Status of Intamin Standup at Darien Lake

Does anyone know the status of the Intamin Standup (Batman the Escape/Shockwave)that was moved to Darien Lake after AstroWorld closed? Is the ride still there? Is Six Flags planning on relocating it or are they going to leave it for the new owners?
As far as I knew, the parks were bought "as is" and as the ride was there through pretty much all of the sale process, I'm guessing it was sold with the park...

..but then again, that's just a guess and I could be COMPLETLY wrong...

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If SF keep the ride, I'm affraid they'll send the trains and some of the parts to La Ronde for use on its near clone and scrap the rest. Its not a very good ride.
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^ I doubt we'll know for sure until the sale is *completed*...since SF still lists DL as THEIR property, I'm thinking that only SF and PARC know for sure WHO owns the standup..assuming they've even decided - it's probably only going to matter as far as who gets paid by the steel recyclers...IMO.
Nah, I'm sure SF and PARC will fight tooth and nail for custody of that wonderful machine!
They apparently seem to have no intentions what so ever onkeeping the trains in any kind of preserved condition, as they are sitting bare out in the open with no shelter or protection. They've been there in that spot since november now, outside of the the old ride "graveyard" barn, behind human resorces.

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I don't know the actual answer to this question, but everything I have heard has said that SF is keeping the ride in the chain. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens once the deal is finalized and announced. I highly doubt PARC even wants the ride, as everything I have ever heard about it says that it is terribly rough and needs some work. All rumours I have heard send it to SFA due to the poor condition of Ultra Twister upon relocation. I have also heard that BTE suffered similar problems in relocation

One the flip side, if PARC does keep the ride, and it is useable, they could easily add it to DL in 2008 along with a small family coaster and actually give DL it's first two coaster addition year ever. Then you may see crowds pile in!!!

While I'm not at liberty to say what happened to Batman the Escape, or any of the other relocated rides/attractions (besides The Great Escape which I didn't hear about), I wouldn't count on seeing BTE put back up. The fact that they've let the trains sit out in the cold says a lot to me anyway.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the real disappointment was to get Ultra Twister at SFA (with the Deja Vu colors nonetheless), and it's not useable. It would've pushed in the "wrong" direction as a ride, but what a ride it was.

I also think it was a shame to see XLR-8 bite the dust. Obviously, scrapping the ride said a lot about its structural integrity. But, joining the broken-record club for a moment, it would have been a great addition to SFA if they could've renovated it. XLR-8 took up a lot of room, and SFA has a lot of property.

It would've provided the family steel coaster that SFA is so desparately needing. Listen, I was overjoyed to see SFFT finally get a new coaster after their long drought, but at least they had Road Runner Express, their kick-butt mine-train.

While it's not officially confirmed yet (but SFSTL is fairly certain), couldn't they have placed an order for more than two spinning coasters? If you want to draw in more families, you have to build more family attractions.

With the exception of the formely-owned Six Flags Darien Lake and Elitch Gardens, I can't think of a Six Flags that doesn't have a non-inverting steel coaster that's longer than a kiddie coaster and that includes LaRonde.

^Good point I-Fan...I mean how much do those things cost anyhow?

Instead of purchasing more rides,which is something that some parks need in the chain they used the remaining budget to repaint other rides seems to me like management under Shapiro is gonna be no different than it was under Burke.

As for B:TE I'd say it's gone,they'll just let DL keep it & figure out what to do with it especially if it was conveniently "damaged" in the move from SFAW to SFDL in the manner that UT was,which brings to mind the question of wether or not the SLC was "damaged" in the move as well?

This would help explain why none of these rides were put up for the 2006 season at all in the parks that they were sent to.

Regarding the SLC, Great Escape explained that it wasn't installed in 2006 or 2007 due to a very old power grid that would not support the ride... This winter, they're in the process of renovating the power grid, so perhaps we'll see it in 2008?
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If I were Shapiro, I'd be all about getting that SLC up ASAP. Nice park, more of that *Disney feel* than any SF park not in Texas, IMO. I know an SLC isn't exactly a *family* ride. But it would be a really cool addition, and the park is already located and marketed to the perfect crowd for Shapiro's tastes, so I don't see it as being exactly *counter* to the business plan either...and it would still fit in nicely after the "family" spinning coaster comes along... ;)

I even have a slogan prepared: "Why wait for '08?" :)

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Yea, this year at Great Escape is all infrastructure upgrades. Basically, all the stuff on the "inside" that we won't be really seeing as the general public.

Once they upgrade their extremely dated electrical grid, then they can start adding in some rides here & there. They might even bring back a few energy suckers like Sky Lab (Huss Enterprise), which I've heard is intact in its entirety.

As for Darien Lake's little NS&NO coaster that's sitting around in their property... if Six Flags takes the coaster back, that's just going to run them into more money, which may be more of a hassle than it's worth. You risk damage to the coaster along with the cost to ship it to another park. Considering the nearest Six Flags park that could use this type of coaster is 100's of miles away... it won't be cheap.

I think PARC may keep it, and consider 2008 a major year in expansion, while 2007 will just be a major "transition" year while they strip off the old "Six Flags" off of everything, and return the park back to its pre-premier days that the public has enjoyed... while at the same time expanding to cater & compete with today's larger parks.

Weren't pieces of the stand up damaged during disassembly at Astroworld? I thought I heard a piece of lift hill was dropped during disassembly.

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IF that was the case, why did they even bother to transport the ride in the first place if they knew it was not going to be useable. I agree with Dawg Byte on this one, with PARC keeping the coaster and using it as part of a "major" expansion in 2008. Couple BTE up with a family coaster and you have a decent expansion package
^That's what I want to know with regards to UT.

Certainly they must've checked the parts individually as they were being loaded for shipment & then once the recieving park took delivery they had to have checked the parts again while they were being unloaded.

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What exactly happened to UT? I have never picked up on this.
^The word on the street is that UT is simply damaged beyond repair,that's all I've heard.

I know that when they had the UT cars sitting out behind WO one of them looked to be in pretty bad shape but the other cars I'd seen looked's the track/structure that is supposedly damaged beyond repair.

Which is exactly the same thing I have heard about BTE. It makes me wonder how good SF really is about taking rides down and relocating them to other parks
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Even if one piece was damaged, it would be cheaper to replace that one piece than to build a coaster from scratch.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

With the stand up, all they really need to do is contact Intamin to replace the track segment because according to the Intamin site they still make stand-up coasters (just nobody buys them).
Either that or they can contact B&M since they make basically the same track style (unless they're sized differently).

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