Step aside Kingda Ka, New World's Tallest, Fastest Coaster, you wont believe whose building it!

Just casually reading an article about parks moving into Dubai and stumbled across what I found as a shocking statement.

"Six Flags promises that its Dubai park will have the world's tallest, fastest coaster."

Although we don't really know all that much about these new parks at this point, it is interesting to see that its believed Six Flags will be building the tallest and fastest coaster stealing the title from, themselves. And who said enormous coasters were dead at Six Flags?

Guess this goes to show that even without bugs there, the Six flags brand stands strong (and tall, and fast) as the parks for Thrill...

Full article located here:,1,4627799.story

How can you steal the title from yourself?

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Six Flags is not paying to build the park nor this coaster, rather it is a liscening agreement.
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I think the title of world's fastest will reside in Germany for at least a while....Nurburgring...

Also, I'd call this a DubaiLand coaster more than a SF coaster. SF is involved, but they won't own the wit:

"There's no risk here," Shapiro emphasized. "They're launching a park in our name, which they're paying us for brand exclusivity. They're paying us to design and develop. They're paying us for expertise and know-how."

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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LOL, beaten to the punch by Mooshland...yet again! ;)
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Hmmmm.... lemme guess, another Intamin Rocket? Kingda Ka plus another 10' or so... Meh.

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

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Paying Six Flags for their expertise and know-how?

Reminds me of John Bolton being appointed as UN Ambassador....oh sweet irony! :)

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LOL Gator...that's like paying me for my expertise and know-how about women! :)
There might be a glitch: sand causing friction and slowing the thing down.

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What expertise and know-how?
^Six Flags! Didn't you read the quote?

How dare you question Mark Shapiro! The guy has obviously been doing this all his life. :)

What exactly will they be designing and developing as far as the world's next tallest and fastest coaster goes? Other than drawing a rectangle on a site plan that says "coaster goes here."
maybe they drew the vertical rectangle too at the one end, you know how every coaster above 400 feet looks from the side anyway, on big L.

*** Edited 4/3/2008 10:20:46 PM UTC by P18***

"six flags announced it's first foreign project (...)"

NOT! :)

From 1998 to 2004 they owned a lot of real estate for park development in Europe such as...

Walibi World (formerly known as "Six Flags Holland")

Six Flags Belgium, and Bellewaerde (also Belgium)

WMBW Germany

Walibi Aquitane, Lorraine and Rhone-Alpes (never heard of those before, either)

and also the big WMBW park near Madrid.

I think someone is trying to make Six Flags look like it's expanding - to increase the stock value?

Still, good news. These Dubai people seem to have infinite resources at the moment.

Edit: I forgot to mention La Ronde and Six Flags Mexico. *** Edited 4/3/2008 11:57:02 PM UTC by superman***

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I won't miss a fig tree for it! Aren't these artifical sand islands?


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superman - none of those parks were built by Six Flags. This is the first foreign project built from the ground up.
WMBW Madrid was supposedly also built by Six Flags... admittedly as a joined venture with Warner Bros.

I guess it also depends a little on the definition of "project".

But OK.. no need to split hairs! :)

I'm curious to see what they're going to build in down there!

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WMBW was built by TimeWarner during the time they owned Six Flags.
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They have to split hairs. Writing exciting news stories means getting an "-est" in there somewhere. ;)

Zazziest. :)

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