Six Flags St. Louis announces SkyScreamer for 2011

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Six Flags St. Louis this spring will add SkyScreamer, a 236-foot tower equipped with swings that will twirl 32 guests at a time at speeds up to 43 mph.

Read more from The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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2011: Year of the really tall swingy rides.

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My morbid sense of humor would like to see one of the swing seats break off with a test dummy in it, and come crashing down into a swimming pool... Those chains DO not feel or look sturdy - the one I rode in Copenhagen did not have a very secure feel to it at all.

I kind of laugh because it is bigger than the ones that will soon be at some of the cedar fair parks and looks like (by the picture) it will be built by Funtime (the company that wanted to sue Cedar Point). Six Flags is only like 6 hours away from Kings Island I mean that is equal to going to Kings Dominion where I live and I have heard about it and think that is an awesome park. If people hear about both of these swing things will it affect their choice to go to either park in any way? I would laugh if every park built one of these and they found out people don't care that much about them anyway hahaha. They are really just two big swings/ death traps hahahaha just joking about the death traps part but the Funtimes ones feel like one almost.

How do you see 236 feet as being taller than 300 some feet? Just curious :)

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I think there will be long lines for SkyScreamer. It only holds 24 per cycle and I can't imagine them getting more then 8 cycles per hour or less then 200 riders. The Windseekers that are coming to Cedar Fair parks hold almost 3 times as many riders per cycle.

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Jerry said:
Those chains DO not feel or look sturdy - the one I rode in Copenhagen did not have a very secure feel to it at all.

I'm sure the chains are perfectly safe. However, I will agree with you that the one in Copenhagen scared the bejeesus out of me. An unbelievable "open and exposed" feeling that I did not enjoy. Windseekers might feel different due to OTS restraints

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OTS restraints? Oh GOD...NOOooooo...

Seriously? OTS? Why?

Not that Six Flags cares but I hear about The Sky Screamer all summer long. Everytime I turn on the tv! There is only one!

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I think we are going to see a lot of these being built over the next few years. It's a lot like the drop tower building boom we once had. Each park thinks it needs to have one to be consided a "real" park.

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I see these as the new "got-to-have" ride as well. I need to ride one to know for sure though.

Can't say I saw this one coming. In a season of not so surprising additions, this is a pleasant announcement. They look like fun rides, I'm sure it will be popular.

Yeah, I suspect they'll be popping up all over the place over the next five years or so. It's a relatively inexpensive investment for a ride that, as MCR just said, should be quite popular. And they really are dramatic looking.

Put it this way: if Martin's Fantasy Island can afford one (or a knock-off, at any rate), most medium-sized and larger parks can afford one.

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I just hope Dolly Parton is still alive and kicking to have her PR department put a backwoods country spin on the Press announcement when Dollywood buys one.

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LostKause said:
OTS restraints? Oh GOD...NOOooooo...

Seriously? OTS? Why?

But the question you should be asking is will they accommodate guests of exceptional size!

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Or Muslims.

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Guests of Exceptional Size? I don't think they exist...

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Raven-Phile said:
Or Muslims.

I have responses for this that are wrong on SOOO many levels. I'll abstain for the family friendly viewing audience.

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Vater said:
Guests of Exceptional Size? I don't think they exist...


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