Six Flags purchases Darien Lake and five other parks

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tall and fast but not much upside down

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They purchased the operating leases, not the properties. Not that it matters to the average park goer since they'll likely be branded as SF properties, but it's just semantics.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually purchased the parks. Six Flags now is still better than when they sold these parks off.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

But what about Geauga Lake? ;)

In fairness to Six Flags, this is a "no brainer" deal. Darien Lake already operates an SLC, Boomerang, and Larson Loop. There is virtually no cap ex spending needed to run the park pursuant to the Six Flag's strategic plan.

tall and fast but not much upside down

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^Plus they paid to build two of the three of those things themselves. What an odd move. Probably not the best thing for Darien Lake though, it's a far smaller park than their other ones and seems likely to be ignored. At least ride of steel can go back to being superman and dispense with that idiotic name. Still, I hear Six Flags St Louis is rapidly declining in quality, shouldn't the company be focusing on their existing parks before taking control of new ones?

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All I wanna know is what are the chances that Darien will be added to my season pass before my summer road trips.

Six Flags business decisions be damned, there's credits at stake here people!

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The best of all the jokers is clearly Mark Hamill.

And I wanna know the exact opposite... Will my Darien Lake season pass get me into Six Flags parks?

But then again, what do I know?

I haven’t been to Darien Lake in a few years, but it sounds like the place could use a little love. Hopefully Six Flags—the once and future operator—will deliver.

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They've didn't "purchase" the parks, just the right to operate them. We'll see what happens next.

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They'll operate them, obviously.

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Are they getting rebranded. I really, really hope we can call it S:RoS again.

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Ensign Smith- Darien Lake needs A LOT of love. Entire park could use a coat of paint. Old rides either removed (Twister) or brought back up to speed. Buildings & structures that are falling apart should be torn down. The entire park just looks like it’s falling apart.

But then again, what do I know?

Darien was on my list for many, many years. I remember when the Arrow looper caused the biggest sensation and I always wanted to go there.
Fast forward to the day I actually did go there and it stands as one of the worst park visits I’ve ever had. Everything was bad. RoS was the best thing, that one train op though...
And the Arrow looper sucked.
I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Premier Parks clearly hasn’t lived up to its name...

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Hmm I was at Darien Lake last summer. I thought it was in really good shape. They've made a few nice additions post Six Flags: the drop tower, the larson loop, the motocoaster is awesome, and this year they're opening that new vertical drop coaster. Plus the waterpark has like doubled in size, it's quite large now. Didn't really notice any chipping paint or trash or anything like others are saying. Twister was closed, not sure how long it's been like that, but they've still got a great lineup of classic and hard-to-find flat rides like the silver bullet, sleighride, and corn popper. The whole boardwalk area they created is also pretty nice. It's a small park without any truly notable coasters for enthusiasts apart from ride of steel, so I can see why it's not exactly a destination. I *will* say that Predator is awful, avoid it at all costs unless you want your spine rearranged, maybe six flags will do something about that.

The main thing with Darien Lake, if you plan to go though, is to primarily go for the concerts (they always have great lineups in the summer) and spend the day beforehand in the park. It's a big draw for local and regional people.

"The term is 'amusement park.' An old Earth name for a place where people could go to see and do all sorts of fascinating things." -Spock, Stardate 3025

The best thing about Darien Lake

Is Darienne Lake.

Since they're no longer operating Frontier City, assume their corporate headquarters will have to move. Wonder were they'll end up?

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This piece talks about the cost ($23 million) and the strange inbreeding of the entire affair, including the role of Burke:

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