Something Going On at PKI

Take a look at these fly-by photos from PKI Central. SoB loop is also clearly visible as well as some stuff going on near Flight of Fear.

As a member of the staff over at, it should be noted that the pictures taken of the FOF land clearing were done so on December 3rd 2006. We refused to post the pictures until we got approval from the park.

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Maybe that is where X-Flight will be relocated to!?!?!

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I was just about to say that
I don't know...for me, it just seems like an odd location for a coaster like X-Flight. Unless they're planning to extend the park more onto that service road, it just seems like the coaster would be somewhat lost/unseen back there.

I've known folks who have had a hard time just finding FOF back there. Whatever is going on back there has my curiosity up.

Plus, I may be alone on this one, but I can't wait for SOB to open again. I wanna see/feel how the improvements are coming on it.

I believe their placing X Flight back there because thats where the land is and it fits with the FoF theme. I sincerely hope that its headed there, because Im one of the few enthusiasts in the world that loves those Flying Dutchman, and the thought of being able to have one of those in the same park as the Beast is just to amazing to comprehend.

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X-Flight would be a nice addition. It will add even more diversity to their already great coaster collection. The location may seem odd, but really, how else are you supposed to expand your park. You have to start somewhere. Maybe someday whatever goes in that location will perfectly fit into the park's future layout.

As for Son of Beast. My first rides in 2003 were amazing. The ride was relatively smooth and the best part was the rose bowl. It was number 1 on my list until 2 hours later when I experienced the greatest night ride ever on The Beast. For a year I had no complaints. 2004, however, was a different story. I could tell from that first series of drops after the station the ride was going to be different. The rose bowl was unbearable, and the only spot of relief was the loop. Then the last hill said it all. I was not planning to ride that torture device again unless I knew there would be drastic changes. Now the SOB is somewhere lost on my list.

I will definately give Son of Beast a second chance if these "big changes" live up to their hype.

Could X-Flight be renamed BORG Assimilator? The coaster's current colors match the on at Carowinds. :)
I hope this isn't a quick "let's put coaster X here" deal. Let's see some atmosphere, not to mention infrastructure.

I'll take some bare dirt if it runs efficiently.

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Would like to point out how most of that area beyond FoF that would be considerd a behind the scenes area is all cleaned up and organized. Also the 5 or so containers sitting of to the side. Just some more evidence i think of some pending midway work / construction.
Those containers off to the side are always there. They're just used to hold plush prizes.
Flight of Fear, X-Flight?

Hmmmm, makes you wonder.

Personally, if the Vekoma flyer comes to PKI, it will be a great addition as the coaster selection as a whole at PKI isn't exactly stellar IMO.

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Just to clear something up:

The photos were actually taken about a week and a half ago, but didn't go up until today because we were awaiting park approval. The SOB loop WAS clearly visible at that time, but the rumors circulating involve a very recent removal. According to my sources, we'll hear much soon than later about the fate of SOB.

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I will agree that X-Flight would fit in the land clearing, but a little late in the season for this no? The footers still need poured, there appears to be no infrastructure started. CF is going to take a part, transport, install, and test in the next 150 days? IF X-flight is coming I don't think it will be ready by opening day. IF it's coming, then CF has changed the three year plan that Paramount had in place. IMHO I don't think X-flight is going in this spot, but I will admit that it would make sense. The theming, space, and need for this area of the park to be developed point to this BS going down.

Lets hope CF has more sense than to put a coaster that pumps out around 700 PPH. For the love of God lets hope they stick to the Paramount plan. *** Edited 12/13/2006 10:27:21 AM UTC by indyandrew***

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but there is always the possibility that CF will get this thing running three trains on two stations.

However, am I the only who thinks PKI could really use a "non-head-destroying" steel coaster? For that matter, PKI needs just one relatively enjoyable because it's fast and smooth, not out of control and disorienting coaster. Don't get me wrong, I love many of PKI's coasters, but I would really like to see some non-looping steel at the park. While FoF and Vortex aren't particularly rough (IMO), they still tend to scramble your brains, so to speak. SoB is a nightmare. At least in my experience, Drop Zone and Delirium are the only two rides at that park that don't give me a headache.

I think X-Flight is a very exciting and intense ride, but the last time I rode it at GL, it really felt like my face was being ripped off of my skull. It's intense, but it's just not comfortable. The B&Ms are much better in this regard.

I expect people to disagree, but I feel like something different than a Vekoma Flyer would suit this park better.

However, am I the only who thinks PKI could really use a "non-head-destroying" steel coaster?

I think Italian Jobs and Top Gun are quite enjoyable without banging heads. I see your point though. A smooth steel hyper such as Raging Bull or Steel Force will do well at Kings Island. Then again, the only "traditional" steel coaster at Kings Island is Vortex.

Pay no attention to the large clearing... That's just space for the new super flying scooters to be installed there... :-) *** Edited 12/13/2006 12:51:09 PM UTC by Walt S***
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I think that they need a Beemer. Maybe something floorless, a dive machine, or a hyper coaster. I hope whatever they do it ends up turning out great.

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X Flight would fit perfect at Kings Island............with all their other coasters that beat the crap out of you. Even the mine train there is rough. They have 3 major coasters that ride well.

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