The cost to rent out a park for a day?

I've always wondered how much does it cost to rent out a park like Cedar Point or any other park for a day?

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A lot.
$2 million
As much as 30,000 people spend in the park on one day.
If you have to ask, you surely cannot afford it! :)


More than I will earn in a few lifetimes!

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I bet it gets cheaper in like Sept. Because all of september SFA is rented to private parties on the weekends.
I've been trying to get my company to rent out King's Dominion for a day during the week in the summer. It wouldn't be a problem for where I work to do that, not to mention that everyone would love it. We get a huge stack of discount tickets from King's Dominion every year, and at the end of the parks season, we only send back maybe 20 tickets. Maybe next summer it'll be a different story? Hopefully!

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Georgia Tech rents out Six Flags over Georgia for a night once a year.

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When I was in School my School District (South Redford) would rent out the now-defunct Edgewater Park in Detroit on the Friday before Memorial Day. That park was rented out more than it was open to the General Public. It's final day (9/13/1981) it was rented out to the Detroit Police Department for the day. A week later 17 A.C.E. Members (Including Myself) were invited to the park to take its wooden Roller Coaster out for its last rides.
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30,000 x $39.95 admission $1,198,500

Maybe round down to 1 Million Even who knows.

It would depend on when you want to rent it too. Maybe you could get it for less if it was early in the year or on a weekday. *** Edited 8/28/2006 12:15:04 AM UTC by Jason Hammond***

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Oh, the "rate" definitely is dependent on WHEN you want the want a Saturday mid-season, you're gonna PAY. Midweek *early OR late* in the season, cheaper still.

One of the reasons clubs often get ERT sessions before/after normal operating hours, and for one or two coasters as opposed to having the whole park because that's inifintely cheaper than renting out the *entire* park for an *entire* day.

I've asked this question before and nobody has ever seemed to know the answer. (probably because none of us here have ever had the serious interest to actually do something of this nature) I got another "tack on" question for ya'll... if you rented out a park like Cedar Point, would you have to pay for all the lost revenue from the hotels?

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You might have to gaurentee a set number of guests would stay on site. Otherwise you may have to assume the cost yourself.

I could be completely wrong, but I thought there was a similar situation with Coaster Con at Disney earlier this year.

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Hey, let's call Michael Jackson and ask him!

Then again, he probably doesn't know either...because he didn't ask. ;)

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That's actually an interesting question. I remember back in the late 80's early 90's Honda rented out Cedar Point for a Saturday in September. It'd be interesting to see the bill from that puppy. That was also before CP had multiple Hotels running. I think only the original Breakers was up along with Camper Village.


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janfrederick said:
Hey, let's call Michael Jackson and ask him!

Admissions free, you pay to get out. ;) *** Edited 8/28/2006 5:13:47 PM UTC by FLYINGSCOOTER***

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Think of how much money the park makes on a typical day, or the amount of money that it takes to operate the park.
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I wonder how many companies have the number of employees to afford a buyout nowadays. In days past, you had companies like Mack Truck and Bethlehem Steel who could buy out Dorney for a day. Ford used to buy out Chippewa Lake and I think Geauga Lake sometimes, and AMP used to buy out Hershey.

I'm sure the same happened with Kennywood and the other Pgh area parks. Of course, back in the 60's and 70's the parks were only half the size they are now, so it took less people to fill them too.

But now corporations are spread out. When my sister-in-law worked for IBM, they had their company picnic @ PKD in the 90s. Even with every office in the MD/DC/VA area, they didn't have enough people to buyout the park.

Someone I struck up a chat with in line at HP a few weeks ago told me that M&T Bank was doing their picnic there in early October, when the park is closed to the GP. But that event is open to every employee from Massaschusetts to Ohio to Virginia. That's a pretty big territory and a lot of travel to attend your company picnic.

But why would you wanna get the park to yourself? No Lines? No wait? Personal experience?

Cedar Point does had the VIP option. $350 you get priority on rides and stuff. Pretty much the best.

Most parks do offer this VIP treatment but it is still expensive, but CP is the only park that teh VIP is worth it, but not really needed. But if youwanna know, just ask the parks about their VIP options.

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