Steel Coaster Poll Results

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Mitch Hawker's steel coaster poll's results are in!
1. Superman: Ride of Steel - SFNE
2. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park
3. Eagle's Fortress - Everland **Only 6 votes**
4. Millennium Force - Cedar Point
5. Katun - Mirabilandia
I guess this is one of the 'definitive' lists. There sure is alot packed into the system he uses to rate the rides.

I couldn't even figure it out (ADD) - but I am very suprised the GA Mindbender is at #43. I mean, that's basically a very good smooth woodie with 2 loops! And comfortable, etc. Opinions I guess. I'm just bored with the B&M's...

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I know I blaspheme, but I don't get much out of Mindbender or Shockwave (oT).

I'm surprised at how high Maverick placed. I haven't ridden it and I've heard it's quite good, but better than AC and PR? Wow. I need to get my butt to CP.

Also surprised at the difference between S:RoS SFA and DL.

On an unrelated note, I probably should have voted seeing as I could've put Wild Wild West Mine from Ocean Park in HK onto the list (and added another to Space Mountain HKDL). Oh well, next year.

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^I dont get how Magnum can drop so low either. Its #49, and Powder Keg is ranked above it. This is why I really dont put much stock in these polls.

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I thought Powder Keg was WAY better than Magnum. And I didn't even thinkm Powder Keg was that great. ;)

^Do you not put stock in polls because you disagree with the results, you think there's some inherent bias, or some other reason?

Whether or one chooses to put stock in polls in general, for me, this poll has way more weight than any of the popularity contest polls.

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Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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Magnum was #65 last year so it's actually moved up quite a bit in 2007. :)

I had Magnum and Powder Keg side-by-side on my poll this year.

^It's ok Andy, I don't get much out of 'Millie' or Kingda Ka.

It's cool that we all have different opinions. I really prefer stuff that has an overall good experience. Comfort, etc. Also, a ride that has longevity - go back 5-10-20 years later, it's still as good (and for me, usually better after having been bored by cookie cutter and 'no force' coasters).

I'm really shocked at Magnum too! It's all opinionated stuff - but I do prefer coasters that are comfortable but still 'feel like a coaster'.

Just as much as I think perhaps some of it for me is a nostalgic thing - to a small extent; I think it's more of a 'popularity' or hype and or stats thing for a lot of people. We can syche ourselves out. Like, go every year on those coasters and see what holds up 10 years later.

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The year of surprises...

Well damn, Nitro is still in the Top 10. In the words of Dorothy Sbornak, I can dig it!

The second best coaster, a 16 year old arrow suspended? Whatda??

I'm also shocked at Mav's placement. The second best coaster at CP?? Who'da thunk it!

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I was actually bored enough to find my own ballot on the page with them all. I know this is just an opinion poll and that people have their own opinions, but even with that said some of the ballots that I saw just left me scratching my head. Like the one that had Thunder Mountain in FL, Space Mountain in FL, and Journey to Atlantis in FL all above MF, Magnum, Raptor and Phantoms Revenge! I was almost surprised that those earlier coasters I mentioned were even on the poll!

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delan said:
I'm also shocked at Mav's placement. The second best coaster at CP?? Who'da thunk it!

Right? It's clearly the best coaster at the Point.

The results on that page could not have possibly been put together more jumbled or confusingly. Ever hear of a table?

And honestly, Eagles Fortress... so six people is considered "enough" to qualify for top five? Ok. I'm sure it's a great ride... obviously better than MF. *** Edited 3/9/2008 1:46:18 AM UTC by Dusa65***

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You're not kidding Dusa, because all of the best coasters in the world are at Cedar Point. I thought everyone knew that.

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I'll liken people who think that Eagle's Fortress is the best steel coaster they've ever been on to annoying emo kids who swear on their lives that the crappy local band who does nothing but scream and play their guitars with their teeth is the best band in the history of the world. Maybe Eagle's Fortress "speaks to them"?

I may be a CP "fanboy" but I'll also admit that most of their coasters are nothing special, and in a few cases, absolute crap (Mean Streak and Disaster Transport). The simple fact is that Millennium Force, Magnum XL-200, Maverick and Raptor are great rides that will be remembered for as long as there are enthusiasts. Thanks.

Thank goodness Mitch was able to get everything sorted out after Blobb's crew screwed things up by voting for coasters they had never been on... just because Blobb likes it doesn't mean you have to like it. GD little kids over at Theme Park Revenue!

Somehow this list seems somewhat euro-phile - I wonder why that is...
european patriotism along with American tourists who would like to say they experienced something special over there/here ?
But maybe that is just how it is! :))

I get sadder and sadder every year as Riddlers Revenge, my formerly all-time favourite coaster, continues its descend down the list... now at No 71 :.(
But probably rightfully so. I wish they would rescue it and make it as smooth as it was...

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^Wait till you see how many Europeans took the poll. Then you'll understand why it seems Euro-centric.

Every year, without fail, people complain about the poll, essentially because it doesn't mirror their own list. As if having your favorite ride not ranked in the top 5 somehow invalidates your opinion.

The poll does not determine the quality of a ride--you do. Get out, ride more rides, and your list will look significantly different.

Furthermore, don't knock it till you try it. Eagle's Fortress looks pretty badass to me:
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Must get to South Korea before something happens to that beauty of a ride.

AV Matt
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I did ride Eagle Fortress this year during the TPR trip and simply said, even in the morning, with a 2/3 full train... Its the best coaster I've ever been on. Imagine Big Bad Wolf big drop and following swinging... for a full minute and NO trimming. You got airtime, the wildest swings, and the thing just keeps gaining speed... We were all expecting Atlantis Adventure or Phaethon to be the best coaster on the trip... We got the shock of our life.

Unfortunately, I also heard that the thing is going 10-15 mph ABOVE design and that its ripping itself apart... so the park may be forced to remove it eventually...

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So what's the cheapest you can get airfare to South Korea? This is one of my top coaster priorities abroad. Actually, it was before the rankings came in, but now it seems more justified. ;) I love suspended coasters!

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Interesting. Ballot #530 looks likes a pretty intentional attempt to undermine the results. All 3 S:RoSes, Sheikra, Hulk, Xcel etc. at the bottom below both Ninjas, Manhattan, Shockwave (KD), etc.

Also interestingly, my ballot (had I submitted it on time) would've looked nearly identical to GregLeg's. Maybe I should use his ballot for travel plans rather than the poll on the whole. ;) *** Edited 3/9/2008 7:24:03 PM UTC by ApolloAndy***

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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