SOB Status Update Question.

TPR has some pics of the new trains stalled on one of the turns.

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Has the ride re-open yet?

Just wondering, because I am planning a trip out there in a week.

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It was testing both trains non-stop yesterday evening.
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Sweet, looks like a KI trip is coming up soon. Maybe I can get a ride on Firehawk this time too.

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FYI: SOB is open as of today.
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Here's a news article. I've contributed this if someone hasn't already...

I'm so happy the worlds most unique wooden coaster has reopened! I smell a road trip coming on.

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More news from the Enquirer. They claim that Drop Zone is waiting on a part and will also reopen soon.

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^ Just got back from KI at 12:30am this morning, Firehawk was awesome yesterday, but then I get on here and see this, and I have to say, I'm REALLY ticked!
Sonny was running and I have to say that it actually provided an enjoyable ride. I am not a fan of the G-train, but this may have been one of the better decisions made with this ride. Even though I still prefer the un-neutered version of Sonny.

Note: Firehawk was awesome, even Lumpy fits and can ride...

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Jason Hammond said:
Dick Kinzel said that it was almost done and that they were hoping to open by 4th of July weekend. So I don't know if that meant the 31st/1st or the 7th/8th.

For those non-belivers... Dick didn't lie. :)

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I was lucky enough to ride Son of Beast tonight.
Surprisingly, it was a great ride. The best of my 20 or so rides since opening year.

1. I rode in the very back, left, red train, at dusk, on one of the last trains of the day
2. This was my first non-kiddie coaster since Holiwood nights 2006 (best rides of my life)
3. I am 5'6", 155 lbs

Since everybody is wondering about the roughness: I felt very little. Just a hint of washboarding in the rose bowl (big helix), but not enough to worry about. Not enough to take away from the fun. Speaking of the rose bowl, that was the highlight of the ride. It felt so fast and vertical. Awesome.

There was a sniff of airtime over the first two big drops.
The mid-course brakes were on quite hard, but the subsequent drop was still fun. I did miss the loop, and wish it had been replaced with a double down, tunnel, trick-track, or something more interesting. The finale was merely decent.

I had no problem with the trains, and strongly prefer them (legroom!)to the originals. It was funny to see them because they look so much smaller and shorter than what I'm used to. It's also ironic that like "The Father", the gate corrals no longer match up properly.

All in all, I'm delighted that Son of Beast is re-opened. I don't think it will break anybody's top 10 (or 20), and for me it is still not the epic monster I've hoped for since it was announced. But if it continues to deliver rides like mine tonight, I'll look forward to riding it.

Summary: A nice improvement.

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I can't wait for more TR's on the new SOB.

I will be going to KI sometime this year. I've rode SOB once in my many trips there after it opened and never wanted to put myself through riding it again. This is a reason to try the ride again.

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damn, the day i decided to not go to a park, I miss SOB. I didn't do crap today. Looks like i'll be going to KI next monday when i'm back from DP and SFGA. Quick road trip from C-bus, hmm...go after work. Sweet.

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