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My crystal ball tells me.... Wait... It's going dim...

When the state of California says it can. From what I've heard DOSH is not happy with the rescue rig, and that is one of the big hangups. The other is that they want Mondial to fix it so that the use of said rescue rig wouldn't be necessary except in the event of an extreme emergency.

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Gee, it looks like a lot of you are paying attention to my posts, to comment on the brownies and what not. Did I mention I also like Jello shots?

At any rate, I dread going on any ride that is supported by chains. And, it just so happens that there was an accident on a yo-yo at one of our local fairs last summer. It was not reported exactly how it happened, but the claim was that the mechanism that raises the arms into poistion for transport snapped, and all the arms on the ride fell downward causing the seats to hit the ground, while the ride was in operation. They also did not say how many people were on the ride, but, said there were not any life threatening injuries.

There is also a video on you tube, where a man sees an accident about to happen on a smaller swing ride, and a chair comes around and hits him in the face, and throws him up against the ride fence.

There is only one accident that I witnessed myself, and that was on a carnival scrambler, where the ride was fulled loaded, and at full speed when the over head ride lights started falling off, and hitting the cars with glass flying everywhere. People had glass slicking out of their arms and legs, it was really bad. Should have seen how fast they shut down that ride, and how many carnival workers came to assist people getting off the ride. And, how fast the paramedics arrived, and firemen.

Though the emergency services did not have far to go, as there was a large first aid booth, less than 1,000 feet from the ride. Never seen anything as scary since, and don't want to see it again.

Also the only reason they are making these swing rides so high, is to claim to banana for the highest ride trophy, it doesn't matter to them wether it is safe or not, as long as it brings in guests. Look at Windseeker, right off the bat they had unexpected problems with it, that may have jeopardised people's safety. Now they have to figure out a way to make them safer.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Dude, what are you talking about? None of the accidents you referred to had anything to do with a failure of a chain. And nothing that's happened with the Windseekers has been unsafe. Uncomfortable and unnerving, sure, but unsafe? What???

We went to SFoT again today and watched Sky Screamer open and close quite a bit from wind. (Never got in line since I'm off all week and I figure I can just snag a ride at park opening on a weekday). The cycle the went right before one of the wind closures had a set of seats (one adult, one small child) going more than 180 degrees around. That is some crazy stuff.

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Sometimes I think his posts are trollish on purpose, to get someone to talk to, or about, him.

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I think it's stream of consciousness brownie typing.

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I wish I had an "ignore all posts from this user" option on here,

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I have that option in my brain. It's currently enabled.

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