SOB Status Update Question.


I'll agree with "Who cares?" to a point, but the one and only time I gave this ride a chance, it would have been fun if only it had not been so violent.

I really hope that KI can fix it so that it is ridable and enjoyable. That first drop was incredible; the rest I can't get over how much it beat me up.

I was told by a PKI Engineer that they are using the Gerst trains. I'm not familiar with them so I cant really say what that means, but this guy would know. *** Edited 6/14/2007 1:53:31 AM UTC by DanLinden***
The only coaster I have ridden which had Gerst trains and that was Mega Zeph at SFNO and that was the best rated one on last years Mitch Coaster Poll but, I didnt have a problem with them and they were really smooth throughout but, I have heard the others werent so good.

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Aren't Gerstlauer trains known for their shuffling, hard seats and uncomfortable lapbars. Gee, sounds like a good choice to me...
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The hard and uncomfortable seats, yes.

But it's been my experience (and I think others) that they actually track very well as long as the coaster is well maintained.

After riding Hurricane Cat 5 at the MB Pavilion (where these trains are coming from), I'm absolutely TERRIFIED to ever step foot on a gigantic coaster like SOB with the same trains. Maybe it was just the track of that ride, but those trains were hard, had unprotected metal bars on each side of your legs, and seemed to transfer every bump directly to your spine.

God help anyone riding SOB with G-trains...

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^ So you're excited about SOB too?! ;)
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Hey, what about using PTC trains? Would that be too easy or am I wrong? I rode SOB before they took out the loop and I seriouslly thought about dying.

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Tom Rebbie said they had approached PTC about it, but they didn't give him enough time, I believe.
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^Time? Trains are just metal boxes with wheels, how much time do they need? Sheesh ;).

But yes, PTC's would have been a good choice.......

HAHA!! Son of Beast with G-trains, that is going to be fun. I couldn't believe my friend when she found out about that awhile back...and still can't believe it! I'm anxious for the reactions...


For me G trains have just been perfectly acceptable trains, even though I do perfer the PTC trains. I never noticed the seats to be hard and felt that the trains did a good job of tracking. The u-shaped lap bars are the only thing that I can see people complaining about, but to me that is minor. It only comes into play if there is any lateral g's or perhaps por trackage around a turn. I rode Legend at Holiday World, Villain, and Twisted Twins with them and never really had issues nor any bruises or things of that nature.

I really think that these trains will be an improvement. For one, Son of Beast was a much more comfortable ride its first year when the floor boards were not raised. Raising them put the passenger in an unusual riding position. The previous lap restraint was very heavy and besides that was still u-shaped. At least the G-trains lap bar is not as bulky. And I never really felt that the old trains tracked around the curves that well. Even the banked turn before lift one and some of the low speed ones there was quite a bit of shuffling.

Although what I don't understand is, if they are just modifying the G-trains from Hurricane Cat 5, it seems like they could have aquired any used PTC trains and modified them. I also don't understand the rush, the ride has been down since the accident of last year, and there running out of operational days this year. Why couldn't they have just taken the time to order custom new trains from a ride manufacture and hope to open the coaster back in 2008.

^And how much do you weight, per se? Do you have a lot of natural padding, if you get my drift? I'm not trying to be rude, but to say that a Gerstlauer train's seats aren't hard says that you're compensating in some other way.
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Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but I didn't see it here. At the CoasterMania Q&A Friday, the question was aksed about the status of SOB. Dick Kinzel said that it was almost done and that they were hoping to open by 4th of July weekend. So I don't know if that meant the 31st/1st or the 7th/8th.

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I could believe the earlier one(31st/1st). I went there saturday, and I heard operators on the loud speakers at SOB. I'm sure if it is meant to open in the next few weeks that they'll be testing pretty soon. But I still don't think, it'll be ready for quite some time.

Also, thinking about the track, I've never ridden it, but wouldn't the removed loop have a factor in the speed at the bottom of the hill coming out of the loop? The train loses a little speed coming out of the loop, and with this retained speed, I'm sure they'll have to add trims to keep the train to a certain speed. But on the other hand, the Cat-5 trains are suppose to be lighter, do we even know if the train will be able to complete the track?

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^I'm confused, you belive that it could open by the 31st, but you don't think it will open for quite some time. Which is it?

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Well, when I went, there was alot of announcements in the station of SOB, so I could possibly see that it could open then, it sounded like they had things worked out, but not testing.

But overall, I don't think it'll be ready for full operation until late season, if this season.

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Fair enough, but that being said, I doubt Dick Kinzel would thrown out a date if he wern't serious about it.

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The Twisted Twins restraints always thrust into my stomach when the coaster hits the bottom of a hill, so I am alittle scarred about this. But I've never noticed shuffling.......
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The Twisted Twins restraints thrust into my stomach when the train hits the bottom of the hill so I'm alittle scarred about this one. But I have never noticed shuffling......

Also, these trains are shorter and will seat less people. Plus, they are only 2-bench, so I'm wondering how bad it will feel sitting over the wheels.......... *** Edited 6/18/2007 5:25:44 AM UTC by DantheCoasterman***

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