Texas Sky Screamer

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No problem there. Just eat some brownies.


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Just as long as you avoid the burritos.

Well I kinda walked into that one.

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I dunno. I've heard brownies make you want to jump down from the top.

I hate to be the one to point this out, but Texas Skyscreamer is 400 ft tall, not 300.

Yes, the structure is 400 feet tall, but the riders end up closer to 300 than 400. The carriage doesn't go all the way to the top and the seats hang down quite a ways from the carriage.

There appears to be eight chains per two seat chair. Several chains would have to break at once for passengers to go flying (or crashing). Hopefully there is redundancy where the chains connect to the spokes.

I think this ride would be more fun if it were taller and faster. Maybe the fact that if it were taller and faster, it would also be a lot more scary, and less people would ride it.

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^Don't worry Tyler. The 15,000 foot Sky Screamer opens next year. You will travel at 220mph with G forces in the double digits. It's coming, don't even bother with this kiddie ride.

I know I'm breaking the rules by quoting the post directly before mine but man...

Tyler Boes said:

I think this ride would be more fun if it were [...] more fun.

You should proofread your comments. And yes, less people ride things that they feel are "more scary (sic)" which is why family rides are generally small and slow.

RIP Geauga Lake 1888-2007
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And Cedar Point got stuck with Windseeker.

Way to go, Dick!

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I'm afraid of heights and I went on Sky Screamer at SFStL. I was nervous the entire ride, but the view was excellent. The fear of tilting backwards was stronger than the fear of the chains breaking.

I was able to ride Texas Skyscreamer today before they closed it due to high winds. The ride is actually not scary at all, it was just plain fun. In fact, if it weren't for the twisting chairs and excellent view this ride would be dull as dish water. The shorter Skyscreamers wouldn't be worth the two hour wait. But TS's sheer hight makes it a thrilling ride and well worth the wait.

For what it's worth, small children were riding TS and laughing the whole time.

Is it scarier than Windseeker? Is it faster?

I rode Windseeker at CP and it wasn't scary at all. Skyscreamer would have to be scarier with it's twisting chairs and greater hight. But to be honest, I wasn't scared on either ride.

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Asking someone you don't know from Adam whether or not a tall ride is scary is silly. You'll get completely different answers from someone who has no fear of heights versus someone who does.

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I do believe that is the verbatim definition of "white knuckle." Can't wait!


Kris Rowberry

This looks way more fun than Windseeker. Is it too late for Cedar Fair to get a refund?

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Blech. Down all day for weather today (well, until I left the park at noon with high winds in the forecast for the whole day and tomorrow incidentally). The ride op (so take with a grain of salt) said the anemometer at the top had to be below 50 MPH for half an hour before they'd even test it.

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50 mph sounds a little suspect, especially given that we didn't have gusts up to 50 mph on Tuesday, much less sustained winds that high. From what I remember, Tower shuts down at 30 mph winds and Chute Out was at 25-30 mph. I would be surprised if they let Sky Screamer keep going in winds much higher than that.

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