Skyline chili I have to make a return trip to Kings Island this fall for the Skyline alone. I also agree with the other that LaRosa's in the park sucks. But the Graeters...its worth forking over the money.

Here is a place to skip ... Waffle House (on Montgomery Mason Rd). Wow did that suck.

The Skyline vs Goldstar debate is null and void.

Camp Washington blows them both out of the water ;)

But to call any of it real chili, definitely not, that doesn't mean that a 5 way is not one of the best things on the planet however.

-Brent "A versus thread I can get into" Kneebush

-Brent Kneebush

Gold Star Chili is the best, IMO. But Skyline is ok, but as others have said, try to get some of the real stuff, the frozen has never tasted as good to me as being in the actual restaurant. We usually make coneys once every couple of weeks, and we get the GSC canned from Kroger. I'm probably very biased toward GSC though since I grew up with one of their restaurants down the street, and never tasted Skyline regularly until my late teens.

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