Someone's Selling a HUSS TriStar!

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RCMAC said:

One of my favorite flats is their Flipper and I only know of one, which travels under the name Tornado. There was a Jump that traveled the west coast too, but I don't know if it is still operating. My guess is no, I think those rides were some trouble for the showman.

Adventurers, the former Nellie Bly Park, had a Huss Flipper a few years ago. I don't see it on their website, and it really didn't fit with their other offerings (mostly a kiddie park), so I'm guessing they sold it off. The operator had an absolute blast with us, and when there were no kids on, he CRANKED it.

There was a Huss Jump (named Jumping) for at least 4-5 years at Puyallup (Western Washington State Fair). I haven't been in 6-7 years, so no idea if it's still there. The Jump2 at Canada's Wonderland was a real treat, but definitely a different version of the ride.

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