Teenager told he can't work at Six Flags Splashtown because of earrings

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A 16-year-old boy working as a lifeguard at Six Flags Splashtown was told not to return to work after getting his ears pierced. The boy says the HR person indicated that only female employees could have earrings.

Read more from WOAI/San Antonio.

I'm surprised they allow earrings for any of their Lifeguards.

Most of the water park operators that I know don't allow earrings (or any facial piercing) due to the nature of the job of a Lifeguard...has nothing to do with blood borne pathogens.

If a Lifeguard has to jump in and perform a rescue with a guest, there can be some level of physical contact (intentional or accidental) and having piercings can present a safety issue for both the Lifeguard and guest.

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AP - San Antonio, TX A young boy tragically drowned yesterday at a popular Six Flags' water park in San Antonio. Seconds after falling into a pool, the victim began yelling that he could not swim and began to sink. While a lifeguard was on duty and jumped in to save the boy, his stud earrings, a source of much controversy, made incidental contact with the boys neck, decapitating him. Pathogens from the victims's blood then quickly spread through the pool, killing two more young children, a grandmother of the victim, and deflating two inter-tubes. Yet another example tragedy due to accidental contact with a persons' earrings.

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Well would you look at that, it seems that legislation might actually be the answer to these issues:


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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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Apparently Six Flags' loss is his gain, because he's so pretty that he can be a model.


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”The shoot wasn’t exhausting at all. It was easy work...”

Well... yeah....

I know it's hard to keep up with all the "Six Flags doesn't like black culture" threads, but this isn't the same kid as the earrings. Either way, good for him. Maybe he'll turn the modeling gig into a job that will continue to reap rewards for him.

From the modeling article:

Six Flags has since changed its policy and now allows the hairstyle that Washington sported at his interview.

"Male team members may now wear dreadlocks," communications manager Sharon Parker said in an email. "Provided, per our standard guidelines — they are well-groomed and do not extend past the bottom of the collar."

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Yes, I agree wholeheartedly, good for him. (honestly, although it's about to sound like old man rant below.)

However... if you read the article, he only got the attention of the modelling agency because his mom took to social media and complained loudly of discrimination and bias.

So like I said I'm happy for the kid finding good work, but not that it took social media whining to get it. Personally, I have no problem with being served food, having my seatbelt checked, or having FL users let in front of me (heh heh) by a person with dreadlocks, a beard, tattoos, or even earrings.

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