Someone's Selling a HUSS TriStar!

Hi all -

Take a look at this link - HUSS TriStar For Sale

Somebody is selling a HUSS Tristar on eBay!


It's in bloody Costa Rica no less.

Well,... There's free local pick up...

I always loved TriStar and wish there were more still around. This one is beautiful, really, and looks like it was recently refurbished. Nice colors.

Didn't Kennywood have one for a minute? Oh, wait, maybe it went to Idlewild to be named Trinado. I bet so.

This exact TriStar has had a number of homes.

It first operated (that I know of) at Lagoon. Then it went to Kennywood where it operated for a year. Then it went to Idlewild where it operated from 1998 until 2006 (though it maybe ran once or twice that season). Then it went to Costa Rica. Now it's for sale (which the exact item was up for bid about a year or so ago).

Oh, thanks for that info. Interesting.
Do we know how many TriStars were produced? Back in the day one showed up at the Ohio State Fair as a booked-on spectacular. I rode it a lot, and it never made another appearance after that year.
I wonder if it, too, was this same one? Now that I'm hip to the storied history of the ride I wouldn't be surprised.

I seem to recall that both of the Marriott parks had them. Didn't Marineland Niagara have one too? They were buying just about anything that Huss built for a while.

Also a Huss Ranger - HUSS Ranger :)


Riverside Park, now SFNE had one. My fave ride there as a kid was the Schwarzkoph Wildcat. Remember me and a friend running to go ride the Wildcat one year, it was gone and there was a TriStar in it's place.

We were pissed about the Wildcat being gone, but still loved the TriStar and went on it over and over.

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krachenwagen1 said:

Also a Huss Ranger - HUSS Ranger :)

You linked to an ebay page that is definitely the Huss Ranger at Darien Lake...are they getting rid of that? That's unfortunate, because after the UFO they got rid of a few years ago, it was the second best flat ride in the park.

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The Huss Tristar and Troika are similar, but most park models in the US are the Troika (three wheels rotate around a central post, but the ride itself doesn't raise up). Instead the hydraulic arms on each wheel extend.

A tristar raises like an Enterprise

Tristar seats look like Condor seats, with the roll bar cage and single bench seating. Troika cars have no roof or roll bar, and seat side by side. I believe that the Marriott rides were/are Troikas.



bjames said:

krachenwagen1 said:

Also a Huss Ranger - HUSS Ranger :)

You linked to an ebay page that is definitely the Huss Ranger at Darien Lake...are they getting rid of that? That's unfortunate, because after the UFO they got rid of a few years ago, it was the second best flat ride in the park.

No, I think they used Darien Lake's as a photo of it set up. The listing mentions it has been in storage for a while. Darien Lake is currently operating theirs.

^ Darien Lake's Ranger is currently standing, but rarely runs. It seems like it's ALWAYS down. It's been rumored to be on its way out of the park for a while... If you look at the other pics in that eBay ad it shows it's taken apart and looks to be sitting in a field. Also says it's located in Altoona, PA. Did Lakemont have a Ranger?

But then again, what do I know?

Conneaut had one, maybe that's it.

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That seller is selling a lot more than just the ride. I don't recognize the other stuff, but I haven't been to Lakemont in years. Did Lakemont have a freakshow sideshow attraction over the last five or ten years?

Now that I live fifteen munites away from the park, maybe I should go visit, for nostalgic reasons.

I've seen a lot of pig iron for sale from this Altoona location. I get the impression that this person is/was a carny that quit the road and is buying and selling rides. There used to be several forty milers that were based in Blair County at one time.

Maybe these will be the new for 2016 attractions at Michigan's Adventure, justifying the price increases? 😎

But then again, what do I know?

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Why add new attractions to MiA when people will pay increased prices without them? :-)

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Huss has made some incredible flat rides, some of which are rear or non-existent in the US. The Tri-Star is among them.

Tri-Star is a cross between Troika & Enterprise.

Huss Magic is a great ride that I have only seen at Marineland in Canada.

Magic, Speedy, Flic Flac, and Booster are great Huss rides that have never, to my knowledge, appeared in the U.S. Which is strange because rides like Pirate, Breakdance, Rainbow, Troika, Top Spin and of course Enterprise are Huss spectaculars that have seen a lot of action in this country, most have been staples in U.S. parks and traveling shows.
One of my favorite flats is their Flipper and I only know of one, which travels under the name Tornado. There was a Jump that traveled the west coast too, but I don't know if it is still operating. My guess is no, I think those rides were some trouble for the showman.

A lot of changes have happened to the company over the years and a lot of their best flats are no longer in production. I never really cared much for Ranger, but I loved UFO. I guess I'll have to travel to Canada's Wonderland for that one. I considered that ride a highlight of my visit to Darien, too bad it's gone now.

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CreditWh0re said:

The Huss Tristar and Troika are similar,


What a strange installation! Where's the queue? It seems to be sitting out in the middle of a field.

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