Steaks being broken this year due to Covid

As summer draws to a close, how many people are breaking streaks this year? Here’s some I’m sadly breaking this year:

-Being at a Disney park for Halloween (first year missed since 2012)

-Visiting Kings Island (first year missed since 2007)

and the big one...

-Visiting Cedar Point (first year missed since 1998)

This year has throughly stunk, I really hope this is the only year ruined by this pandemic.

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No specific streaks broken but last year was a rough year for us due to a death in the family/estate executer obligations so we had high expectations of having a great year this summer. We were going to take the cancelled trip to Kings Island and spend a ton of time with family at Cedar Point and so much for that. No Kings Island. Again. Made it to Cedar Point I'm on visit 6 or 7 not sure but the visits are only about 2 hours long maybe 3 at the most because I don't tolerate masks well so there are rides I don't think I'm likely to get on even once this year. I've been taking a lot of nice beach sunset pictures though. I spend as much time in the car driving to the park as I spend in the park when I get there but at least it's something.

I’m about to break out a few steaks for the grill tonight!
Looks like the season is drawing to a close. Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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All of the things we've been doing since moving to Florida came to an abrupt halt. No Food & Wine Festival and all of the concerts is the biggest thing right now. We also planned to take our 20th Disney Cruise (since 2013) in March, and 21st in July returning to Alaska. We didn't make specific plans, but figured we might do a driving trip up the Atlantic coast to various parks and end in DC. We're long overdue for a Cedar Point visit as well. I joined a company based in NYC with an office in One World Trade Center, and might have otherwise visited the city more than once by now.

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I actually visited a park on a normal operating day rather than a media event for the first time since 2013. Might actually get another one in before the year is over too.

(As usual, my life zigs when everyone else's zags)

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I made 2 trips to Holiday World this year, including my first event there in about 15 years. Our Disney trips kept getting canceled, and I wanted to do something fun, so we took the family camping and doing the park/ water park over a few days in July. All of the love for that place came flooding back to me, so I decided to do Holiwood Nights since it was in August this year.

I can guarantee I will be making it to Holiwood Nights, going forward. Wife loved Holiday World as much as I do, and the kid had a blast.

The fact that the trip takes us right along the bourbon trail is an added bonus. :)

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I generally eat steaks rather than break them.

Ignoring the typo – I'm going to ride fewer new coasters this year than any since I started the hobby almost twenty years ago. On the plus side, that has done wonders for my bank balance :)

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My streak of visiting Cedar Point every year since I moved to OH in 1999 has been broken.

Likely my streak of (almost) every PPP since 2001 will be broken too, as my usual PPP friends are all dropping out. I can't say I was thrilled with visiting Knoebels this year after my 45 minute disaster of a visit to Family Kingdom, but probably still would have gone.

In other words, no parks for me. Glad I got those American Dream credits in January. (Sarcasm? I'm not sure.)

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I don't even eat red meat.

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Steaks can only be broken if you cook them well done and use steak sauce.

I apologize for the autocorrect error

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I can't name any specific streaks that are being broken (mostly because I don't keep track of such things) but I can guarantee that this will be the year with the least trips of any sort and the least coasters ridden of any sort. In fact, if I'm not mistaken (I may have snuck in a trip to SFDK sometime in the very early spring, I can't remember) both totals currently sit at zero for the year.

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I've spent literally five figures less on travel this year, which sounds upity, I know, but we don't buy "stuff." That's where we spend almost all of our discretionary income. We've also spent 80% less on eating out.

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I don't know how long my streak is, but I try to ride the Cyclone at least once every year, usually combined with a stop at the original Nathan's. Since the governor won't allow amusement parks to open (although casinos can?!), it looks like that one is done.

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First year I won't be taking a cruise since I moved to Florida.

What is worse than that is this will likely be the first year since about '96 or '97 that I won't have been on a roller coaster. I know I have some time left in the year but time moves fast so if I forget about it, I very well might screw this up.


Thankfully, I got to WDW in Feb and March, so I did ride some roller coasters in 2020.

While I think they are extremely unlikely I also haven’t written off Christmas trips to SDC, Dollywood and WDW yet. Give me another month or two before I cancel them.

2022 Trips: WDW, Sea World San Diego & Orlando, CP, KI, BGW, Bay Beach, Canobie Lake, Universal Orlando

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I didn't even think of that. I'm pretty sure I did Hagrid's in January, but I didn't put Universal visits in my calendar because I only put FP's in my calendar to look back. My kid loves that ride, aside from the autism-hostile last room of the queue with all of the loud indiscernible noise.

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I admittedly haven't had a whole lot change for me. I've gone to parks, I've traveled, I have some fall plans to go to parks and to travel, and tonight I had a surprisingly good steak at a new-ish restaurant that was significantly better than I thought it would be, or quite frankly than it should have been given the old Pizza Hut turned German restaurant it occupies that still rocks the 80s/90s Pizza Hut brick walls and brown patterned drop ceiling.

I had been giving serious consideration to attending my very first Coaster Con this summer at the PA parks that didn't happen. But that itinerary will happen next year, and those parks will be there no matter what. I also would like to get back to Holiday World someday, but nothing was set in stone for going this year anyway. And of course pretty much any travel, dining out, and park visits were on hold from mid March through June. But as things have been open throughout the summer it's been almost 100% business as usual for me. And my observations have been overwhelmingly positive nearly everywhere I have been.

I made it a point to visit both Kings Island and Cedar Point one (1) time each, to keep my steak intact.
One steak that was broken, though, was my involvement with the Ohio State Fair. As you may know, we are vendors and exhibitors at the fair, and I’ve been a visitor since 1969. This year would have been my 50th fair, which would allow me join the 50 Year Club. (Nothing official- there are no prizes, I don’t think there’s even a luncheon.) And it wasn’t because I couldn’t make it, or didn’t want to, it was because state fairs everywhere were cancelled and ours was no exception.

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I've been to CP, Hershey, Knoebels, and Kennywood. That's probably more parks than I've been to mid-summer in years. The small crowds and my reduced hours at work have helped in that regard. It's the only positive to covid for me... I went to CP mid-July and got on Steel Vengeance 5 times. They were allowing rerides because the line was so short (literally 5 people in front of us.) Went to Hershey and had 2-train waits for Candymonium.

Similar to Jeff, the biggest change for me is that we haven't traveled at all. Should've done a Florida trip with the kids, a Barbados trip without the kids, and a beach trip with the whole family by now. I've been looking at southern Carribean cruises for 2021 but can't pull the trigger because I have no confidence that we'll get this under control.


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