying, with tears running down her cheeks. She was flush with excitement, yet couldn’t believe she’d just ridden such an animal of a ride.

She turns to me, and says: “I get it now. I know why you do this.”


We decided to make a dash to the Legend, and try the nighttime insanity. Tomoko backed out at the last minute, so I head off with other pals. After 2 trips through the inferno, I returned to the station to see that Tomoko was off riding with someone. When she came back into the station, Craig was smiling, as he had convinced her to ride with him. He seemed so proud that she would ride the thing, hands in the air the entire time, but howling obscenities as well. Good stuff! As they walked out of the station, a group of us, including Kristin (Kristin Marie) and her boyfriend, and Linda (CPLady), amongst others, applauded her and her newfound courage! She smiled a lot, and seemed to really enjoy the moment. It was super cute. Can you tell I’m totally in love with my wife?

The rest of the evening included bathroom breaks, lots of unlimited beverages, and racing back and forth between the coasters, with occasional breaks. It was a lot of fun, but by the time we got to the end, they were doing double or triple rides, so people were starting to overload. Tomoko and I ended on a double on Raven in the last car, front bench, then a double on Legend, in the same seat. She was totally blown away by Legend, and its intensity, but still preferred Raven, with it’s racing, twisting end run. She says that Raven is the better ride in the day, but Legend is the man at night. It scared her, but she said that once she got into the ERT “mode,” and her hormones were kicked in, she was good to go on Legend.

After a few breaths, and a moment to get our things from the locker, we headed back to the campground for late night festivities.



Rope Swinging.

Geek Talk.


Rock Throwing.

Rangers telling us to quiet down.

Hotdogs, courtesy of Bruce (swindianarider) – you da’ man!

Wild Turkey 12 year (only available in Japan).

Alcohol poisoning. You get the picture. What else is there to say?

I know there are others that I spoke with over the weekend that aren’t listed in this TR. I remember some of the names, but sadly, I can’t list everyone.

I did speak with Tambo – a super nice guy, who I basically made sad eyes at during dinner, expressing my disdain for being in such close proximity to massive geekdom.

I talked with CincyDJ during dinner. Nice kid, and with a new wife, who won one of the burned out circuit boards from a lightning strike earlier in the year.

I talked with Bryce, but don’t remember his CB name. Nice guy, though.

Riverview Mike was a nice quiet chap at the campground. I enjoyed his demeanor.

April, Tina’s (Coasterqueen) friend, was there at the park, and very nice. We met back in 2003 at Indiana Beach, and it was a pleasure to see her again. I’m sure she rubbed it in with Tina! ;)

Nice to meet you too, Ian. Linda has a nice son in you.

Paul Drabek took the time to escort us around, and to eat with us at Wendy’s out near the interstate. Thanks Paul! You were a lifesaver!

A lot of people brought friends, and I don’t remember any of their names, but all seemed to fit in nicely. There wasn’t a bad apple in the bunch.

Oh yeah.... I remember one: Corey’s friend was named Andrew. (Tomoko helped me on that one. ;)) She says they should start a boy band, with their J Crew looks!

Anyone else, I’m SORRY!!!! You’re all equally loved.

I guess there isn’t really much else to say. Just know we are so happy to have met so many of you this trip.

Thanks to Will for allowing us to come to the park.
Thanks to Paula to help arrange it with our webmaster.
Thanks to Pat Koch for being so honest, and kind at dinner.

A special thanks to Jeff Putz for putting the whole damn thing on.

Lastly, I’m very grateful that such wonderful people would let Tomoko and I stay with them. They didn’t deserve the punishment I doled out over the weekend, with my sudden outbursts of vile skank. Thanks Brian, Tim, George, Frank, Mike, and Matt (not necessarily in alphabetical order).

Now, aren't you sad you missed out? *** Edited 10/15/2005 5:54:38 AM UTC by nasai***

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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Wow, what a TR. You need a table of contents for that thing. ;) Good stuff, Rob! Love the disclaimer. 2.1!

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf


I hereby declare you "Queen Of The TR" and hand my tiara over to you.


Mike Miller - The CPG: The ORIGINAL flash mob

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Yes I'm sad I missed out!

Due to a scheduling conflict I couldn't attend the event, but I'm making it up to myself with PPP and a whole lot more this weekend.

Sounds like you both had a blast!

~Rob Willi

Best trip report, ever.

Rob, this was truly a life affirming experience. It was everything you had hoped it would be. I laughed, I cried, I shot milk out my nose!

Anyway, it was nice meeting you, and I think my wife was smitten with you. You see, she thinks you were making eyes at her during dinner! (Hopefully she doesn't read this and her fantasy will remain intact!)

See you next May at "The Land of Zen and Sugar Free Cotton Candy" (is there such a thing?)


Wow, I feel like I've just watched a Hollywood blockbuster!

Fantastic TR Rob - what can I say, epic, with thrills, spills action and romance! :)

Sucks being here!


I'm still looking for a copy of Zen and the Art of Roller Coaster Maintenance to come around. During the day, the woodies weren't running as wildly and smoothly as I remembered in the past, but still above par from some of the descriptions a couple people had before the event. At night though, they were the most intense, insane, and blissful I could imagine. After missing the last event at HW due to Graduation, I'm so glad I could hang out with everyone and get a real taste of what all the fuss was about.

Best event ever, indeed. Everyone I didn't get to see this weekend will be at PPP, so I can't think of a better "reunion" to wind down the season. Good to see everyone had as much fun as I did.

Tomoko was adorable and I knew she would "get it" as I explained my story to her during the day and how I became a coaster enthusiast.. But now I can't get away from all you crazy people either. ;)

Thanks for the wildly entertaining TR Rob and Jeff and Linda's were a blast to read as well to get in on all the after-party events some of us had to miss.

I need to thank Kristin and Jeff for bringing me down to Santa country, Bruce and his wife for finding us at the Raven (I know everyone appreciated your company and the firewood ;)), Rob & Tomoko, Beth, Craig & his family, Frank, Tim, Corey, Riverview Mike, Inc. Mike, Matt, Kyle, Jess, Sarah, Linda, Ian, Donna, April, George, Lumpy, Mr. Bubbles- Jeff, DragonKhan2000, guy in the yellow shirt for naming that composer and title for The Shining theme, The Shark for making the "Is Lavagirl here too?" joke available ;), Kara for having to remember everyone's names and not going blank often, and Jeff and Holiday World for the event. If I missed you or forgot your name, I'll owe you the copy of Gigli or Glitter I use for coasters until I get the one from the GCII tour.

PS- Rob, haven't you been 39 going on 3 years now? =p ;)

+Danny *** Edited 10/5/2005 3:28:18 PM UTC by +Danny***

2) Never use nasai near children

Great Rob now you tell me! Is this why my kids are so screwed up?

Rob said--

We decided to make a dash to the Legend, and try the nighttime insanity. Tomoko backed out at the last minute, so I head off with other pals. After 2 trips through the inferno, I returned to the station to see that Tomoko was off riding with someone. When she came back into the station, Craig was smiling, as he had convinced her to ride with him. He seemed so proud that she would ride the thing, hands in the air the entire time, but howling obscenities as well. Good stuff! As they walked out of the station, a group of us, including Kristin (Kristin Marie) and her boyfriend, and Linda (CPLady), amongst others, applauded her and her newfound courage! She smiled a lot, and seemed to really enjoy the moment. It was super cute. Can you tell I’m totally in love with my wife?

Funny thing is I had no clue she was just "getting" into coasters. Best line I heard from her was " Rob is going to be so proud of me!" I think Gage and Caitlyn (my 7and 9 yr olds) going on helped influence her to go on. Man I thought the applause was for me! ;)

Does grabbing my hand (as it was in the air) still count for her as NOT holding on? ;)

It was great to finally meet you both!

Craig *** Edited 10/5/2005 2:59:27 PM UTC by Iggy ACE***

The Golden Rule - Try it once and if you don't like you don't have to go on again!
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Craig, grabbing on to YOUR hand is the *polar opposite* of holding on... :)

The reason you all were having firestarting problems (at least until Tomoko came to the rescue)....I wasn't there... ;)

"Only a Japanese person would eat seafood for breakfast."
At least in INDIANA, I'd imagine that to be the case, LOL...

“I get it now. I know why you do this.”
NICE! :)

P.S. Yes, I'm sad I missed out...great TR Rob, and worthy of taking Bass's tiara... ;)

nasai's avatar
I hereby dub myself....

*Queen of the Damnable*

...and I'm not even gay. I am happy, though. ;) *** Edited 10/5/2005 9:31:13 PM UTC by nasai***

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

It's probably a good thing I couldn't make this event so you don't have to pretend to beat yourself about about forgetting to mention me Robbio. ;)

Good fun though...I have no doubt the trailer party was a blast.

*do not taunt happy fun ball*

"Want to be upside down, maybe thrown from side to side" - The New Pornographers, The Fake Headlines

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lol, Dawn. I love you. How would I forget YOU? ;)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

I still maintain you deserved the pebble I threw at you, take that! Moving on...

Wow, what a great TR! You certainly captured it from beginning to end, and very well I must add.

I am so happy that you and Tomoko were able to make the long, painful journey from "somewhere near Seattle" - I know it was worth it :).

Was fun getting to chill with you two at the campground and sporadically throughout the day. I'm so glad we all got to meet Tomoko, as she is absolutely wonderful! Thank her for putting up with all of us crazy people for me, ok?

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have such an awesome group to chill with at the campground. Definitely memories to cherish forever.

I sincerely hope we can all get together once again next year - heck, for the next 40 years...everyone promise? :)

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In Cartman voice, "Yes, ma'am."

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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I had to wait three days for that? What a disappointment.

But you get serious bonus points for having the first TR ever to include the term "nard handling" I think. Well done.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog

Yes, great TR.. and yes, you did spell her name right - you even pronounced it correct when you asked me how to say it that day.

Rob, you might want to check out this link:

There are about 10 pictures of you getting interviewed by the scarry camera on the Voyage tour. Tomoko told me that you instructed her to leave the camera back at the campsite, so I stepped in to take pictures of you Paul Rueben-ing the Voyage on camera.

It was great meeting youl you and your better 1/2 are a blast to hang out with. Ohh, and you might want to ask Tomoko about Beastbuzz.. I think Artemisa convinced her she should go next year.

nasai's avatar
Thanks guys. I appreciate the kind words.

Mike, I'll let Tomoko know. I got her to sign up here at Coasterbuzz, but she'll probably never post. She doesn't want to come off like a dork. ;)

Those pics are cool. Very cool. I look so.....

stately. ;)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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Hey Tomoko is HOT, and I haven't even met her yet. ;-)

Your TR made my VERY early morning, Rob. :-*


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She's not bad.

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

First off... GREAT TR! That kind of detail is just disturbing. Definitely a great read.

After Indianapolis, Corey (rollocoast) calls me to tell me he’s “going to catch me,” even though he’s roughly 50 miles behind me on I-65. Seems his car is some psychotic built up steel machine of death that gets 10 mpg, but has him rolling along at a mere 130mph.

It would've been so great if we would've caught you! You have no idea how upset I was when that stupid low fuel light came on...

Corey’s friend was named Andrew. (Tomoko helped me on that one. ) She says they should start a boy band, with their J Crew looks!

L O L! Freakin' Hilarious!

It was great seeing you two again and I seriously can't wait until next year. I'm definitely staying away from that Wild Turkey crap. I was hungover all day Sunday!

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