Storm Runner

Sunday, June 27, 2004 9:42 PM
Does Storm Runner have a stamp or fast pass? I will be going to Hershey park at the end of July, and will not have much time in that park.
Sunday, June 27, 2004 9:50 PM
Hersheypark does not offer a FastPass/Freeway system. I wouldn't worry about lines though, longest I have heard about is around 70 minutes.
Monday, June 28, 2004 9:08 PM
The line flies due to the two-train/station operation. Trust me, you don't stand still for very long.
Monday, June 28, 2004 9:56 PM
The line looks much longer then it is. Even with a full queue it'll be about 60-70 minutes I found.

Plus the line typically will look really bad, which seemed to scare more people away.

Monday, June 28, 2004 10:04 PM
It seems as though there are just as many people watching as there are people in line for it. Hershey draws the families, and it seems as though a lot of people are afraid of the ride. If the line is not out of the quene it shouldn't be any longer than 35 minutes.
Tuesday, June 29, 2004 5:40 PM
It's amazing how quick that line does go. The only time the wait seems to get long is when your in the station and queue up for a front seat ride. With the front seat line filled your looking at an extra 20-30 minute wait.
Thursday, July 1, 2004 8:08 AM
We are heading to Hershey this weekend. Has anyone had trouble fitting in this coaster? I can ride everything at CP except for MF, can't seem to get enough slack for the CP ride ops.
Thursday, July 1, 2004 8:13 AM

KarlS said:
We are heading to Hershey this weekend. Has anyone had trouble fitting in this coaster? I can ride everything at CP except for MF, can't seem to get enough slack for the CP ride ops.

I had no problem with Storm Runner, If you can ride Raptor or Wicked Twister I suspect you will not have a problem.

So far the only problems I have had this year are :

MF & TTD Marginal, managed 2 rides the day the policy changed

Chance Revolution at Dorney.

I managed to ride Wicked Twister this year with slight effort on seatbelt


Thursday, July 1, 2004 8:23 AM
If you fit in WT seats, you should have no trouble fitting SR seats. They really have a small queue set up for the ride so even if it is full, the line will not be that long.
Thursday, July 1, 2004 8:23 AM

When I ride B&M's in all but the big boy seats, it is a one click ride with a very tightly streatched belt (sometimes the ops have to give a little extra push so the belt will click in).

Also, Vortex (a B&M standup) and Runaway Reptar (Vekoma Family suspended) at Carowinds were no go's for me because I could not get the belt clicked in.

The Claw (Hershey's equivalent of I believe an Afterburner... not sure of the make) is also a no go because of the way the restraints hit my shoulders and upper body.

All that to say...

Storm Runner was not a problem. I had no problem lowering the restraints, clicking the belt in place, and pulling up an inch of belt beyond the locking mechanism.

The test seat out front of the queue actually seems a little tighter than the real seat. If you can fit in the test seat, you should have no trouble at all on the actual ride.

Thursday, July 1, 2004 11:20 AM
Thanks for the input, I have never had a problem fitting into a coaster before this year. Now MF has me paranoid.
Thursday, July 1, 2004 11:31 AM
I was at the park last week and didn't wait for more than 30 mins on all of my rides. I'm 5'9" 250 lbs, with a 42 inch waist, and while the retraints were snug, I don't think I would have had much probably being a little bit bigger. The whole thing with pretty regular sized people not getting on MF has me completely paranoid, too, I can't imagine that sort of BS going on for much longer...
Friday, July 2, 2004 1:52 AM
FYI for KarlS and matt - who both mentioned being paranoid about fitting in coasters because of the MF situation: I know just what you mean! I could buckle my MF seatbelt, but couldn't get enough slack. Ever since then I've had a totally distorted view of myself. I felt like a Macy's Day parade balloon. I'm female, 5'7" and wear a size 16/18 jeans - fat, but not THAT fat.

I'm happy to say I've been able to put things back into perspective. I just got back from a trip to Kings Island, Holiday World and Hershey. I fit in everything - no problem, just like every year until now. KI and HW gave me the confidence to try Storm Runner - something I was planning on shelving until next year. I'm so glad I rode it. SR was great. But I must say, I'm still avoiding all other Intamin rides - particularly those like Superman at Darien Lake. Those restraints look nasty.

Friday, July 2, 2004 7:07 AM
Storm Runner's restraints are very comfortable and not too restricting at the same time.

As far as the crowds, the coaster attracts a ton of spectators, which almost makes me wish they would of built the "wuss stands" like they have at Dragster. Then again I don't remember there being much room since Sidewinder is adjacent to SR.

SR is VERY fun though. Not intense IMHO, but FUN.


Friday, July 2, 2004 7:21 AM
They did finally put in a spectator area, but its pretty small. No where near the size of TTD. Most people still just hangout by the exit to Sidewinder anyway.
Friday, July 2, 2004 8:11 AM
I agree, there are a lot of spectators, but I don't believe that there's A LOT more people not riding than the other coasters at Hershey. The thing is, there is no other coaster at Hershey that is so dynamic to watch, where you can see your friends and family so cleary on the launch track. I'm sure almost as many people are sitting out Great Bear, because there's just not such an obvious place to sit down and gawk.
Tuesday, July 6, 2004 8:53 AM
Just got back from a great weekend at Hershey. Ate plenty of chocolate and still had a least 3" on the belt. So, according to Hershey I'm not exceptional size, if fact I was able to ride everything with room to spare.
Tuesday, July 6, 2004 9:56 AM
I was at hershey last wednsday and thursday and the line did seem long to the eye, but moved very quickly. If the line fills the entire que, except about 30 min to get into the station. I managed to have an average wait of 25min to get into the station or sometimes the ride. Expect 45 min - an hour if your waiting for the front.

It was such a great ride. The airtime in the front car is just increadible! It quickly jumped into my top 10 list after a ride in the front.

Tuesday, July 6, 2004 9:51 PM
Storm Runner really rounds out Hersheypark's collection. They just need a decent Hyper now, and they'd be up there with any other park. If only all those rumors would be true. ;)

2007 is their 100th anniversary, and I am predicting something big for that season. I have a feeling that it may end up being a waterpark though. ;(

Tuesday, July 6, 2004 9:56 PM
They should make a 450ft tall, 140 mph, B&M Floorless with 12 inversions. Thats seems reasonable, dont you think?

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