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Was considering a Texas trip. Possibly for November of next year. I need to know if all rides are open this time of year, or if its limited. I was only planning the 2 SF parks. Also if I buy a La Ronde Gold Seasons pass and activate it in June, will it still be valid in Nov, and Dec? Or does it expire when the park you purchased it from closes for the season. In this case Oct.

Thanks for any help.

Check the operating hours for the parks when they're released. SFOT is typically closed between weekend of Halloween and the weekend before Thanksgiving. The water rides close after Labor Day and Mr. Freeze and B:TR close after Halloween. I'm not certain, but I would assume that if the gold pass gets you into any SF park for the season, that would go until the end of the 2015 season for any of the parks.

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People were riding in TX this past weekend with their 2014 passes...their 2014 season ends when the last of New Years' weekend ends. Your pass would certainly be valid in Nov/Dec...

But, since TX is on topic, I cannot fail to mention ZDT's new wooden coaster, Switchback...the first wooden shuttle in a long, long time. Seguin is about 40 mins. from San Antonio.

Total fail on my part forgetting about the switchback. Will definitely hit that up as well.

Hmm no freeze or batman after halloween... sounds like a deal breaker. I think I'm back to a fall visit.

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Yes. I went with my 2014 pass on the 2nd. B:TR and Freeze always close after Halloween.

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Good help. Thanks.

Let me ask about crowd expectations from August through October.

If you can stand the heat, I've always thought early August weekdays were one of the best times of the year to hit up SFOT, at least from a crowds standpoint. Even if it's busy early in the day, it tends to slow down quite a bit in the late-afternoon and evening.

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Roller coasters in texas? YEE HAW!

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I've never done SFoT in October on Sunday, but Fridays and Saturdays are more or less impassable. The only thing that will even slightly dent the crowds is blistering heat (over 100 which is kind of common) or frigid cold (which is defined as 40 degrees and very uncommon), which probably isn't worth it anyway. September weekends, especially once schools are back in full swing (Fort Worth ISD and Dallas ISD are the two you care about most) can be pretty good, crowd-wise.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

Would I be right to assume weekends only in Sept? Also what's lighter crowds, weekdays in August, or weekends in Sept? My guess would be similar.

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Yeah. Weekends only in September. Basically, if you check FWISD and DISD schedules they match pretty much exactly with when SFoT is open on weekdays.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

What about flash pass need? Assuming a weekday in august or a weekend in sept. Not a huge marathon guy but don't want to be waiting 1hr. Plus too often based on first visit and not likely to have a 2nd in a while. For both SFOT and FT. My guess would be get one for Texas but not FT.

No need for one at SFOT for a weekday in August, especially if you're doing a full day at the park. I don't have a lot of experience with weekends in September, but I think they tend to be slower than other school year months.

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I don't think you ever need a Flashpass, but I'm also willing to go early and stay late (I'm much less willing to wait through the heavy crowds in the middle of the day heat anymore). You should be able to do everything without waiting an hr. for anything, but you might not get multiple re-rides on the Giant or some of the other lower capacity rides. Titan has the best capacity in the park (for ride worth multiple laps) so I'd ride that during heavy crowd times (except that it's usually really hot during those times and I hate riding that thing in the heat).

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

My plan is to get a seasons pass, do mornings and nights over a couple of days. Skip mid days for the most part.

DKNY6363 - I strongly advise against getting a pass at La Ronde. There system is completely different from the U.S. and you will have nothing but problems at the Six Flags parks here.

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^ thank you. I feel like I have been given this advise before, but couldn't be sure. I will probably pass on La Ronde anyways. Many better things to do in Montreal. I would like to get there one day.. this will be my 4th mtl. Trip in 5 years.

OK so I had a change in plans... now I am thinking Texas in late March of 2016. Looking to combo with wrestlemania 32 as well as an overlap in the NBA season, and the start of the MLB season. So.. I know both parks are open that time of year (weekends only). But what about batman, and freeze? I'm guessing they stay closed until may. Also if either park has an awesome new ride for 2016 I will probably be too early for that. Any info I should know about this time of year?

If you're thinking March, you may be a little early for Rangers opening day. At the earliest, they could open at home on Friday April 2, several days after that if they start on the road. They start on the road this year and their home opener isn't until the 10th. Freeze and Batman almost always open to start the year. That's the whole point of them being closed during the holiday event - to get a head start on rehab and be ready for the start of the season. I would be surprised if either of the Texas SF parks gets anything significant in 2016 given what they're opening this year. Even so, March is going to be early for anything new. One thing to note: Easter is the last week in March in 2016 and that increases the chances of the parks being very busy that weekend. Schools in the area have had to use Good Friday for winter weather closure make-up days in recent years, but that doesn't tend to slow things down as much as you would think.

Good point about the Rangers. However wrestlemania is April 3rd next year. I believe they always make it so that it doesn't fall on Easter. My thinking is if the Rangers are home during the first week then I'm good. If not oh well.. I'm a huge Dirk and tim Duncan fan and both those seasons are wrapping up mid April. Plus I could make trip to houston for a baseball game. My ideal situation would be jays open the season in Arlington next season. But that's a long shot. Good to know freeze and batman will be open. Huge bonus. Good point also about the likely they will not get great additions next year.

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