Small parks that deserve some recognition

Blue Bayou and Dixie Landin' in Baton Rouge Louisiana which are like twin parks except Blue Bayou is a waterpark and Dixie Landin' is the amusement park.

Now I know that the general Coaster Buzz population aren't to thrilled about waterparks but Blue Bayou is one of the best and I doubt that many have heard of it. This park lays hold to the Tallest and longest something or another slide and they are building a new dark slide that will be the largest in the world. This year for the first time ever in the parks 6 year history is getting a new Rollercoaster according to RCDB. It will be nice with an addtion to the Drop Tower they added last year.

My question is does anyone else know of any parks like this that dont get the recognition they deserve? *** Edited 12/19/2006 12:42:17 AM UTC by Audioslaved***

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Magic Springs – nothing spectacular by any stretch of the imagination but they have a lot of potential. Great setting in a nice town, just not the best location. If the Twister had trains worth a crap, it would be a pretty good ride.

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Arnold's Park!
I was just going to post Arnold's. Great little park.

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Pacific Park. West Coaster is a nice little zippy ride, and you get to ride twice! My daughter and I rode it last January, just weeks after her 4th birthday. :)
Canobie Lake Park is very underated, its easily one of the most beautiful amusment parks in the country.

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Martin's Fantasy Island.

Canobie and Funtown/Splashtown.


Once Cypress gets Starliner running, I'll add it here... :)

Is Adventureland too big for this topic?





Never mind.

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Legoland California....a HUGE hit for me and Gator when we visited during our Cali/Solace trip in 2005. It was kind of a "last minute" decision in my trip planning but I am glad we went. It's very fun and very different. It was actually my favorite new-to-me park on that trip. :)

Idlewild.....VERY underrated park with a LOT of surprises. I initially visited the park as a "credit" stop while in Pittsburgh and ended up spending about 4 or 5 hours there, just wandering around in awe. I spent most of that time in Storybook Forrest alone!

Marineland......Another huge hit for me and Gator. The park is absolutely beautiful and quaint. It's more of a petting zoo/aquarium than an amusement park but we loved it, at least I did. I could spend all day there just walking around (and there is A LOT of walking) and checking out the animals and beautiful landscape.

Conneaut Lake......I know it's a favorite among enthusiasts but the TR's don't really do it justice :). The park and the staff (especially Grandma) just blew me away!

Seabreeze......This is another park that I initially hit as a "credit" stop and ended up spending a lot more time there than I anticipated. Awesome atmosphere and excellent selection of flats and coasters.

Camden Park.......I keep TRYING to get people to visit this park every year and am slowly making progress. ;) It's saw it's rough times but within the last few years it's literally went from a somewhat dump to an awesome little park with some of the most insane flat rides you will ever find including the BEST Mangels whip on the PLANET! They added some decent flyers this year, and the staff is a blast. I am HOPING it will get some much-needed attention next year since it's close to all the Coaster Con parks. :) They have taken VERY good care of their rides (some of which are rare) and their two coasters.

Indiana Beach/Knoebels/Kennywood/Holiday World/Dollywood......

Granted these are all parks that are highly favored and much talked about but they are also parks that no matter HOW much hype you hear about them they will ALWAYS blow you away with every visit. The TR's, stories, and photos don't do any of them justice. :)


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I'll Second DelGrosso's in the Altoona, PA area. Although it is very small it is one of the cleanest, friendliest, least expensive Amusement park/Waterpark/FEC's I have ever known. The landscaping is great too.

The thing about that park is that they have so much business and have so much money coming in that if they weren't landlocked, it would offer a lot more.

What about Camden park in Huntington, WV? It still needs a little work, but has really been turned around withing the past ten or so years. It has a wonderful Wooden Coaster with (A?) NAD train(s?) that runs beautifully. I hope with the new park in Parkersburg, Camden Park can continue to stay popular.

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^Hahaha beat ya to it, Travis. ;)

I had some Ohio and PA friends visit Camden this past summer and my one friend, Pete, said the Little Dipper was his favorite kiddy coaster.

I couldn't agree with him more. :)

What park in Parkersburg? Are you sure you don't mean Wheeling or did I miss something?

I forgot about Del Grosso's. I had a blast there when I visited a few years ago.


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Wheeling it is. Oops.

I took my youngest nephue to Camden two summers ago and he loved Li'l Dipper. It really is a fun "Li'l" ride.

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I usually visit about once a year, but I may spring for a season pass next year since they have those flyers now. :)

They are not quite as intense as Knoebels (are ANY flyers as intense as theirs? ;)) but they are a close second, next to Stricker's (another underrated park) and Conneaut's. :)


I was going to mention Camden as well. A few years ago people were pretty certain that the park was on its last legs and would soon be closed.

Instead, several larger and more popular parks have gone away and little Camden is still chugging along.

It's clear the park has gone through some rough times, and parts of the park are a little rough around the edges. But every year brings some improvements and usually a new ride.

I just wish they had the resources or the will to restore the classic neon signs. I'd love to see pictures of this park back in the day as it looks like it had some pretty cool lighting designs!

Bushkill is another park many people forget about. I haven't seen the place post-flood, but for a tiny park like that to comeback from a devasting flood that essentially wiped them off the map is pretty remarkable. The new management, so far, seems to have some pretty good ideas about improving the park.

Erieview may be gone as a ride park but the Geneva-on-the Lake "strip" is still a fun experience if your into that old time laid back blue collar resort atmosphere.

There is a enw one being built here on Long Island Called Pirates landing.

Also here on Long Island there is a small 10 acre park called adventureland (not to be confused with the bigger one in the west. Its only 10 acres but has some bigger flats, and some flats that great adventure doesnt have but really needs , Like a huss frisbee or a bigger better huss pirate ship.

Conneaut simply because it has more ups and downs than any roller coaster and seemingly always comes back for more.

Memphis Kiddie Park for the L'll ones.
It is amazing how a place so small can still have the atmosphere and smells of a fullsize park. (and they have a nice putt putt course too.)

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ive been wanting to get to Camden, i am definitely going to make it in 2007 if it kills me...and Conneaut.

if this thread were a year or two ago, i would have gone with Williams Grove..i just had a really good time there. but ill mention Dutch Wonderland. nobody talks about it, and though the park is mainly a kids park, im tellin ya, Sky Princess is a GREAT little coaster. some good airtime moments, and its totally reridable. ive only been to the park once, but had a blast there.

oh yea, and Clementon...not sure how J2 is running now, but i rode Tsunami shortly after it opened, and Voyage BARELY beat it for my #1 woodie spot. and honestly...if Tsunami/J2 were as long as Voyage, it would be a dead tie for me. it was THAT GOOD, imo.

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