Six Flags plans to build new park

While its official Six Flags Dubailand is breaking ground next year.

Wow, everyone's building parks in Dubai. I wonder how long before we see Freedomland U.S.A. and Boardwalk and Baseball parks there? ;)
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Or Bible Land. ;)

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Dubailand will be one heck of a place to go when its all said and done.

Dubai or not Dubai: that is the question.

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It'll be a few years before I can make it there, but there should be lots to do by then.
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Not Dubai.

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That actually seems like it will be relatively small of a park...5million square feet is about 115 acres. Which is about 1/3 the size of Cedar Point or Kings Island. Hope they set aside room for expansion.

Who will be the "Six Flags Official Taboulleh Provider?"

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So...what will the six flags be? Dubai and it's five closest neighbors are:

Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.


So I was still under the impression that Six Flags is still carrying a $2 billion dollar debt load.

How is this going to help?

To answer your question how it is going to help is easy. It will be helping the debt significantly, in many positive ways.

Six Flags isn't paying to build this park, Dubai Holding is paying for the park and its operation. Six Flags will be helping with designing and planning as well as running the park. They are being paid to license their brand to this company, and for operating service. so basically Six Flags spends 0 dollars and shares the profits. It's the perfect move.

Also now Six Flags gets to finally do what they want and create a park from the ground up meaning they aren't spending all this time and money trying to get a broken down old dirty park in order. They will really get to show off areas of creativity and themeing design we haven't seen before. This will help contribute to strengthening the Six Flags Brand globally.

It's a very positive financial move for the company.

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I think that was discussed before somewhere here, but I forget where.

They're not sinking any money in to it. Someone else is building it and licensing the Six Flags name and management team.

Essentially, they're just going to lend a few people and take a cut of the profits.
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Finally...a park where they can build Shock and Wave!
I wonder if I'll be able to use my SFA season pass there?

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Funny how Busch's Dubai project was big headline news, they did the major announcement and all that, but Six Flags has kept this relatively quiet. Is it because (a) they chose not to budget for a big media release, or (b) they want to keep it on the quiet side so shareholders, employees, and others in the US that have a concern for the company's solvency don't see this and think Six Flags is blowing another wad they don't have? Even if it is only a licensing and not their money being spent on development, people see things and miss the details and form opinions based on wrong information.

Mamoosh said:
Finally...a park where they can build Shock and Wave!

I wonder how many people have been around here long enough to GET that joke. Man where's Swoosh when you need him?

That's a good deal for Six Flags. I agree that it'll be interesting to see what a new park looks like from Six Flags!
It doesn't sound like the DC/WB characters will not be in Dubai, because there was no mention of them, but they mentioned Tony Hawk and Operation Spy Girl (????).
How many parks are going into Dubai? What is the saturation point? Is tourism that big now, or are they expecting a huge jump over the next several years?

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